MAGA Scandal Explodes: Trump Goes Full Nixon, DOJ Surveilled Political Enemies 1

MAGA Scandal Explodes: Trump Goes Full Nixon, DOJ Surveilled Political Enemies


The New York Times reports the Trump-era DOJ secretly subpoenaed Apple for records on top House Democrats who were investigating him, including Rep. Adam Schiff. Democrats are calling for a full investigation and accountability. New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg and The Nation justice correspondent Elie Mystal join MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss the scandal and what happens moving forward.  (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. “Nothing like this has ever happened before.” Pretty much describes Trump’s entire presidency.

    1. @vincent giordano Trump forgoes a $400,000 paycheck a year (pre-tax, if he recognizes such a thing), yet Trump Corp rakes in $2,500,000 in government spending through their collective businesses in four years.

      In corporate revenue he clearly won’t pay taxes for since he hasn’t paid them in several years.

      Got your calculator out?

      And please tell me what is so spectacular about the Trump brood. Don and Eric are carbon copies of dad – loudmouthed and prone to lying to spin. Drop them in any Vegas casino and they would be confused for a pit boss.

      Tiffany is the dud of all duds. So much so that her own father sometimes forgets she exists.

      Ivanka is probably the only one worth her salt, however she was not qualified to be a presidential advisor nor was her husband. Is rich just a qualification now to sit on committees discussing Middle Eastern peace, global trade and Covid supply chains?

      Keep in mind all those cast of characters still had reins on Trump Corp and they shouldn’t even have stepped foot in the White House outside of celebrations and family visits to avoid conflicts of interest.

      Also read this. Hunter Biden is not president. He has barely shown his face around the White House because he is not involved with the current administration, as children of a president should be. Yes, he’s troubled but who cares. You raked the Bush twins through the mud too? They had alcohol problems, underaged partying, possible DUIs – did you get on your soap box then Vince?

    2. Trump low IQ cult followers will think that DOJ corruption is awesome.
      It’s all about “owning the libs”.

  2. Garland NEEDS to make a clean break with the last administration’s dept. of justice and MUST clean house, NOW!!!!!!!

    1. Edward Miller – You’re expecting an overnight reaction … Garland has only been our Attorney General for three months. He not only has had to get established, but is already dealing with TONS of national issues, especially involving the BS that EX45 smeared all over our nation. He’s ethical, trustworthy, and will meet all his responsibilities … it’s just gonna take time to do things right.

    2. When aren’t Americans saying one thing while doing the exact opposite? Enjoy the decades worth of hypocrisy in the form of karma.

    3. @Timber Wolf that may be a little extreme. It might be a little deeper than that. I think the Biden administration is afraid it will look like Trumps type of politics. Like Trump going after Obama or Clinton after 2016 election.

    1. @consultant management stop trying to change the narrative.. he was accusing that the election was rigged every single day like he did with Biden and it got pretty tiring.. turned out he won and you still want to accuse the other party? Every thought that he’s just a sore loser who can’t stand losing? Imagine what he would of done had he really lost? Hmmm maybe incite a riot and try to cheat his way into power.

    1. @Joey Mas That should be “You can sound as educated as you want but you’re wrong….” Always amusing to watch someone adversely comment on another’s education while displaying a lack thereof themselves.

      Then the name calling begins, as expected.

      “you can sound as educated as you want but your wrong and as much as you hold Trump accountable try doing that with Biden cause there’s more than enough material to work with ! You commy”

    2. Obama Brothers out of the recession we were out of the recession I kept telling people we were in a recession and it didn’t believe me because the banks were still building houses but we were in a deep recession but he got us out and Trump destroyed that we’re actually in a recession right now Trump spent more money than the last four or five presidents.

    3. @Debra Johnson hahaha no thats what you have been told. 65 times it was shot down in the courts and after many recounts and audits and still nothing most of the fraud they are finding is votes for Trump. Please stick to the facts not your feelings

  3. As the saying goes: “Scratch a cynic and you find a disappointed idealist.”

    Liberty, justice, equality, …American ideals have long ago exhausted themselves. So, the question is not what remains but how much of it?

  4. do you people now realize how close we could’ve come to being a dictatorship?! ALL OF THIS is how it starts out.

    1. We’re closer now with potato joe and heals up harris wanting everything mandatory like masks and stealing our guns because blasting a shotgun in the air is all you need what a joke the potato is

    2. @chris scheck All of you need to slow down and take a deep breath. Use some common sense for once.Republicans don’t want a dictatorship either. Please do some research into elections and election laws. Compare our election laws with other countries. See what the differences are and what there elections allow and don’t allow. Also find out why certain things are not allowed. I will look into gaining absolute power.

    3. @YouTube Hatesfreedom Same delusions, different decade. Remember when Obama took your guns away and put you in FEMA camps? Me neither..

    4. Trump low IQ cult followers will think that DOJ corruption is awesome.
      It’s all about “owning the libs”.

    1. Congress forgot to add themselves to the big club when they wrote the laws about legal process, involving review and authorization by federal judges, for the American surveillance state. Ooops…


    This news does absolutely nothing on its own. Democrats need to TAKE ACTION

    1. Demos won’t let it happen. They cave again and again they are very much into oh well I tried give me a trophy and gold star. Ya I just picked my _&& and did nothing.

  6. These investigations need to be done, in order for democracy to withstand the onslaught it is taking right now from the Republicans who have chosen to take it down.

  7. There comes a point where you’re either down with the provisions of the constitution or you’re not. This is a pillar of American democracy. No true patriot would be able to stomach this.

    1. Trump has NEVER been a patriot. He has no clue what it could possibly mean. He has refused to read the constitution or even to be told what different sections say. People actually support this lying bufoon.

    2. Yet the Obama administration spies on the administration because they thought he was a Russian agent and now Trump DOJ investigated the leaking democrats lmao get over it!

    3. @Patrick Kaveny Just look at your white savior Joe Biden’s videos on White House. All negative. You’re all underwater there is no trust in the current administration.

  8. Barr was grappling with the word “suggest.”
    Criminally grappling.
    “Grappling” in the original Old Norse sense of perjuring himself before Congress.

    1. No it does not. First we don’t have a congress in the Nordic countries. “Grappling” in Norse means “to struggle” or “to fight” not anything with perjury.

    2. @Mads ElmvigWhat is the Norse word for “a little joke about the absurdity of the highest Justice official feigning an inability to understand a bit of basic vocabulary, made with a transparent conceit of claiming Old Norse origins for a term describing perjury before a legislative body conceived after The Enlightenment and way after the time of Old Norse?”

    3. @Antonomase Apophasis Remember that the trolls and the reds don’t understand the concepts of “subtext” or “context.” Its how they ended up these twisted creatures.
      They’re just trying to gaslight you, best not give them attention and focus on the cause.

    1. I’m not tried of this either I want see justice done I want those responsible who did this to be held accountable.

  9. The DOJ has corruption within their agency. For the decency of our country, I definitely agree to clean house.

  10. Does anyone else remember when News could, occasionally, surprise you?
    It feels like forever ago.

  11. Here’s a weird tidbit I ran across:. Bill Barr’s father was headmaster of the Dalton School right before Jeffrey Epstein was hired without accreditation. “It is unclear” whether Barr actually hired Epstein himself. A lot of the political actors lately have been acting like they’re being blackmailed, and it’s not just about them losing their jobs.

  12. “Leakers”, says the guy that passes as another guy and call radio stations in the past to promote his own BS.

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