NBC News Exclusive: Putin Responds To Being Called ‘Killer’ By Biden

Ari Melber shares a preview of NBC News' Keir Simmons' interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who reacts to President Biden's comments condemning him as a killer. 

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    1. @The Wedge Russia is a massive shithole by virtually any conceivable metric, full stop. I’m glad you had fun at world cup Moscow bubble though. Wasn’t that the event where Russians were screaming monkey chants to dark skinned players? 👌

    2. @The Wedge That’s about the shortest Lancet article I’ve ever read, lmao. Imagine pretending Russia would do a proper I II III trial. Russia ranks below Greece & Mexico in biotech for pete’s sake.

      Even Covid ravaged Brazil is skeptical, that’s telling…

      ‘We declare no competing interests’

      You’re down right hilarious rn.

      I hope you get your misinformation ruples today, lil buddy. Ironic that you earn them on a US platform, innit? 🇺🇸

    3. @Smokin Joe Russia has one of the largest reserves of drinking water, while in Flint Michigan you can light up your tap water with a matchstick 😂

    4. @Nik Anton Yea Lake Baikal, under threat from pollution, poaching and development, the Russian way. What does that have to do with the poor state of water supply systems, shortage of water purification facilities and disinfection systems, and the generally low quality of drinking water in Russia and the Russian Arctic which btw are publicly recognised and described in the Russian national literature?

      Flint has clean drinking water now, what about you? Go get your samovar, Comrade. 🙂

    5. @Nik Anton ‘states’ – As in US States that Russian ex pats climb over to immigrate to? How many people immigrate to sad depressing Russia? Of your meek 10m immigrants, 85% of them come from CIS. Basically you have Steven Seagal, good riddance. 👋🏻 🍿 👀

    1. Any good cop will tell you, an innocent suspect will instantly be outraged by such an allegation, and the first words out of his mouth will be a denial, “No! I’m no killer!” Putin laughs and, notably, doesn’t even actually deny it. Why? Because he WANTS people to know. In his twisted dictator’s mind, being a serial killer is a part of his, “potency,” his, “threat,” his, “prestige,” even. The reason so many Russian journalists cannot speak truth to power, and why so few government officials defect, is because they all know, Putin goes to extraordinary lengths to hunt his dissidents down, globally, to have them murdered in usually slow, poisonous, obscene ways. And he’s not refusing to deny it because he truthfully can’t. He refuses to deny it, because he’s PROUD of it. I hope his people revolt and pike his head, with that sh*t eating grin fixed in a rictus for the press to photograph . . .

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson : You’re insane. Even making such a, “comparison,” is like comparing Oranges with bricks. Putin’s proud of being a serial killer, but at least you can’t deny that. Biden doesn’t have individuals he hates hunted across the globe, so they can be poisoned with Novichock or Polonium. Are you MAD? 🤦‍♂️

    3. @Monsieur LaFlamme : It seems that PooTin Poodles can’t see any difference between, “policy,” (right or wrong) and taking a personal dislike to a dissident, journalist or political opponent and having them hunted across the planet to be poisoned, defenestrated or simply shot in the back of the head in broad daylight, right in front of the Kremlin, just to make the point? We’re dealing with that kind of savage, hypocritical idiocy here . . .

    4. Check out the YouTube channel ‘Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov’ for real news! YouTube has tried to shut them down and I’m here to spread the word. 35673567

    1. @J Groovy look at Joe Biden administration, full of Harvard law graduate people. How the F democrats spend trilion of dollars in the middle east and still fail to remove Assad from power lmao

    1. @TheGuerillapatriot Biden is not a killer. Vladimir Putin is the killer. Vladimir Putin is the devil who is spreading his evil throughout the world.

    2. @TheGuerillapatriot You Russophilia is meaningless because we Americans hate Vladimir Putin because he is a corrupt autocrat!

    3. Obama who ordered 2000 bombing strikes against individual targets would just admitted being a killer.

    1. @Foxykins They’re smooth brained, perpetually grasping at straws.

      Re OP, Putin doesn’t speak in English because propagandist Russian complex.

    2. @Snow White Good, his idiotic comments & RTs should be censored. Imagine thinking a social media company not allowing you to use their platform is a violation of free speech.

    3. @Thadius Thibadeau again we comparing to idiots in their seventies .there are thousands of clips of trumps blunders .this is like comparing an orange to an orange

    4. @Snow White You mean dangerous lies providing medical misinformation? Yeah, it’s called damage control. Fun fact: a conservative I worked with actually started drinking small amounts of bleach. Don’t think for a second that there is a suggestion so stupid that there won’t be someone dumb enough to listen. While I don’t think Facebook or Twitter is responsible for these people’s actions, I know I wouldn’t want to be the platform known as the vessel for misinformation.

