'Like The Mob': Trump In Trouble As Family Member Floats Ivanka Flipping 1

‘Like The Mob’: Trump In Trouble As Family Member Floats Ivanka Flipping


Citizen Donald Trump is speaking out about the criminal probe into his namesake organization, admitting the crime during a rally and downplaying the charges. Prosecutors are still pressuring Trump’s money man Allen Weisselberg to start talking. MSNBC’s Dr. Jason Johnson is joined by former Acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal to discuss the latest in the investigation. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. He’s setting up his Insanity Defense – private loony with all the trimmings – instead of prison. Doctors have been saying he’s a malignant narcissist for some time. This is where he plays that card (like a ‘bone-spur’) to keep him out of the war zone.
      Devious Don & his Con roll on. Don’s have played the crazy card before.
      Prison – not luxury confinement next to the coke machine !

    2. This playing dumb theory is not farfetched. It shows what he thinks of the people in his audience and their knowledge of tax law.

    3. Yes. In criminal law, it’s called “deliberate ignorance,” and it doesn’t work in court.

  1. That’s quite hilarious, even his rally crowd was like, oh no, we paid taxes on all our stuff, why doen’t he? What a hilarious admission. But I guess he’s counting on the DOJ and state prosecutors will not prosecute him for his crimes which is basically how his life has always gone. He is an International disgrace. Shines a light on the national disgrace on the doj and state prosecutors if they turn a blind eye to his crimes.

    1. You realize it is not taxable to the company? It is considered payroll and taxable to the employee receiving the benefit if it is greater than certain thresholds. Without the details, you can’t really tell if it is taxable at all.

    2. @Tory Western The company has to record the amount given to the employee and so the amount should be in T’s accounts as going to Weisselburg and Weisselburg has to claim it as income. Neither did that. Instead T kept track of such payments on sheets of paper so he knew how much he was really paying W, and W didn’t list any of that in one on his taxes. It’s kind of a classic mob/shyster thing and criminal/federal offence.

    3. You have to make money to pay taxes. Those people look like welfare babies who haven’t washed in years. You know, typical republicans.

  2. Boasting about not paying taxes while standing in front of 1000s of tax payers.
    Thats an interesting tactic.

    1. Yes, cheating on taxes by high-rollers driving their free Benzes and living in their free NYC luxury apartments.

    1. Perhaps he’s trying to get locked up in a federal prison as opposed to the one that honest criminals go to.

    2. @Judy He wants a cushy asylum over a prison. Another mob tactic – act crazy so you go to hospital instead of prison. In a year or two your ‘cured’ and walk away.

  3. LOL the super-spreading going on in the background while trump blabbers away on the podium..

    1. No pity there, I would allow insurance companies to deny their claims when they end up in the ICU with Covid-19.

    1. @Ali Buddy and he is obsessed with ” biggest”. My observation has been those most obsessed with “biggest” are usually ” littlest”.

    2. @Robert Clifton how can you end that ridiculous rant with “don’t be ignorant “?😂

    3. 3794GQTJ

      The fact that there are two sets of accounting “ books” means they knew they were doing something illegal. I bet trump tries to throw his CFO under the bus by claiming he was not aware. He’ll try.

    4. Sudden? Can I give you a timeline? Ever since he was bankrupt and he still cannot disclose his taxes. Yet, in his mind he can do no wrong. He like other FORMER Presidents needs to just play golf and leave the limelight alone. Unless he likes embarrassing himself some more.

    5. @Robert Clifton am not being ignorant. He’s on video saying that he knows more about taxes than anyone on earth, and yet he doesn’t know about company cars being taxed??? B.S.!

  4. I like how politicians blank face tells others how they do evil things and people look at it as it’s normal and give them credit. I have seen people that weren’t politicians , just normal people, doing the same thing and I watched their friends cheering them on as they continue doing evil things. Kinda tells you something is truly wrong with this situation.

  5. His WHOLE life has been built around lies & crookedness – that’s why he’s whining at their findings. The trouble is – he’s always gotten away with it. Now…will that trend continue?

    1. His only skill is in trickery using manipulation and lies. Now, he has been exposed and there is proof he cannot lie out of. As far as taxes, if you owe them and do not pay them, the IRS will take everything you have even if the money belongs to your minor children. JMO

    2. This is clearly what Trump is doing. It has always worked for him in the past.
      That is a real problem.

      It is a very real possibility that Ivanka would flip. The others are too stupid.

    3. The greatest irony is that he was given so much by his father that he could have just lived off the interest like a king.

  6. Fun fact: if you search “Two Sets of Books” on Wikipedia it says “See Also: Tax Evasion”.

    1. @Robert Clifton if you find something incorrect on Wikipedia you are free to offer evidence to correct it. It is simply not true anyone can write anything.

    2. @Robert Clifton actually Wikipedia says there were 3 Kkks. The original in 1865 was “neo-confederalist”. Look it up. KKK became right wing in 1915. I’m not a repub or KKK fan, but saying republicans “created” the KKK is inaccurate.

