Major Hospital In Black Community Set To Close Amid Pandemic | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

Major Hospital In Black Community Set To Close Amid Pandemic | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1


    1. I think what he means is ” another way big brother keeps us fighting over made up things. Sorry people just people, color has nothing to do with it unless you let “them” separate us.

    2. What is gospel is, we are all made in his image. Not some, all. Unite Americans! No longer identify yourself by color! When asked your race say HUMAN!

    1. Agreed. It works in every other country in the world why cant it work here cause big pharma gets cuts out insurance companies from banking billions. Also why cant we give each person in this country 2 thousand a month Canada gave each resident of there country 45 hundred bucks a mnth they were told stay at home your government has your back wont happen here cause we have stingy moscow mitch and he has no bodies best intesterest at heart except his sleezy own like giving himself another raise

  1. What is wrong with this country? The rich get special covid treatments and the poor get 💩 on. It’s disgusting!

  2. Of courseeee smh.. what a way to treat the very same ppl who help saved democracy while white conservatives backed the Facist

  3. This administration has done everything in its power ta reverse the progress of this country. Its sad we still have segregated communities in this country.

  4. and now this is the reason why Trump administration wanted to do herd immunity…they know who are more to be affected…being a minority I see this on a constant basis

  5. This is a most horrific and disgusting country. I’m so heartbroken over how my country cannot get better. I’ve lived through the 60’s and 70’s when I naively thought we were getting better.

  6. Population control under way
    Now they are closing the hospital’s
    Our jobs,
    Notice even the ammo is gone from the shelves.

  7. This entire community should be allowed to be first in line to get the Covid-19 vaccine (voluntarily of course). The people deciding to close Mercy Hospital must provide health resources for their Citizens

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