1. Wait until Covid takes out so much lives that the entire COUNTRY plunge into darkness. Then one of these storms will finish it. Too bad it’ll also plunge all Canadian provinces below 60th parallel, bar Quebéc, into darkness.

    1. @N Q you are wrong. But you like being wrong. Now get back to work washing your lord and savior’s car. Maybe he’ll wink at you and you’ll be fulfilled. Next whackjob?

    2. @N Q 😂😂😂👏👏👏🤣🤣 When are you touring? Your fellow clown lost to Sleepy Joe and you’re still having nightmares about it

    1. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe good luck. better wear your flak jacket. police will be told to shoot on site any person trying to enter capital this time around, Vlad.

    2. @Green Sneakers & Hot Dogs You’re the one asking the OP if they’re triggered by the trolls. Oh and there’s a MAGA loser impersonating my profile as well as a bunch of other people.

  1. The problem is when you add up all the Storm Zones, Flood Zones, and Fire Zones, there are no more normal zones left.

    1. @Joel Runyan Didn’t they have flooding in Michigan? I lived there for 7 years (30 years ago) and barely survived the winters, but they are probably more mild now with global warming.

  2. Off topic, but a solution for abuse of power would help everything and everyone. Trump stole the entire Federal budget while in office. Just ask Mnuchin.

    1. Okay sure 🤣 Love how Trump lives on your head 24/7. You might want to call your psychiatrist/ change your meds now! Trump is coming back!

  3. The levy’s held, the army corps of engineers do not get the credit that they deserve. The infrastructure bill that’s moving trough the house and Senate. Every state in the union needs crucial infrastructure bill passed now . This is exactly what the rebuilding of the infrastructure bill is for . Get it passed.

    1. Only problem is to fix properly the total of infrastructure I place my bet on roughly 6 trill , 1 trill is just

  4. Gives me such hope to see Gen. Honore on the job here. He is such a hero from Katrina. Knows what needs to be done & will get it done. Thank you, Gen. & God bless you.

  5. Fuelcell Energy Inc. Can help set up a mini grid in the middle of any cities, and next to any building with their hydrogen fuel cell system.

  6. Why can’t we do what some of the Europeans do put the power lines under ground so it won’t be so much damage?

  7. Time to pass Biden’s Infrastructure and jobs plan to invest in ageing infrastructure and future proofing against climate change.

  8. The bridge dwellers are out in droves cheering for natural disasters all to try to “own the libs” and it’s pathetic.

    1. @Claire Delotte not to forget the privatisation of electricity utilities for whom ‘more is never enough’ except for upgrading the system.

  9. Why does America still build its grid like its 1940? Why are local and district lines buried to stop wind damage? It’s crazy….

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