1. @Anthony Han While it is true that the U.S. Constitution places limits on the power of the government, it is important to note that these limits are not absolute and can be subject to interpretation by the courts. The Supreme Court has the power to interpret the Constitution, and in some cases, it has ruled that certain laws and government actions are unconstitutional, even if they are based on the explicit or implied limits placed on the government.

      Furthermore, the interpretation of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms has been a subject of debate and discussion for many years, with various interpretations being offered by legal scholars and policymakers. While it is true that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, it is also important to consider the broader societal implications of this right, including the potential for gun violence and the impact on public safety.

      Additionally, the idea of a legal process to amend the U.S. Constitution is a valid one, but it is important to recognize that this process is often lengthy and difficult. In the meantime, it is important for the government to balance individual rights with the broader public good and to ensure that the exercise of individual rights does not harm others.

    2. Sorry, I think it is my God given right to not have my picture taken. I have never taken a good picture😢

    3. @Tom Robb
      There is no rabbit hole. It’s objectivity. The Second Amendment is more relevant today than ever because of the existence of huge standing armies in the United States that the founding fathers were very concerned could be used as an instrument of a government of ambition. I suggest you go read federalist paper #46. James Madison makes the point quite clearly. You should study the Constitution before you make statemnets regarding its dissolution.

  1. These NRA leaders are an embarrassment, and it’s a shame their kids are likely to follow in the same footsteps

  2. Oh my God. I live in a country where guns are forbidden and crime is almost zero. Cannot believe what this man is telling. 😢

  3. I am 71 years young and do not own a gun. I have managed to survive without a gun!!! I walked to school from 1st grade to 12th grade. We did not have or need police officers or guns in our schools. What happened to the people of the United States??????????

    1. You managed to survive without a gun huh? Maybe you are lucky to have never been in a bad situation.. be humble and don’t demonize law abiding gun owners

    2. ​@[Hashknight Gaming] ha well ok so let’s re cap on world view oh toxic masculinity can’t we have women of the night oh feminist we are the same as men and then alphabet I want to be women yea sure women do need protection and women calm men down so when you divide and that goes for anything it will make things worse

    3. Same age as you with a similar experience. But, we did have cops at school on a daily basis because of pot. I lived in southern CA 😂

  4. It’s already in the streets!

    This philosophy is flawed. Arming our children and spouses is not the answer. Institutions for everyone with any mental health is not the answer.

    Thanks for this video. It’s an insight into the reality of what is happening. The reporter was spot on with her questions. The answers were alarmingly a wake up call to the realm of the problems with guns.

    1. If they ban guns, we will keep making them and selling them anyway. Forever. You can’t stop it. No one can. Fortunately, no one should and the government is explicitly forbidden from doing so…. we just need to remind the Supreme Court of this and put this “gun control” stripping of human rights thing to bed forever.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em I prefer to call it vetting. I am a Canadian and we are vetted to acquire a firearms licence. This licence allows us to acquire a firearm and/or ammunition. It is called a PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence licence). This allows the police to search if we have a criminal records daily if they wish or responding to a call. I can say, generally, as a licensed PAL owner we have no issues with this.
      Yes we do have firearms violence, and it is increasing every year, but the firearms used in a crime are illegally smuggled into Canada through the USA border and acquired by the criminal elements.

  5. “Come on, toughen up,” he says. That’s part of the issue right there. Toxic bravado. Many of these people don’t feel like “men” without their piece.

    1. Exactly! Because they are nothing without the gun. It’s a compensator. A woobie, blankie, snuggie if you will.

  6. She has the right stance and ask the right questions but he shouldn’t get so much time to talk. We know their silly talking points, dyfs need to pay them a visit I think they are abusing those kids having them tote guns.

    1. @Kyle Sawkon , What percentage of Floridians do you actually think actually carry a gun in public? Honestly.

