Lessons From An Unparalleled Year 1

Lessons From An Unparalleled Year


This year, colleges and universities across the country were able to celebrate their commencements in-person. NBC’s Joshua Johnson shared some words of wisdom from speakers like Laurene Powell Jobs, Charlamagne Tha God and Ret. Adm. William McRaven., and spoke about the lessons learned from the past year.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Lessons From An Unparalleled Year


  1. I’m in my sixties and I truly do believe that I will actually learn something new on the day that I die. Since my introduction to YouTube I have learned from Young, middle-aged and people older than me. It has been refreshing to me to see younger generations that still have a passion for learning. It has been disappointing to me to see how many of my own generation still make idiotic statements and actually believe in the statements that they make. Nobody on the face of this Earth knows everything about everything. As far as making your bed in the morning (yes I am a veteran) it makes me wonder if people like Einstein made their bed in the morning which I doubt since Einstein would only take around three to four 20 minute naps per day because his brain would not shut off. Anyways that’s my thought on the matter so go ahead little trolls and attack me. You give me so much information for my sociological experiment .

    1. Passion for learning?
      You mean more indoctrination (brainwashing) by fake news? Like Public Schools do to young minds.

    2. @Mauser no. I was simply talking about you. If you had actually tried to educate yourself in the past, you would realize this

    3. @Doug Ohaver
      You were waiting for response because you’re statement was disturbingly wrong. I glad I could I could show you a better and more intelligent perspective. If your in your sixies I think you would know better.

    4. @Mauser now now little troll. You might be brainwashed into thinking that gravity is real even though you can’t see it. So that means if you can’t see it then you can just float gently away

  2. “Crash course” (I’m glad you said “for some.”) Son, I’m 71, I was 13 when the Rochester Riots (Start of Civil rights movement ’63) happen, 53 years ago. ’68 I was military in southern CA when MLK and Robert Kennedy were taken away. If anything 2020 is a build up to a crescendo. A moment in time where being on the right side of history is going to be important. “Crash Course”???? I must be worth a doctorate. I’ll finish with I’m glad the X&Z generations Have finlly picked up what us hippies and anti war protesters have been saying for years.

    1. TEACH THEM for they do not know what they do…. IT IS A PAREDNTS RESPONSIBILITY TO HUMANITY……. Birds and animals do it….

    2. Young people today are self-righteous, disinterested, and have an over-inflated sense of entitlement from all of the participation trophies and praise over nothing. My parents always had my back where it counted, but their response to any time I complained about adults out to screw me was, “What did YOU do wrong?” and 90% of the time, it was I who was being unreasonable.

  3. All of the speech givers messages resonate with the psychedelic experience imho. Cool. If you’re into tripping and UFOs 2021 is definitely your year there is some good news out there.

    1. My commencement would be “Everyone here is braver than the cowards who hid themselves away…everyone here should publicly mock those, who without medical reason- in jokes, songs, in the public square- in every conceivable place- chose to hide.”

  4. Lesson from last year is if you lie (especially about a life-threatening, once-in-a century virus), it can have natural, serious consequences to everyone involved.

    1. @James Smith
      You are a fool.
      You are safer outside in the world than being locked away

  5. 2 things, Joshua, Old Sock:
    Thanks for displaying all the great words of wisdom from you AND your speakers.
    Where to speak?
    Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale Campus.
    Class of 1990.

  6. Oh dear…I’m irretrievably lost. I NEVER make my bed. Hence I dast not give any commencement addresses.

  7. The Evolution of Humanity depends on LOVE – Love of All Living Beings. Love of Nature, the Planet. Love Overcomes All Obstacles. Leonardo da Vinci.

  8. I’d like to know why the CDC has changed their covid counting rules. “Asymptomatic or mild infections will no longer be recorded as “covid cases”.”

    1. So now change the rules and wonder why some people don’t believe COVID is really as serious as it’s reported.

  9. What lessons can we learn from the past year? The question itself is disconcerting, a pitiful statement of our ability to learn. What America, and the world, has witnessed in the past 12 months is nothing that hasn’t occurred before. As recently as 100 years ago societies around the globe experienced many similar events of those occurring today; some are alarmingly similar. From geopolitical to geoeconomics, the future is told in the past, if people would bother to look. A word of caution … since history seems to be repeating itself, and apparently we ignore the benefits of 20/20 hindsight, the relatively near future is not pretty for anyone.

  10. work and jobs are two different things, I hope more people in this country will realize that

  11. I’m right and you’re wrong, you’re wrong and I’m right. That’s how far conversations and intellectual arguments have fallen

  12. You are so right, it would be wonderful to have a few days to relax and not have to learn new life-changing lessons. However, openness to learning Is the only truly life-changing lesson we should never abandon.

  13. Some Democrats and Republicans have had the good fortune of having a strong guiding figure who would say things like: if you loose an election accept it like a man and don’t whine. Even if you hoped you would win.

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