"This is Hurting Our Democracy," Says Maricopa County Supervisor 1

“This is Hurting Our Democracy,” Says Maricopa County Supervisor


Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo talks to Lindsey Reiser about election integrity, creating unnecessary doubt in election systems and the Arizona GOP effort to undermine the will of the voter.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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"This is Hurting Our Democracy," Says Maricopa County Supervisor


    1. The GQP has no concept of what the word “integrity” means. This is gaslighting at it’s finest… saying there needs to be more “election integrity” and “audits” when they are the ones using that to tamper with the process and cheat the system/voters so they can win. That is how fascism started.

    2. @Xhade Brinsbane You’re right, it makes no sense. Nor does your use of “Karens”. Parroting what you see on Fox or OAN makes you look silly.

    3. @LD You’re lying again. Go take a seat and think about what you said for a moment. First off, the only people who know the most about this “Q”, are the leftists which makes think that the left made it all up.

  1. Matt Gaetz followed that statement by explaining that, “she was just 17, you know what I mean? And the way she looked was way beyond compare… How could I dance with another, whooo, when I saw her standing there?”.

    1. @Bryan B I’m afraid this Gaetz Fiasco will be heading to a Real U.S. Court, so we shall see!

    2. I bet shes a dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen…
      Ooo Matt you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life…
      See that girl, watch that scene Matts diggin the dancing queen.
      So who thinks Matt Gaetz plays the tambourine?

    3. @Heritage Karma The findings of the Mueller Report were confirmed and expanded upon by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Clearly, you prefer to live in a world of alternative facts and denial, but that’s your problem, not mine. Trump welcomed Russian interference in the 2016 election, and in 2019 US intelligence warned the White House that Giuliani “was the target of an influence operation by Russian intelligence” (including a disinformation campaign by Kilimnik, the same operative who had worked hand-in-glove with Manafort in 2016), but that didn’t deter Trump and his campaign from again welcoming Russia’s assistance.

    4. @J Groovy
      Thank you!
      Let me add: Some days ago I watched an interview with a former KGB agent who studied together with Putin (he is living in the US since 1993.):
      ‘Putin wanted Trump to become president because of his low IQ he is easy to manipulate. That’s why he was invited to Moscow for talks about building a ‘Trump tower’ there. But the ‘talks’ were actually conducted by members of the Russian Secret Service to brief Trump on issues important for Russia who in turn will ‘help’ him to win the election by spreading des- and misinformation.
      That’s exactly what Putin is doing right now in Germany to influence the upcoming election in September.
      Putin wants to devide the West and destroy democracy.’

    5. @C.A.T. Well said, my friend!
      As if the Mueller report wasn’t convincing enough, there’s also the *Republican led* Senate Intelligence Committee report on the Trump campaign’s Russian connections…

      Trump’s a cheater. He cheated on all 3 wives, he cheated in both elections, he cheats on his taxes, and he even cheats when he plays golf.

      Trump lies about everyone and everything. The Lyin’ King told over 40,000 lies during his one and only term as president; the guy lies for sport. Everytime his mouth opens a lie pops out. Everytime he blogs it’s a lie.
      The only people who believe him are members of his cult.

  2. I’ve seen an old video of hitler looking exactly like this yelling at the crowd.

    1. @humbugs100 the democrats did NOT develop the handbook and they would NOT be doing the same thing if that were the case we would have done that in 2016

    2. The only fascism I’ve seen over the last few years has been on the left. Think about it.

    3. @Alex Ordonez yea like irgaf what a doddering fool wants to believe. I told the truth you shamed yourself twice now ..go change your pants and take a shower.

  3. I saw tax returns by mail and I would rather vote in person!!! I even got to the vote with my bike!!!

    1. @Tonya Dixon funny you’re saying that yet more evidence piles on by the day that MSM never shows you. Bet you never watched any of the hearing and you’re surprised every time a new judge authorizes more access for the audit process lol

    2. @David Parker Parker please give us the list of everyone who was “paid off by Zuckerberg”. As you’re writing it please remember how amazing it is that no one has slipped up anywhere and spilled the beans on the millions of “fraudulent votes”. Make sure you include everyone and try to post it before 2024.

  4. This guy needs to introduce a bill that after 3 official recounts the Party initiating the next recount is financially responsible for the cost of the recount. NOT the taxpayers.

    1. @Kevin btw I have 1 or 2 videos regardless how you FEEL the facts so i do have content and your. FEELINGS of me being a troll is based on what? Thats what I thought

    2. @Kevin I’m glad you are the gate keeper for YouTube making sure who has content and don’t

  5. Weird how we can count the votes/ballots from all 50 States in a matter of cays… but Arizona takes 6 Months to count Maricopa County ballots 4 Times… and they still aren’t finished.

    1. @MeanGeneSanDiego also, to the latter part of your little rant, it’s a lie. No pens in black or blue are allowed, it’s also in the law.

    2. @eltorocal and the “terrorists” on June 6 are mostly going to be let go as soon as it’s not politically advantageous to illegally keep them for so long. Swift justice for trespassing “criminally” when there is video of capitol police moving barricades and waving people in. Lol

  6. I was about to say I’m glad I don’t live in AZ any more. But, I’m afraid there’s no way to escape this madness.

    1. @Princess Tiarra I see. So you want him and his supporters dead?
      That’s some real unifying language there, princess poop.

    2. @LD it reminds me of the Handmaids Tale, fictional story. This is how it started on the show.

    3. @Peter Van Horn more of a casual observation that as the BIG LIE came from him it will die with him.

    4. @Kevin what’s the “Big Lie” again?
      Oh yeah, whatever YOU and your preferred political/media masters tell you.

    5. Sure there is…just tell the Dems to stop lying and take their medicine when they prove there was a fraud…lol!!!

    1. They have no integrity. They colluded with China to make a virus in a lab as an excuse to completely take over our lives for their great reset agenda

  7. If we don’t keep election fraud to a minimum we won’t have a “Democracy” or republic that it really is.

  8. Matt Gaetz has no credibility and he has way more problems than worrying about Arizona’s fake audit!

  9. Support the National Popular Vote.. write to your local, state and national representatives. Don’t let these people hijack your vote ever again! Post on social media and spread the word. Make your vote count toward the person you support, not everyone else in your state. STOP THIS TRASH! They’re collecting your voting information and making a list..why? Flood their social media and demand answers! Don’t hesitate..

  10. It’s unbelievable, how these people were given the “go ahead” to do what they’re doing with the votes, is ridiculous !?? It’s turned into a total conspiracy circus and an embarrassment to the AZ State !?

  11. I find it ironic that they had to take a hiatus for high school graduations, when most of these auditors obviously havnt had any of that big city book learnin.

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