Like Living in Hell - The Story of Wendy Dowe - January 4 2020 1

Like Living in Hell – The Story of Wendy Dowe – January 4 2020


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  1. This is a lesson learned,

    When you go into the devil’s hell ground,

    Keep self on straight and narrow, work, save, get education if any, then return back to the island in the sun, for the demons will treat you worse than the ground they walked on

    Evil the dogs and cats get better treatment

    And people wants to and breaking their necks to go to other countries and knowing by their fruits they are known

    Lady, just chalked it up as you are still alive and back home to continue to live without bondage

    Get the bush herbs and start heal yourself and seek God as to confess and repent to be forgiven and restoration

  2. Thank God you live to tell your story. Let them paye for every strown of hair on your head. more power to you sis

  3. A wonder what this lady expects was she supposed to be treated like she in a expensive country Club ….stop going to the United states and violated immigration laws or get involved in illegal Activity.

    1. That’s a bit harsh guys to do a surgery on someone without their consent that’s a crime punishable by law. Yes she was wrong but that didnt give them the right to do that to her.

    2. Tvj didnt bring on whole entire news, she didnt do anything wrong, she has been living in America for 22 years has 4 kids born there and live a decent life, the only thing she has no proper document , she went to pay for a traffic ticket and she was held and locked up for a year, so she is only telling the story of her life in prison, she didnt asked our local media to tell her story , they saw her story on the American news and asked if they can interview her and she told them yes, because there is a case against ICE and the doctor there ,

  4. Boo hoo Wendy! Detention is not a Sandals Resort! You are fine! Ok you are a part of a class action… so wait and see! You were not taking care of yourself before ICE got you!

  5. Which Gov? Do more for you now that you are back? Lol! Hangin there wait on your settlement in 6 -10 years the US owes you nothing! You should have spent the time trying to change your status here in the US! You’ll be aight

  6. Its definitely no a bed of rose. But people don’t liste. It makes no sense to remain in America as an undocumented immigrant. Life in JA is not that bad to leave it and suffer the way people do without papers. With papers it’s difficult I can’t imagine living here without it.

  7. well come to america good luck will law suit you won’t win you are criminal and you were treated as such she won’t be the last many more will be coming home

    1. She did nothing wrong, they lock her up when she went to pay for a traffic ticket, they chase her down with dogs , she was bitten then locked up for a year, then deported back home

  8. I feel your pain,I have documents go through worsted experience, murdering my daughter calling death wrongful death fighting me with my two and only twin grandson with out me charge for a crime having some Jamaica American people has your lawyer or social Worker some black people on a hold sell you out I’m living with this pain right now as I spoke knowing I trust God he will justified this in his own time. I know what you are go through do what you have to do make shore you try to get a trust Wordy Attorney,trust God asked God for direction, be strong I pray every thing works for you in Jesus name. Amen.

  9. This woman aint lieng some foreign countries treat lots of us Jamaicans like dirt. All the do is walk on us, spit on us and then treat us like we are no good.

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