Levi Chambers Family Left Devastated | TVJ News – Oct 21 2021

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  1. The people know the kidnapper. He is living in the same area .His picture is all over social media. How could they not know that he was not the man they are looking for.Everybody is out for blood.The kidnapper might just be hiding in one of them house.We may talked about jungle justice but we want it to be the right person. If not sure if is the right person hand him over to the police.The wrong person could be one of your relatives who you don’t know.

    1. Bath people knows the kidnapper. This sad incident happened in llandewey which is 2hours drive from bath… However levi is from yallahs so HOW did they not know him?

    2. @perry skyi I honestly don’t know, I live in yallahs and I barely know anyone in Llandewey, I can’t even find one person that I know from there.

  2. Build a razor wire fence around all of Llandewey and put no gate upon it. Everybody in Llandewey knows who killed this innocent man. Somebody needs to confess.

  3. Play with my family like that,a lone drive by them woulda get on random daysā€¦Lessons have to be learnt

  4. This man was wrongfully accused jah know smh. I literally can feel the pain that this family is feeling kmt. This really hurt my heart šŸ¤Ø

  5. Mob killings will continue to be a big problem in society as long as there are no consequences for the perpetrators.

  6. This is terrible i was worried about farmers who might have been in their field working. My father was a farmer and he live a bush.

  7. They need to put out the same effort to find the murderers of this man just like when they are looking for murder suspects of police. Why have they not put out a reward to get information about those involved in this mob killing.

  8. People need to stop taking the law in their own hands, this is so sad my condolences to the family.

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