Left for Dead Jamaica's Dialysis Patients on Long Waiting List | TVJ News - May 27 2021 1

Left for Dead Jamaica’s Dialysis Patients on Long Waiting List | TVJ News – May 27 2021


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  1. Why these people don’t just leave the special areas in Jamaica. Some place just should not be touched use Haiti as an eg. They have flood flooding and more flood because of environmental damage.

  2. This is really sad ! Someone has to die for someone to get a space for treatment. Private dialysis is really expensive so much money for one week. I do it privately cause no space is available at the hospital. It is so expensive especially in this time , not easy for me.

  3. My father snd many others have died because of the lack of dialysis treatment in Jamaica. Ministry of health needs to do something about this ASAP!!

  4. Also they need to stop using the farming/ agriculture land to build infrastructure because famine is coming ,it’s evidential globally..Jamaica government need to wake up…They have a Lot of abandon land island wide that’s in bush yet they are using the farm land to build houses…zFarming need to be the main priority not tourism…

    1. I have been saying tht agricultre is the back bone for Jamaica not tourism but farmimg of the land

    2. One wise person atlease, god know you are there so much un used land that can use to make housing schemes, but no the government dont touch those lands

    1. The Jamaican people needed new leaders..
      Non of the two political parties have the Jamaican people at heart..
      All they doing is Land grabbing and self interest..
      All of them is selfserving politicians..

    2. @As I see it I stand for something shout it out loud for me please. Because some of them can’t see.

  5. Cxc is a money making thing the system is set up for some ppl to fail. They are not going to reveal the topic for the examination. Ppl need to stop depend on this cxc. Because education is not the only avenue in which u can achieve success.

  6. This issue with lack of care for dialysis patients is appalling!! Some of the tourism money needs to used to upgrade the healthcare sector in Jamaica

  7. Why is the government allowing these people to come in & mine out our bauxite getting rich & leaving us poorer. There were about 5 bauxite companies in Jamaica some time ago & where has it left us? These miners would not come if there wasn’t riches for them.

  8. We don’t when we going to have kidney failure but I think we all need to take health more seriously. We cannot depend on the health care system. Jamaican have to take their health more serious by eating properly and exercising.

    1. That man don’t have nothing about him longtime and is high time Jamaica politician know that they’re not bigger than the law of the land look how the police look like a fool although they are a fool indeed for if it’s me them shoot me.

  9. Not everyone in Jamaica can afford to eat healthy.sometimes even when u do eat healthy you will have complications.its unhealthy eating only assist with sickness .the same contraceptive ,the environment alot of things contribute to our health .so u can’t say person must eat healthy it’s what some can afford.healthy eating is a must but not everyone can afford it the government must ensure that things are in place for person at hospital they are to be blame for somethings too.its very bad one has to die in order for one to be treated omg what are the government doing our health comes first.

  10. Some Of These Police Men Need Fi Get Bashing Fi True! Cause Some Of Them Abuse Them Authority A Deal With People Like Their Nothing!

  11. Listening to the news about the cxc exams I cannot why all these contention,because the organization is under no control. I cannot why the minister of education is changing the exams them so often at all, since I left school . They have changed everything in school and, I don’t see where the students them is anywhere. Academically advanced more than 1st, all the minister of education is doing , is confusing the poor students them. I would like anyone of them to show me where is the improvement, because there is nothing changed in curriculum at all. There is too emphasis is paying to this English language and, it is not black people language at all.
    When I useto go to school there was a exams was called J.S.C.E.and the, minister of education cut it out with his stupidity. Saying that the exams was not up to standard, and adopted a foreign country exams. I want to know when Jamaica people them is going to be their selves,is a people likes to gravitating to other countries things. The country can only advanced if the people them is, trying to creates their own ideas. I left school 51 years ago and I, don’t really see any improvement in schools at all. I don’t see where the students them is any better Academically, overall than before. With all the degrees some of them may saying that they have, because schooling is much more inferior than before. I know that you have some loud mouths cyber bullies them Jamaicans,with their dogmatic behaviour towards the elders. If you try to highlight a few points, most of them cannot write properly. They cannot formed the letters of the alphabet properly, they write like crabs in ink.Why Jamaica cannot set their own exams and, don’t haveto wait on the other countries them like before. Also why the exams papers haveto marked in Barbados and, you have so much teachers. Plus you have other people who can help like before, any country that haveto depends on other countries. To do certain thing like marking their exams papers and, printing their text books .
    The country is not excelling towards efficiency at all, Jamaica is really, really backwards from before. I remembered when the sangster useto printing all of Jamaica school books until, the government took away the printing and sent it to T&T closing down all the printries in Jamaica, putting a lot of people out of jobs. Any government is taking away jobs from their own people like the jlp government ministers them, they are no good at all. The country is done overall, there is no future for the younger generation in Jamaica. Becaused all the social services programs like the training centers across Jamaica, the AMC market is all dismantled by the jlp party government ministers them. It is so sad to see what is going on in Jamaica and, all those loggerheads who is claiming. That they holds all these degrees and, there is no improvement at all. More than with their nonsensical arguments about everything and, they cannot fixed the problem. There is no problems solvers in Jamaica like before, they only talking. But you don’t see anyone as a problem solvers at all, they are of crabs inner barrel mentality amongst themselves. All most of them does is quarreling about English language, who is more eloquent than the other or.Who is articulated than the other, and none of them does not know what they are saying. Becaused is when I started to travel to England then I realized, that the way we were thought in school in Jamaica . It is quite different from England or other parts of Europe , because the way how we thought to pronounced certain words. It is when I got to England , I realized it was all nonsense.

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