"Let's Grab A Beer" Campaign Aims To Get 70% of U.S. Adults Vaccinated 1

“Let’s Grab A Beer” Campaign Aims To Get 70% of U.S. Adults Vaccinated


Anheuser-Busch Chief External Affairs Officer Cesar Vargas talks to Kendis Gibson about teaming up with the White House for an initiative that aims to get more Americans vaccinated.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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"Let's Grab A Beer" Campaign Aims To Get 70% of U.S. Adults Vaccinated


    1. @Susan Wojcicki Is Asshoe Full disclosure: I was buzzing on Hurricane for both of my shots.

    2. @Sarah F. 4.1 I’m from a profoundly rural area, and most of us here won’t be persuaded by lottery drawings, cheeseburgers, beer or even a case of Johnny Walker Blue. If the government wants to pay you to take something in your body, it’s probably a horrible idea to do so

    3. @Sarah F. 4.1 Maybe you should accuse covids of being russians. You are one awful person to accuse rural americas of living in sh!thole counties

  1. If the bars reopen then Bud makes more money. They have an intetest in getting the US healthy. That is good Capitalism.

    1. @Lex Ruptor weed is not safer lol. It’s addictive. You think weed is safe because you can’t die from it but you actually can. Edibles are incredibly dangerous for children and most loser stoners leave their edibles laying around for kids to grab.

    1. Dr Fauci endured under Putin’s TR45H. 500,000+ dead from the TR45H mismanagement of the pandemic. Harvey is a Russian.

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Look up: Fox News: 20 Minutes of Contradictions | The Daily Show

    3. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid Look up Fauci lying about not needingto wear masks and then 600K Americans dying

    4. So take the initiative. Talk to your local dispensary. Ask if they’ll give a free pre-rolled or gummy to anyone who can prove they are vaccinated.

    1. Once everyone who wants the shot get theirs, only morons are left for Covid to play with. Great idea.

    1. @The Zombie Whisperer You already wrote that you live in Oregon. Everything is legal here.

    2. So talk to a grower or dispensary, and get them to offer a free pre-rolled to everyone with a vaccination card. I get it, alcohol is not your drug of choice, but it is still nice of this brewery to provide an incentive.

    3. @Pew pew McPewface then you obviously know nothing about growing cannabis, anyone can grow a plant but having top of the line product is important, oh and just for future reference, you have to trim and if you have never done that ,it’s a sticky mess and processing it also is work, do you even know what cannabis is?

  2. Kendis, just say thank you….we say corporate should do more, then they do something – even is you think self serving – more people vaccinated by hook or by krook. Positive feedback not sarcasm.

  3. Intelligent people don’t need any encouragement to get the vaccination beyond avoiding getting infected with covid.

    1. @Mike Barry ok, Professor YouTube Expert. Just do as you’re told without question. We’ll see who’s the moron

  4. People finally socializing again in a safe way :-)) yup!!! Getting my second shot end of the month and I have bought my first live concert ticket of the year for November. Black Pumas!!! Greetings from Amsterdam!

  5. Right now bars cannot get Budweiser bottles . Supposedly there’s a shortage of glass .

  6. I make my own Beer. Summit EPA is my favorite non Home Brew.
    I like my Vaccine well Aged, like a fine Burbon or Scotch. Maybe I’ll look for a Job at Bush. I’m good at Robot programming.

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