1. A harsh secondary realization will be the affect of mold on long term COVID. Sending love to all affected.

  2. The power line towers that collapsed where rusty old flimsy junk and should have been upgraded decades ago and the fact that all 8 lines coming into the city collapsed proves it.

    1. Because the power companies say it is too expensive to bury the power lines. Of course, they don’t consider the harm caused to the public when we lose power for extended periods of time. Power companies are shielded from liability … even if their negligence cause a loss of power. I understand the need to prevent frivolous litigation, but their should be some consequence to the power companies from gross negligence.

    2. Afik it can. Just it’s more expensive and harder to maintain. But probably wise to look at for trunk routes.

    3. Most of the gulf coast is, at best, a few feet above sea-level. If you dig more than a foot or so, you get water.

      Hence the above ground tombs

  3. I love Honoré! He is willing to call it like it is and isn’t afraid to put it into terms ANYONE can understand. Including elected officials.

    1. a day late and a dollar short. What good does it do if all his criticism is after the fact? He’s got 20-20 hindsight fer sher.

  4. The entire country AND politicians need to work on what happens when the grid fails…for whatever the reason may be.

  5. I was so impressed when I first saw him years ago. His high level of experience, common sense and intelligence will keep him from running for President.

  6. That’s why we love u General Honore; with no infrastructure they are incapable to register w FEMA or do anything else. Please get them help and soon; sending prayers of strength and resilience to New Orleans.

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