    2. Your statement is just as much the reason we cant have a conversation about guns as what you think the silly point is that gun owners have. If you have both sides with thier mind already made up and screaming your talking points nobody’s listening. You’re just taking up space at that point. Is that what you teach your kids? I’m asking, not accusing.
      Teaching your child to respect firearms at an early age could save thier life in several ways. Growing up we participated in archery and shooting sports at summer camp along with animal care and other things that instilled a sense of pride, taught patience, safety, respect and it was fun, well supervised and safe! To many kids now watch ultra violent garbage on tv, movies and video games for hours on end unsupervised while thier folks work or otherwise do thier own online hours of mindless nothing in thier downtime. But guess what that does? It programs your kids. It desensitizes them, it makes them anxious, ill prepared for reality.
      What do you think is creating all these kids with no social skills and anxiety issues? It’s not the experiences kids used to have, being outdoors playing with other kids, going camping, fishing, hiking, shooting bows and guns with a Parent present, that was a huge deal for a young kid!
      The sad thing is if you’re under 35 and have kids, you are probably raising a 2nd generation of improperly socialized and anxiety ridden little people just by the general environment and social issues they get exposed to in every day life.
      We never had kids who needed medication and therapy just to go to school, never knew a kid in 12 years of school who had food allergies either but I suppose there may have been a couple.
      If a kid had a choice between playing outside or watching Tv, our parents had to drag us in for dinner! You only found a kid alone in their room unless they were sick or in trouble. Our folks made a point of knowing what was going on with us. Certainly couldnt have snuck any kind of weapon in or out of our house.
      Guess what else, most of the kids weren’t already obese by 10years old from sitting on thier butts and eating junk food because our folks cooked dinner and we ate together and we burned it off playing outside!
      I suppose those things make me an old fuddy duddy Trump supporter to you right?
      Nope. I’m a center leaning democrat, work in an inner city healthcare facility and was a single parent to a great son who’s now in his 20’s, well adjusted and successful. He was raised around firearms and knew at a very early age the potential finality of mishandling firearms. I have years of my own professional firearms training and experience, and carry insurance through USCCA.
      I try to shoot at least once a week to stay proficient and safe. When my son was a pre teen I offered him the opportunity to get professional instruction and come to the range with me. He’s not really into it, but he’s not afraid of it either. He also loves the outdoors, isnt glued to his phone or computer and has his own hobbies and friends he hangs out with face to face and not on an online game.
      Because of where I work and the hours I work ( nights) the potential for being the victim of violence and criminal activity is high. We have a ton of homeless and people with mental health issues hanging around downtown including on hospital property.
      In the last 5 years I have had to draw a weapon on 3 occasions to stop an attempted robbery and carjacking in the parking structure at the hospital. Once for myself, and twice while walking coworkers to thier cars. Never had to fire a shot, and got home safe. Using pepper spray or a whistle would not have been effective defense in any of those instances and I dont currently posses ninja skills, so 9 mm it is.
      Think of the irony of that!
      I spend my nights taking care of people and have to pack to and from my car even with unarmed hospital security around. We have secure lockers in a secure access room so that personal weapons are kept OUTSIDE of the patient care areas for law enforcement and staff, but now we have to worry about people with all kinds of weapons inside the hospital and are hoping our security or a cop in the ER can stop them if it comes to it.
      Are you going to try and tell me I dont have the right to my life and physical safety? Am I just supposed to wait 15-30 minutes for a cop to show up assuming I have the ability after an assault to call 911 if I was not armed?
      I’d be willing to bet you never even thought about people in my situation. We’re all crazy out of control gun lovers trying to puff our chests and make up what we lack with a big black gun to you right?

      If you really want to find a solution to something you feel is an issue, dont be half of the problem by approaching it with a closed mind.
      The majority of us are just average folks that have a need or a hobby that involves firearms. We’re not monsters that promote violence at everyone elses expense. The people that do, give us a bad name and we don’t appreciate it any more than you do.

  7. “I don’t know how you stop a person who hasn’t committed a violent crime”
    I do. You don’t give them access to guns.

    1. ​@T. R. Campbell replace the knife in that incident with an ar-15. How would it have changed the outcome?

    2. ​@martthesling it worked in Australia. People are people, it could/ would work here too. Not instantly, but Over time.

  8. To quote a wise woman, “When someone never feels safe, no matter how many guns they own, there’s an excellent possibility they are not sane enough to own any.”

    1. No wise woman.. like she owns many guns..many around her own many , so is surrounded by guns and will never be safe

  9. Not only are they afraid of their own shadows, they also appear to be afraid of good barbers. 🤣🤣

  10. As a gun owner myself I still say the gun laws today are a complete joke. And these pathetic little so called men are just as much a joke the more they keep talking, just constantly giving the runaround word salad answers if you even call those answers to those questions.

    1. Agreed. Imagine living with a day-to-day mindset that you have to have a firearm on you and be ready *all the time* for a confrontation that is so low in probability in occurring. As Jon Stewart argued not too long ago; “You’re saying more guns make us more safe. When exactly does this curve hit? Would a billion guns do it?” It’s a fair question. Number of guns goes up, the number of deaths go up. It’s never gone down.

    2. ​@Napalmdog well it’s already past a billion guns so average is ten per person so USA population is 330 million so times ten and some have way more than ten and some have one or two or none but still over a billion but ok people do not live in places all the same so some are far away from say someone else or high crime and look you keep arguing but prisons the most and over crowding and not counting poe lease and atf usda FDA swat dea SWAT highway patrol Marshal Shariff FBI it keeps going and understand see most think oh it’s social security or medicare or welfare but nope just prisons alone cost ten times as much not counting above

  11. Just listening to this guy you know what reasonable conversation is going to get you nowhere! If you can take a life you have no respect for anyone else!

  12. I grew up in a hunting family. We lived on a farm and had livestock. My dad showed my brother and me proper gun use. The guns were locked in a gun safe until needed for target practice or hunting. Nobody walked around packing or had weapons on Christmas cards. The lack of respect for these weapons has morphed into gun porn.

    1. Wish people who celebrated Christmas weren’t gunned down by trans. Makes the card a lot more legit after Nashville.

  13. I can’t imagine being as scared of everything as these people are.

    It must be an awful way to live.

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