1. Shelter in place? Trumpers can’t handle doing that. Even when it’s life or death. No, they are too good for that.

    1. Is there any story that you will not immediately stretch to somehow bring Trump into it? Your TDS is showing. He isn’t president…move on. You supposedly got what you wanted but yet you continue to whine. It must be miserable being a leftist. The right isn’t much better, but leftists just seem like they can not allow themselves to be happy about anything because Donald Trump simply exists on the planet Earth.

    2. @MNSportsFan3923 Please tell the Republicans that Trump isn’t president anymore. They are they ones pushing him into our lives, and trying to restrict our ability to vote. Yes, it’s a life or death issue, with the virus. All very important.

    1. Solid logic. Hurricanes never happened in New Orleans before COVID after all. Why do you live your life in the YouTube comment sections of cable news networks? How long have you been on welfare?

  2. Every year since i was twelve i’ve been hearing this crap. You’d think that the greatest nation would have figured out not to build in a storms path or at least to build better. Media please keep this type of disaster entertainment local especially when it comes to idiotic governments that cant take danger seriously until it hits them. Yea you gop-republicans.

    1. The fact is no nation on earth has solved this problem. European countries don’t even have hurricanes and you see that got battered by floods people died.. Is it because western European countries haven’t learned how not to build in areas that flood or build better? We should build better infrastructure and have much better building standards but how would NYC react to category 3 hurricane? Or how would Chicago react to an F4 orF5 hurricane it would be devastating. We should always build better and prepare for the worst but sooner or later any country gets overwhelmed.

  3. I am sure maga fans will be out during the storm going about their business. Freedom of choice after all.

    1. Can you leave a single comment that isn’t centered around Trump? He has destroyed your fragile mind, get a life.

    2. @MNSportsFan3923 No, he can’t. TDS has ravaged these people’s brains. I doubt they’re capable of opening a pickle jar and thinking of Orange Man

  4. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 next the right is gonna claim the hurricane is a hoax to force people to stay home

    1. @MNSportsFan3923 the left doesn’t “claim” that. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Trump gave Rudy Giuliani a motorboat.

    2. @MNSportsFan3923 I know you don’t believe science is real. But medical procedures can do all sorts of amazing things.

  5. Republicans. You can’t tell us to shelter in place, and we’ll drive around, it’s are patriotic right. Come on honey crab the kids. Let’s go watch the storm from the car.

    1. @Carlos Carlos You claim to have voted for Obama (but not Biden?) then you said ‘must of’.
      Political status: illiterate MAGAt.

    2. @Bruce C The Ring Of Fire: Republican Governor Says COVID isn’t scary If You Believe In Life After Death

  6. The right wingers should get out n protest the hurricane,its impacting their liberty,if it comes near their property they will probably shoot at it.

  7. I thought was the only one to recognize the irony in this broadcast, until I read the comments.
    My faith in humanity has been restored.

    1. Don’t Democrats and independents go to beaches ?
      You come off as a bit deranged bringing politics into a story about the weather

  8. Can’t wait to see all the right wingers throwing parties in there front yard cause MERICA has FREEDUMB

  9. The MAGA fans should go out and live stream the hurricane, they’re that stupid. They’re “educated” and “smart” enough to avoid the hurricane eyes.

    1. Trump derangement syndrome ? Bringing up Trump in a news story about the weather would indicate you got the syndrome

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