Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau calls federal election for Sept. 20 1

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau calls federal election for Sept. 20

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has called a federal election, sending voters to the polls on Sept. 20.

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  1. Found guilty twice of ethics violations with a third on the table. Couldn’t twin an already existing pipeline. Wants to be an authoritarian and dictate your medical choices. Accused of sexual assault. Claims the budget will balance itself.

    No Trudeau, I won’t and have never voted for you and more incompetency.

    1. LOL Kenny’s failed Pipeline Canada had to pay for when he bet on that orange pile of crap to win re-election.

    2. @RPM but you have enjoyed the welfare payments sorry equalization payments in a country with 3 provinces that are have provinces and the rest enjoying all that those incredible resources have given Canada. Sorry your grade 3 education would not allow you travel and work in this incredible field .Guess it is 4 more shifts at Walmart for you underachiever.

  2. He knew he was quite ahead in the latest polls that’s why he is cunningly calling for elections…only to benefit him not canadians

  3. The only crisis we have is YOU. Stores throw away TONS UPON TONS of plastic and this goon thinks banning bags will do anything..Its all for show..

  4. “You may be wondering what this means for you and your job and your kids and your retirement and your community, but here’s something completely unrelated because I don’t actually care.”

  5. Why does he even bother? He’s had all this time to deliver on what he promises and never did. Why believe him now?

    1. @Art Titov balanced budget. He spent more money than all PM in history. He’s buying your vote with your money. Also most scandals, more than any other PM in history. He’s an embarrassment, especially when he went to India.

  6. I will vote for whomever does an audit of all the outgoing expenditures and numbered companies created in 2020.

  7. Need to choose hey ? So here the choice the government just gave me ,get to the vax or lose my job …. Doesn’t seem like a choice does it

  8. Erin O’tool is the only person who can actually lose against Trudeau in his position. I feel this was done on purpose.

  9. “Who wouldn’t want a say?” The implication: If you’re against this election, you’re abnormal. Manipulative and disingenuous as ever. The guy who was going to “do politics differently.”

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