1. “In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat.” “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans” – Trump quote

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  2. The economy may be growing but very little of that growth is trickling down to average Americans.

  3. We’ve been in a recession since January. It became official earlier this month.

    But with the number of high skilled, value added employees retiring and putting their investments into low risk vehicles. Now is the time to raise interest rates. Which is awesome because it means that a savings account is an actual investment vehicle in its own right again.

    1. @Jacob Olness CD rates have gone slightly up. They are still a money losing proposition when compared to inflation. But, they are a little better.

    2. @Billy SBC these are all things that have cost the democrat party elections. 1980, 1984 were presidential blowouts. 1994 was a midterm blowout.

      All these things factored.

  4. Remember, the Cares Act gave a bunch of money to the rich through PPP. Stimulus checks to the normal people were a tiny fraction of the Cares Act. Just remember that in case they ever try and blame inflation on finally helping normal people. You got a few thousand, the top 1% got millions.

    1. Give me a break millions of dollars go out every day to people who don’t work across the country

    2. @mission man That is just a tired talking point. Spending on domestic programs is a blip compared to military spending and debt financed corporate tax breaks.

  5. I love the talking points this is tough medicines from the federal government B.S.

  6. American companies haven’t “outsourced” work overseas–meaning, in China. American companies are importers. They became importers because there’s no overhead and it’s easy to hire contract workers in China for design work.

  7. It would be nice of the fed opened the window and looked around. There is zero precedence or model of what is occurring. They are literally, guessing and hoping interest rates will help costs. It won’t. It will only make credit harder to get. It’s not addressing the highest profits in history by the corporations who are reaming us.

    1. @Jason Boyce you misinterpret my response. I don’t gamble and don’t recommend it. But, I do own a business and can’t raise my prices, by law, more than 10% during a crisis. Yet, big oil, shipping companies and retailers have raised prices by more than 40%. Highest profits in history while consumers pay the highest prices in history? Where’s the focus?

    2. It didn’t help that they bought private debt for 10 plus years and paired that with zero interest. Corps had used the zero interest to borrow money, then they bought back their own stock, artificially inflating the price and taking the profit. Without investing. Hell I could make money in that system. It’s all profit and no risk. Inflation began to rise when the fed announced a reduction of debt purchase. As soon as it wasn’t free money or debt relief they passed the coast on to us. So now we have their debt on the national books and we pay inflationary costs in every purchase.

      If you don’t know who the sucker is at the table it IT IS US.

    3. Jerome may be the new groundhog …. looking around …. people start throwing snowballs at him and he hastily retreats….. he said he’s not going to be constrained by a specific formula- I guess they are just gonna eyeball it and hope for the best…. bring the C30 down in that little cornfield in the Himalayas for a soft landing ….. near the end of the 800 ft runway make a sharp right into the side of the mountain so we avoid the 20k sheer drop. Just eyeball it…. it’s gonna be fine.

    4. Same games to keep us down and we never are able to get ahead and pay our bills.
      Those actions help to keep us owing more and more as a form of indentured servants.
      What do you think?
      Another reason that they fight unions.
      One way is to find more people that want and will help
      “RAISE THE BOTTOM,” by opening businesses that pay a living wage making the same products HERE IN THE USA, that we laborers want and can afford and that will help “raise the bottom.”

  8. I am so SICK and TIRED of hearing from POLITICIANS about the “Human Factor” of government decisions. They know NOTHING about the struggle for low- and middle-class families.

  9. After the so-called rate hikes, it’s still just 2.25 to 2.5%, which is abnormally low. They could’ve raised interest rates a few years ago when DJIA was hitting record highs every few weeks but they prefer to fly high and crash hard. So be it. What is more dangerous is 14 years of zero interests, stealing from savers and retirees, depleting their savings, and enriching realtors and bankers.

    1. Only one people behind this, and thet all congregated in one spot, called Palestine.

  10. We have had two quarters (six months) of negative growth after 55 quarters (152 moths) of positive growth. The last recession ended in ’09. Since then Obama had seven years of growth, Trump had four and Biden one. It’s Biden’s recession because he is President, not because he caused it. The cause is the global pandemic. The 12 straight years of growth were due to two administrations policies that were derailed by a once in 100 year event.

  11. This is crazy student loan interest was extremely high anyway I’ve been paying on about 10 years now doesn’t seem like I can get caught up and now they’re going to up it it’s just insane

  12. They should have gone after the corporations price gouging instead of the workers trying to survive!

  13. I hope this definitely helps lower housing prices in a grossly overinflated market, otherwise a lot less people will be able to afford to buy, and rents are a usually a lot higher than mortgage payments. It is not normal to see prices increased $100K-$140K in just one year.

    1. Like the person in the video said, this does not help houses become more affordable. Even if the house price comes down, the mortgage rate goes up so your overall cost increases. Only people who can pay full cash for a house can benefit from this… and those people are already rich.

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  15. Interest hikes will only hurt us and there will be more bankruptcies. How do they figure that will help?

  16. It will be tough for a generation who have grown up thinking that financing your sofa / clothes / mobile phone is normal, to get to grips with this round of inflation. Society has instilled bad financial habits for many years, in the name of short term returns and i hope this next couple of years see a return to saving and the demise of starbucks / apple and other expensive things your grandparents would not use.

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