Legal analyst: Indicators pointing to ‘severe legal peril’ for Trump

Legal analyst: Indicators pointing to 'severe legal peril' for Trump 1


    1. @Domenick Camorote Yeah that’s why they’re going to charge him with stuff because of stuff on the laptop tell me some more of your lies

  1. I can’t wait for the day we find out that the justice department interviewed MIKE PENCE under oath.That’s the day I’ll continue to believe in justice.

    1. @John Doe Yeah well, if the GOP had any balls, he would have been long gone after the first impeachment. So please. Save the victim speech for them.

    1. He’s already toast. Even if he’s not going to prison, the GOP has moved on and more importantly, Murdock and Fox will be moving on. Tucker Carlson might want to update that Resume.

  2. Always good to remember that Merrick Garland was the lead prosecutor against the Oklahoma city bombers, the Unabomber, and the Olympic bomber — where he earned the reputation within the DOJ for being silent but absolutely lethal.

  3. Note to self: Never call something “fake” in retrievable media if you don’t want to get prosecuted.

  4. Everyone in the educated world knows when you are a former or something, you are no longer that something. And if you break the law and cause destruction during your term as an elected official you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because you are nothing but a normal human being citizen as I am. Have a nice day

    1. @ProfCheryl No. U obviously watch CNN. This the 759th headline that u got him now. U probably believed in Santa till at least your mid 20s.

  5. It’s important to get a Federal conviction, but equally important to get a State conviction as well, ideally more than one state. The GOP could pardon Trump, but a president can’t pardon a state conviction, nor can a governor pardon a federal one. Trump MUST be convicted, and his prison time MUST be pardon proof.

  6. I admire all the thorough and tireless work being done to hopefully one day make Donald Trump face justice for all the damage and pain he has caused to the USA.

    1. @Bens Campers The US president does not control the price of a barrel of oil, therefore does not control the price of gas. That is a global commodity. The price of gas was low during the world wide pandemic, when demand for gas was low, and supply was high. I know these are facts, and that you may have trouble processing them…….sorry, facts don’t care about opinions.

    2. @Domenick Camorote lol on March 1st 2020 gas was $2.59, growth was 3%, Ukraine was peaceful and afghanistan stable, optimism was at a 50 year high, drug use and crime declining for the first time in decades. But be proud that you helped throw all that away 🤡 enjoy tomorrows quarterly GDP number lol.

  7. “Just say the election was corrupt then leave the rest to me and the Republican Congressmen,” DJ Trump. I think that clears up what trump knew.

  8. My protective Guardian Angels tell me that DJT is NOT EXACTLY HONEST…
    and hasn’t been for at least half a century.
    Nor was his daddy. Nor was his granddaddy. Understatements!!!
    Past time to hold him accountable,
    Mr. Garland and America! 🗽

    1. @WhiteBread Because, what? It looked like any typical day at the Hill? Like it was just a lot of tourists?

  9. If he doesn’t end up in prison for the rest of his miserable life there is something seriously wrong with our justice system🙂🙂🙂

  10. I myself was questioning Merrick Garland’s political intentions! I admit I was wrong for doing so. An investigation of this magnitude takes time and patience! After researching Merrick Garland’s career, I’m 100% convinced that he is a man of honor and will hold up our constitution and rule of law!

    1. I’ve been saying right from the get-go that he would do the right thing. Those who are used to instant gratification have been yelling the loudest. However, lots of trolls have been posting negativity about Garland in order to cast doubt and create upset. Hold steady, my friend, Garland will dot every i and cross every t until he’s joined all the dots.

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