More Schools Open for Face to Face Classes – January 4 2021


  1. 🤔. I’m not surprised. The online learning has proven itself to be a failure because the Information Communications Technology Infrastructure is simply not adequate enough to ensure the full satisfaction of everybody involved.

  2. Hot 🔥 country wearing a mask 🤣🤣🤣.
    Virus is caused by lock of sunlight so if you live in Jamaica why are you wearing a mask.

  3. If people can achieve Masters online.. students can achieve csec online. CXC was doing pilot for online exams just before the pandemic, we should use this drive to lay the framework to make online possible. How can we quit after online one term?

  4. Online learning has not at all proven itself to be an overall failure contrary to the beliefs and opinions of some people. If more parents were in favour if it, then more students would have greatly benefitted. More would be advocating for online learning insisting that the government provide sufficient resources (desktop computers, tablets, phones, etc) and the infrastructure to help cater to each and every one of the students.

  5. Whatever am sure when school starts back after the first week everything is back to normal.. have seen school in Jamaica after starting face to face kids out side playing together as if everything is normal,we all know all that is just for the show..

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