1. The part about fall turning to winter and winter turning to spring and spring turning to summer and bla bla was true.

  1. Inflation may not have been avoidable but it did not have to be exacerbated by your poor decisions and the decisions of the leaders of the collective west. All the bobble heading in the world cannot change that. Stop trying to avoid accountability.

    1. Right! I want a government that doesn’t tax and spend. You know, like the one in…what was the name of that country again? 😂

    2. @Joseph Smith….tax and spend sensibly……joe….sensibly….not like drunk sailors…kapiche? joe

  2. How you gonna produce all these EV cars since apparently we DONT HAVE ENOUGH Semiconductor chips. A petro car take 300-600 chips an EV car takes approx 3000-5000 chips. Hmmmmm interesting maybe the shortage is a load of crap to force crazy high prices for used and new cars cause the demand is far greater then the supply and will make EV look more desirable. I think that is exactly what’s going on

  3. Thanks from the Atlantic provinces. After the devastating disaster, Trudeau came here, lied, and went home. No help. Once again, thanks alot.

  4. Must be nice collecting more tax $, in order to help Canadians. Prime interest hikes and carbon tax $ should help too 😏

  5. The smug looks on their faces makes this so much worse, doing absolutely nothing to fix the economy, or balance the budget

  6. “the only way to fix things, is to break them, so that way we can fix them”

    -Chrystia Freeland

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