Trump’s Paper Trail Might Be Where ‘The Rubber Hits The Road’

Washington Post political reporter David Fahrenthold and marketing expert Donny Deutsch on how documents from the Trump Organization might become key in the case against the former president.

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  1. Classic, two sets of books, the second set says Don’t Show To The IRS { Eric This Means You }….LOL

    1. @Kate King Come on Kate,we’re talking only about Trump & his company – get with it!

    2. That is one of the standard deflection answers when Republicans cannot answer the questions at hand. It used to be Hillary email or Obama birth certificate but those are wearing out quickly. Used too many times 😂. Election fraud has also be touted too many times, so they are replacing it with Border insecurity and another invasion of illegal immigrants who all gonna vote for Joe Biden. Keep the fear going and make people believe they are under threat and things get stolen from em.

    3. @Janice Castellanos
      OOOps sorry, I thought we were talking about corruption. Never mind the Biden crime family then. Let’s forget all the foreign paydays Hunter was getting when his dad was VP and let’s forget that Biden admitted to extorting Ukraine. Let’s just concentrate on your mania!

    4. @Janice Castellanos yes let’s steer away from the real criminals. The dems tried twice to remove him and failed miserably. this indicates to anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence that there was nothing to the accusations they were all lies.

    1. @Major Stoner Of course..Especially in that the IRS is listed as a victim in the State charges..

    2. Yea give them the royal family treatment. Family quarter’s..All in the same cell. The kids with dad,..all happy to be together.

    1. @Billy FlippyOG You poor thang, you seem a little confused. Old poopy pants donnie disaster had those hidden bank accounts in China, and the wife/daughter got 37 patents from XI. There, I fixed it for you trumpie.

    2. @Billy FlippyOG I feel your pain cupcake. It must be stressful watching poopy pants donnie disaster getting kicked to the curb.

  2. Two (2) sets of books. Al Capone wasn’t worried until the accountant was “picked-up”. Any Questions?

    1. Al Capone didn’t have professional accountants and tax lawyers examining for any legal liabilities on his taxes unlike Trump.

  3. Whether they know it or not,
    Its wrong
    Prosecute the crime.

  4. Perks are taxable income. “Who knew?” asked Trump. Ah, every accountant in North America. Anyone who ever worked in a corporate environment. This is stable genius?

    1. @Deanna Maria
      Two sets of books doesn’t ultimately mean there is any criminal wrongdoing. Two books can mean multiple things. One used for keeping track of taxes and the other contain financial statements, for example.

    2. @donnie disaster I would say you have been a Marxist for maybe 4 years. Am I right? It is trickier to estimate…if the individual is of a lower cognitive factor because they mix their own jackleg conclusions and desires with Marxist ideals. I think I have you pegged. I really do.

  5. Trump is building up to the day when he will ask his followers to break him out of prison. He’s asked them to march on Capitol buildings and they did it. They’ll do whatever he asks of them.

  6. “I know nothing”. Thanks for the laugh even though there are millions who never watched the original show on TV. The prisoners on our side were constantly getting poor Schultz to do what they want, and his standard answers were always “I know nothing”. Hogans Heroes!!

  7. When it was revealed he paid less than $800 on his 2016 federal taxes someone in the comments said to just have patience as he will be convicted on his taxes. I didn’t believe it at the time but now do.

  8. Trump claims he knows the tax code better than anyone..then he must know that having 2 books seems FRAUDULENT AND HE MUST KNOW IT IS A CRIME TO CHEAT ON TAXES. BIG LOSER.

    1. @Truth91 sheep alert !!!!! In your own news it states ….jurisdiction.”

      “If the company is found guilty, however, certain business partners might draw a line under their relationship with the Trump Organization and the company could face fines”

      Oh boy.

    2. @Truth91 🎼 I’m dreaming of a tRump PERP-WALK!
      It doesn’t matter who goes first…
      Maxi, Minnie, Micro,
      Or Don, the psycho…
      Still can’t decide which one’s the worst!
      I’m dreaming of a tRump PERP-WALK,
      With every comment that I write.
      Once again, days merry and bright…
      When that tRump PERP-WALK is in sight!

  9. Trump always brags about how how high his IQ is and then whenever he gets caught on anything he’s like, “I don’t know that person…I haven’t heard of that before…So and so’s a loser…”

    1. @Cynthia Neighbors Al Capone also didn’t file tax returns for 11 years. The IRS is not joining this case though, and there are no federal charges.

    2. @Deanna Maria Derp. Really? Duh. It will all backfire. The NY AG campaigned on targeting Trump because he was a political enemy. They’ve got nothing. If one or two people in the company get pinched on something they’ve done illegal personally, that won’t reflect on Trump himself. Now sit back and watch how this all blows up in their faces. 🤣🍿🎆

    3. @Cynthia Neighbors Remember how Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti were going to take Trump down? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Where’s Avenatti now? Prison. 🥴🤣😂

    4. It’s not just Weisselburg not paying the taxes, the Trump org. has to declare the amounts to the IRS – but they didn’t – so that’s tax fraud that Trump is guilty of.

    1. I know how to be a husband and father better than anyone. No! Only three strikes puts you out!!!

  10. On a much more sober note, this country needs Trump to be charged and convicted to start healing. One side needs to see that our justice system works; even for the ultra rich. The other side needs to see that a corrupt administration is just that and it will give them the opportunity to understand how they were duped.

    1. @M E TUCK FRUMP he let half a million people die because of his incompetence , also he has been ranked the worst president in American history do your research mate.

    2. If he everyone in the US was doing what he did with avoiding tax, the US would have been bankrupt by mid 2018.
      Now he does know more about Bankruptcy better than anyone, that I agree with him!

    3. ​@M E Oh I think you are a little too premature in your assertion. They are lining up now he has lost his protection of being president. The list of charges that will be against him will be very, very long. Sit back and enjoy.

    4. @M E How about looking at both sides of your statement. Under Trump, he left office with the US in record debt levels, every year in power, the US recorded record trading deficits with China. And this with a country he was supposed to get tough on? The same country that he has secret bank accounts & the same country that somehow managed to pass over 16 trademark deals with Ivanka worth $760 million dollars. And the biggest sore point, Trump’s non response to Covid managed a death toll of 600,000+, one of the worst performing countries in the world when a meaningful response should have had the death toll under 30,000. You are talking about safe? He left the world in a far more dangerous place than when he entered it due to his cozying up to filth such as Putin, Xi & Kim Jong. Shameful effort.


    2. @mike briganti slippery snake brings everyone around him down! Go ahead and research ALL frumpy allies that have gone to prison because he threw them under the bus? I’ll wait 😉

    3. @mike briganti – well you usually have to dissemble a crime family via hitting the subordinates and lieutenants. Till someone has the goods on the crime boss.

  11. Toxic Trump crime syndicate is a “Family” affair, with Ivanka the cherry, and The Don on top!

    1. @Jess Ragan ~ Sounds as if the cherry might be the one spilling the juice on The Don, and he’s not going to enjoy it this time, at all! Oh, well…that’s just the way the crookie crumbles!

  12. “Nobody knows tax codes better than me!” then…”Does anybody even know if that’s a thing?” Actually qualified people who examine taxes for a living, doofus.

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