    3. @Robert Clifton if anyone started Jim Crow it was the pre- dixicrates, the neo- confederits who yes, became republicans. Its complicated. Bottom, it was southern ex slave owners who, like trump, never thought and still think they didn’t lose. Democrats and Republicans have morphed positions a lot over decades.

  7. Trump 2016: “I think nobody knows more about taxes than I do, maybe in the history of the world. Nobody knows more about taxes.”

    Trump 2021: “Do you have to pay … Does anybody know the answer to that stuff?”

    1. @Judy I’m not following you – how does the IRS paying people follow from everyone lying about their taxes?

  8. “…does anyone know the answer to that?” Surely the person who is on record multiple times saying that nobody knows more about tax than he does should know the answer to that?

  9. And if a million dollars is nothing to them, why didn‘t they man up like every normal working class soul in the US and PAY their taxes!

    1. @B1g L0u So if you say you don’t need money because you’re so incredibly rich you are entitled to be exempted from laws? Weird.
      And you seem to have forgotten that he made loads of money by being president. He stole whereever he could. That he didn’t take his salary was maybe the only smart thing he ever did, because some fools were tricked into believing he would do something honorable.

    2. @B1g L0u
      You do realize that if Trump is really worth 2.6 billion dollars that donating 1,800,000 over four years is like an average person donating a few dollars every four years, right? Of course you don’t, so, no need to respond to that rhetorical question. He gave away what should be pennies to him while making his disciples think he was doing some grand display of charity while also robbing his own charity for kids with cancer of over 2,000,000 and had to pay it back and had he not been caught, he more than made up for the 1,800,000 he gave away.

      Yes, he and his kids literally stole money from kids with cancer and his supporters because no one else would donate money to his charities, no matter what the cause is because most people with basic common sense donate to The Ronald McDonald House if they actually want kids with cancer to see any of it, and they also know Trump’s history of grifting.

      450,000 x 4 = 1,800,000

      2,600,000,000 – 1,800,000 = 2,598,200,000

      2,600,000,000 divided by 1,800,000 = 1444.44444444

      Hopefully, you have at least a tenuous grasp of math to see how it shows he sure didn’t miss much by donating 1,800,000 to look altruistic while being a known crook since the ’70s.

    3. Because they feel entitled to live their lives differently than everyone else. The rules & laws don’t actually apply to them. They’re “special”. 🙄

    4. @B1g L0u Which many presidents have done, especially modern ones? That is not something new and that is not something he started. I’m pretty sure Obama did it when he started out because the market had just crashed 6 months earlier.

    1. Sure, of course. But to be effective and have the perpetrator jailed, you then need an effective strategy

    2. Yes Mary is very smart she has a master’s degree of the brain. She also said he doesn’t like to lose boy was she 100percent RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Uhhh…The guy who claims to know more than anyone on taxes, is who. What a dimwit he is.

    2. Who doesn’t see Ivanka flipping? She is next in line to run the business if Trump goes to jail. Back in 2016 when Trump first announced he was giving Ivanka her position in the White House, Trump stated “Ivanka is the most trusted and smartest person in the Trump Organization besides himself.” Trump also stated that Ivanka would take over the business if anything happened to him. So she wins if daddy loses. Plus Ivanka probably knows more about Trump’s wrong doings, than anybody else including Allen Weisselberg.

  10. “Former, disgraced, twice-impeached President”. . .a phrase lifted directly from Sunny Hostin of The View, but that’s OK because it’s both concisely descriptive, and true!

    1. That is just propaganda she says that to push the false narrative you think Sunny has anyone’s best interest at heart were losing under Biden big time

  11. This is one of the reasons i never voted for him, or cared for him, He was corrupt since the day he was born. And his followers/sheep either never knew or cared…..the fact that people think an old white “billionaire” reality star can change anything for the better, for those who are poor or are middle class is just, idk….mind boggling.

    1. Respect. You are one of half the country that did not fall under the demon spell. I lost long time friendships and family over that waste of skin. And half a million died because of his incompetence’s, yet they bow to him still. And the golden god like statue they made of him. Sometime when i was a kid i remember hearing a prophecy about a golden hair boy who is the anti Christ, will rise to power and will be the beginning of the end. I am in no way a religious person and i have searched for who gave the warning and i can’t find it.

    2. @꧁Cat G꧂ yup, same here hun! Family, friends, lost a job i had for 7 years because it. Idk what is going on anymore, with each passing day that the world falls apart, i realize i am not meant for this world, as well as this world is not meant for me. I am supposed to be in another world, but the aliens dropped me off here instead. They couldn’t handle my partying i guess.

  12. When Trump and his clan say it’s “only a million (even tho it sounds like it’s 1.6M)” you gotta ask yourself why are willing to risk it for just a million? Private car sales frequently fib on sales price to get tax down, but there are always folks that are honest & don’t want that to come up 5-10 yrs down the road. It’s risk for blackmail too. It’s Russian mafia stuff.

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