Lt. Gen. Honoré Slams Missed Warnings In Jan. 6 Report | MSNBC

Lt. Gen. Honoré, who Nancy Pelosi tasked with leading a review of the U.S. Capitol’s security in the wake of the deadly Jan. 6 attack, slams the missed warnings detailed in the Senate's report on the day, and expresses his fear that it is happening again.

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Lt. Gen. Honoré Slams Missed Warnings In Jan. 6 Report | MSNBC


    1. Gaetz, Tangerine Palpatine, Powell, Margarine Trailer Queen and Flynn are out now speaking, actively trying to start a CIVIL WAR.

    2. @L X
      They will keep trying to install their Dictatorship until they succeed or are brought to justice.What is really being ignored, is that these traitors will have to be dealt with in an extreme manner and management just doesn’t want to go there.

    3. They were purposely ignored by Trump and his cronies, why do you think the spineless GOP don’t want any commission into this?

    4. @Valerie Iceni
      The 1/6 insurrection would not have happened, as it did, without prior approval from the beneficiaries.

    1. By the united states biggest criminal mastermind! Who is Still out there talking. Why is that? How can this be? Can’t this platform do it job?

  1. Lt. Gen Honore is not in the mood for politics. He wants to secure the capitol. Just get out the mans way and do what he says. It’s Katrina all over again. He starts yelling, people start moving… fast.

  2. This was all ignored by the one’s who now want to hide it. Pretty sickening in many many ways.
    VOTE 2022/2024

    1. @Hairy legs Corn Pop Well vote their traitorous do-nothing obstructionist derrières right out of there is what we’ll do.

  3. That no answer was because Mitch and most of the GOP leadership were responsible along with Trump.😡😡😡😠

    1. Yes Republicans voted down funds to add Capital Police. They keep blaming Dems for something they voted down. They knew it was planned and executed.

  4. LISTEN TO THIS MAN who puts his staff first and foremost.
    A true American patriot and hero.
    Go get em, General. You’re right!

    Valerie from Heart of America 💖🇺🇸

  5. All of these agencies were warned, but they ignored them ecause they were too busy securing their paychecks instead of during their jobs.

  6. Missed? Ignored. Disregarded. Then covered up and slow walked.

    The DOJ is going to only prosecute citizens and not anyone with culpability from the administrative sector. Complete abdication of public trust by EVERY public official and servant associated with the Legislative & the Executive branches.

    The Republic is dead.

  7. Yep one thing’s for sure about the Republicans today is that they are continuing to send us warning signs of their own violent plans. We must not ignore those warnings again.

  8. WOW He didnt hold back, did he !!! We need more like him to stand up and be counted, and get rid of the cancer that is the republican party !!!!

  9. Yes, Michael Flynn, brother was connected to a top commander roll when this happened, this may be why the senators keep stopping the full investigation. Most of them truly know more than they want to say. GET THE SUBPOENAS READY!

  10. The warnings weren’t missed they were ignored. This was a planned attack there is no doubt as more evidence comes out. There were members of the Republican Party and trump appointments in the defence department who were in on it. Don’t sugar coat it by giving them an out. The warnings weren’t missed they were just ignored.

  11. You said it, Lieutenant General Honore. There are some missed warnings in the report of the January 6th insurrection.

  12. Lt. Gen. Honoré is an actual patriot. We got so accustomed to hearing seditionists call themselves patriots, it’s become hard to recognize the real thing when we see one. I guess it’s like Republicans in that way…

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