1. A lot of money is about to get dumped in Georgia. I just want to put it out there… I’m willing to come down there and wave signs on the corner for pay! Either candidate, I don’t care. Throw in a place to stay and meals and I’ll even shout.

    1. Lmao, what? He is losing by 5%. With 80% of the votes counted. Let’s not forget mail in ballots get counted last. And we both know which party votes by mail the most.

    1. What amaze me about democrate is, with all this inflation, gas price etc they can able to pull this numbers? This show how Americans are rejecting GOP ideas

  2. John King of CNN and Steve Kornacki of MSNBC make me interswitch channels to see what one has to say. These guys were made for this!

  3. What to save America?…
    An extended retirement program for politicians that have long passed their sell by date might be an idea.
    …and that’s not directed at any party in particular!

  4. I think instead of run offs we should just randomly select 10 voters from each side and have them fight in a cage and instead of wasting everybody’s time and money, could sell seats to it and take that money and donate it or cover some government spending. Do this in every state.

  5. It doesn’t really matter which party wins. You’ll still have Manchins, Sinemas, and the unbreakable nine to tank bills.

    1. Well, 51 instead of 50 would make it at least a little bit easier. The prospects for the future in Wisconsin, Arizona, Ohio and North Carolina are good. In 2024 Sinema and Manchin are up. Sinema is likely to be primaried out.

  6. Can y’all PLEASE replace the blue and red colours with dots? The country belongs to USA and not to any of the colours

  7. You got what you asked for. 😁 The shenanigans in the other states need to end…Absentee ballots only. 🤔How certain state have no problems but others do.

  8. *The Red Wave was in solid blue New York* where Republicans flipped four Democrat House seats (so far) including that of Sean Patrick Maloney (D)-17th, the head of the House Democratic campaign effort! *From the NY Times: “Republicans have flipped four seats, including that of Sean Patrick Maloney, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, whose concession constituted a humiliating loss for Democrats.”*

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