1. For Quebecers, it is “who can best represent them.” Even if it means interfering in a criminal trial and kicking out a few cabinet ministers, to protect a corrupt engineering firm.

    1. @ag56 If anyone, political leader or otherwise, even thought to pervert justice or endanger the integrity of our fundamental institutions in my name, I would be offended that they would claim to represent me. Of course, not everyone has a moral compass.

    2. You’re supposed to elect who best represents you. Why would you let the international dealings of an engineering firm make you do otherwise?

    3. @Patty Gould I’m having a hard time deciphering the argument you’re trying to make. My best response is that Canadians didn’t elect someone who was supposed to represent an engineering firm who not only had corrupt dealings internationally, but domestically as well. (Do the MUHC and the elections financing scandals ring a bell?) Unfortunately, we got the guy who – as mentioned earlier – interfered in a criminal trial and kicked out a few cabinet ministers in order to protect them at the expense of Canadians’ trust and our national reputation. And he did so on behalf of Quebecers. What’s concerning is that not only do they apparently find nothing wrong with that, they seem to approve.

    4. @conjureup I think that’s exactly what Canadians did. We’re aware of our Prime Minister’s shortcomings and elected him anyway. Perhaps these scandals just aren’t high on our list of priorities.

    1. @KyGa94 Because that just makes sense. How so many could still vote for the Liberals is just crazy. You would think we have a third world school system with how stupid Liberal voters are.

  2. my bed is the Liberals gave him a really nice payment for this one he wouldn’t want to upset his liberal Masters this is the guy who always supports the governing party who is paying the bill

  3. Blatant omission by not talking about the PPC despite polls placing them above the greens in many polls (depends on the day)
    Saying PPC is verboten

    1. I would vote PPC but they just don’t have the numbers at this point and to split the conservative vote would keep that fool as Prime Minister.

    2. @Don Ho if everyone thought like that, no new party could ever exist.
      The greens took 4 decades to get the support the PPC has in 4 years.
      Don’t vote AGAINST someone, vote FOR someone. Have morals and stand up for them.
      “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees”

  4. Nanos polling data should be printed on toilet paper, at least that way it would be worth something. Polls are used to influence voting not predict an outcome.

    1. You say that now that the Liberals are doing well. Not long before the Cons were ahead. Are you going to ignore every bit of data because it CAN be influenced? Be skeptical, not insane.

    2. @Dylan The Sea lnsanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. l am no Conservative. I know the Cons and Libs are two sides of the same coin, so no thanks! The Cons get elected and screw things up only to be replaced be the Libs who screw things up even worse ….. Corporations and the rich love it that way, they get richer during a pandemic and hard working Canadians get the shaft. PMJT, a feminist who bullies women, an environmentalist who builds pipelines and an honest politician who has faced 3 ethics inquiries. I am almost 60 y/o. I have seen how far we have fallen and it wasn’t an accident. Sure all of our kids have cel phones and a flat screen TV, but may never own a home( unless it’s mine). Mark my words, we need real change now, or at this rate in 30 years from now we will be eating each other.

  5. DOWN WITH TRUDEAU!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    1. Let Quebec separate but give back all the things canada owns, 5min later invade and annex them then forbid french

    2. Mick, there are no rules to keep separatist out of parliament or say they have to run candidates in other provinces, so, that being said why not have a separatist party from each province in parliament to make a level playing field? Bloc seem to get everything they want.

  6. 99% of the electorate who will actually go out and cast their ballot on election day have already made up their minds.

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