    5. @ScytheNoire your country collapsing and your gonna be ina economic crisis do you even know politics kid

  1. Putin’s face is tight and reminds me that his history is KGB. He keeps his feelings close to the vest. Except for that small smile. I just get the impression there is deception.

    1. It’s the face of pure evil. If Biden was smart, he’s have a horrible accident happen to Putin, the way so many of those who exposed Putin for what he is have had accidents.

    2. @ScytheNoire Biden the first thing he did as a president was to bomb Syria, and who is killer here?? Why you always trying to portray Russia as a aggressor?

    3. He was a minor official in the field office during hi KGB career. Bush was the CIA director, speaking of killers.

    1. What’s Putin going to think about his teleprompter? Is Jill Biden going to be there to step in behind every potato there’s a strong woman LOL

    1. Russia and america are best friends just trying to give you someone to fear. Its actually sad how human beings manipulate other human beings so other human beings can control everything.

  2. oh, well, if Putin says he didn’t do it, then he obviously didn’t do it! I mean, that’s good enough for me!

    1. Even if he is a killer and you don’t trust Putin, he makes our politicians look like immature nitwits.

    1. @Paramount Biden owns Mara lago!
      Biden is fcuking Melanie!
      Biden is Putins clown asset…..No hang on I’m getting confused…..Who won again?

    2. Everything he does is propaganda all the photo ops in the wild and so on. They checked his background and he was a clerk in the KGB never spied or fire a shot. Just pushed pencils and papers. He can’t even get re-elected, so his cronies changed their constitution so he won’t have to run for office.

    3. @Paramount One day just bombed Syria for no reason huh? To bad USA didn’t get killer dictator Assad.

    4. @Eric Garcia : You’re right there. Putin’s career in the KGB was essentially working in East Germany as a sort of glorified clerk, but no spying or anything grandiose. Fun fact is, when he was young, he dreamt himself a Communist James Bond, went to the KGB volunteering for a job and was basically told : that’s not the way it works, it’s the other way around. Putin’s career was totally obscure until Eltsin brought him into the limelight by making him his Prime Minister. By then Putin had acquired some power working in the shadows and obligingly doing the dirty work for others.

  3. When the bbeg gets to meet the main characters. “NO I just conform to different ideals than common society!!”

    1. @Mark Fiutem It is like that, in a way. The only difference is that there is a sinister sociopathy to Putin’s laugh.

    2. @Nathan Baker

      As opposed to the wild, staring eyes and maniacal cackle?

      She must have slept through his interrogation training.

    3. @Maila Makua I think he is referring to those in charge of the US. As I’m typing this, a Democrat ad is literally telling me republicans are implementing Jim Crow 2.0.. I’m thinking Democrats may indeed be the issue.

    4. @Mark Fiutem Both of them laugh at inappropriate times.

      Kamala’s laughter is more jarring and distracting.

      Putin’s laughter is more evil and mocking.

    1. Lmao it was. The reporter could have asked it with tact and driven him to answer but it just sounds stupid the way he phrased it.

    2. Same thing they did to Biden. Biden didn’t “call” Putin a killer; he was prompted and pressed for an answer to an inappropriate, pointed question which fuels tension! It was a bad move—reckless and possibly dangerous for many people.

  4. He didn’t say .”I’m not a killer” He just said I have all kinds of attacks. American culture….

    1. How would Obama who ordered over 2000 bombing strikes killing women and children have answered that question?

    2. @Reynardus and how would you answer the question about ALL the men, women and children who were KILLED during WWI and WWII, and all the other wars during white presidents turns.
      So why just Obama?? troll

    3. @Reynardus and in any WAR, men, women and children will be killed.
      You think WWI or WWII no women or children didn’t die

    1. Why they ask him, if they know. Stupid question.
      Putin splattered around 50,000 children in Syria with explosives. In total he killed:
      400.000-700,000 Syrians
      14,500 Ukrainians
      2,500 Georgians
      55,000 Chechens
      300 Dutch and Indonesians (Flight MH17)
      358 Russians (he blew up apartmentblocks in Riasan and murdered 62 critics)
      During the pandemic he killed over a million by spreading fake news about vaccines, masks and whatever all around the globe.

  5. You sure like “the killers” lobbying money.. Especially the big cash that flows into your super PACs by the fossil fuel pipelines contractors “the big guy” approves.

  6. “Biden will confront Putin…”, yeah & Putin will butch slab him 🤣
    MSNBC, when the truth absolutely, positively doesn’t matter.

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