Legal experts advising the U.S. Supreme Court not to intervene in election result 1

Legal experts advising the U.S. Supreme Court not to intervene in election result


Trump is threatening to settle the election result in court. Yale Law School’s Bruce Ackerman weighs in on the implications.

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  1. don’t they normally call the election on election night? How often does this happen? What is the longest number of days an election has taken in the USA before this?

    1. @AWiseGuyDrinkingTea asking a question is not the sign of a low IQ- however, assuming you know everything is.

    2. @zimbaliretreats oh well that sounds official. Case closed. You realize saying things just because they sound cool is a sign of low iq?

      Kindly link me to the research or case study so I can read more about your point of view. I’ll wait.

    1. @Kevin Fernandes honestly why he does not create team for preventing this crazy voter fraud and inside investigation.

  2. Too late. The supreme court already decided to allow Pennsylvania 3 additional days. Supreme court will fix this

  3. “Legal Experts” having the audacity to “advise” the Supreme Court ~~~ That IS rich ~~~
    Y’all need to adjust your petticoats, your anger and bias is showing ~~~

    1. The supreme court always consults with legal experts. Did you think those 9 individuals decide large cases all by themselves? They obviously routinely consult experts. Amy Coney even said so…
      Bias is showing? for saying that baseless claims are baseless? for say that the law is the law?

    2. Every person has the right to have a case to heard before the courts, even if the path leads to the highest court. You cannot be denied this right, no matter who you are. This guest is clearly biased against Trump by his opening comments.


  4. I am now dumber for watching this ridiculous attempt at a political discussion. I thought the election was bad. Total screw job.

  5. Let’s take this fight right to the Supreme court where the 5 conservative majority await.

    Trump 2020! We can do it!

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