Majority Supports Raising Minimum Wage To $15 By 2025 | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Majority Supports Raising Minimum Wage To $15 By 2025 | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Over 60 percent of Americans support gradually increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025, according to new polling from Politico and Morning Consult. Aired on 03/3/2021.
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Majority Supports Raising Minimum Wage To $15 By 2025 | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. If Dems manage to make $15 minimum wage, Republicans will never be in the WH unless they agree to it and Senate as well as House members for the same. If Republicans don’t agree on it and it’s passed, the majority will vote them out

    1. They will never agree to anything that’s for the welfare of the people. Only thing they care about is helping themselves and the wealthy. Just the way it’s always been

    2. If they don’t raise my wages soon, then I might have to go back to Selling Drugs!! We need a $15 minimum wage now!!

    1. Democrat Manchin stands in the way (and maybe Sinema). And Biden that only pays lip service. Biden said at least 1 week earlier that he does not _think_ 15 USD will be in the final bill. Wink, wink. – that was signalling, too. To the likes of Manchin. There are likely also other “conservative” D Senators that would like to serve the big donors by defecting, Manchin is just the most brazen about it. The others do not stick out their neck and they might never if they see where the wind is blowing.

      The big donors (that finance all Republicans and way too many Democrats) REALLY do not like it.

      They arranged for a meeting with a female R Senator to push Neera Tanden’s confirmation – but Biden did NOT invite Manchin over to discuss his resistance to the USD 15 till 2025.

      That would have singled him out – and Biden protects him from being embarrassed.

      Then the Biden admin tried to hide behind the “ruling” of an unelected official, the parliamentarian. VP Harris, the Press Secretary. VP Harris _can_ overrule that finding. So it still comes down to: we need 50 votes, it is the whole relief package plus 15 USD till 2025 – so now what are you gonna do, Manchin ?

      The Biden admin wanted to hide between procedures but the Dems that REALLY want it (and that means you give it a little effort or even – gasp – fight) called them out on their bluff.

      Sanders will amend the bill and include the 15 USD again ! and force a vote. Manchin does not want to vote AGAINST it. The longer the battle lasts the more chance that his voters also hear what is going on

      a) relief package (vaccination, money for unemployment, money for small biz too)
      b) USD 1,400 checks
      c) minimum wage

      And their Senator from WV (which is a poor state) keeps it from happening.

      Or that Manchin and Seinam sold out Dems regarding the filibuster right away.
      Now the Dems could have tried to extract concessions but leave it in place. But not even that was possible because Manchin and Sinema made a strong committment to never abolish it right away, strong signal to Republicans.
      All all that have a D to their name and Sanders (he is an Independent) would have voted to abolish the filibuster

      He and Sinema from AZ could have waited what comes out of it and drop the bomb. That was very deliberate.

      Biden might remember that the infrastructure bill of fall 2013 was prevented by 3 Senators posing as Dems, Manchin was one of them.

      After all Biden was VP, his president wanted the infrastructure spending, and but for these 3 they could have got it done.

      Could have helped with midterms 2014, and maybe also 2016.


    3. If they don’t raise my wages soon, then I might have to go back to Selling Drugs!! We need a $15 minimum wage now!!

    1. 100% minimum wage should keep up with inflation. This stop companies over prices every thing . If government don’t have minimum wages. It leads to crisis and no growth. Companies are now going to fall apart because they will have no growth. Economically pointless keeping rising prices ! it will need to drop every thing

    1. @Smok33 for some reason your response is implying that we are not. You couldn’t possibly be that smug about assuming that could you? Or are you just doing your best troll impression?

    2. @T MB When you understand that the powers that be will always be an uphill battle, doing what needs to be done will always be 10x more than what is actually being done.

    3. @Smok33 Oh I see you’re man-splaining me! Assuming because of my avatar that I have zero idea how politics nor the world works. Got it! Ciao

  2. Chik-Fil-A pays 15$ an hour and they’re the one of the most efficient companies out there

    1. If a company can’t pay $15/hr in the wealthiest country on this planet, then their business ISN’T viable because their business model relies on exploiting workers for their labor.

    2. Costco pays people somewhat of a decent wage too and the atmosphere in their work place, together with the lives of their employees, are way better than the dumps at Wallmart, Amazon, or Home Depot.

    3. @Smok33 Yes, the cost of labor is the cost of doing business. It is not an employee’s role to guarantee employer profit expectations that aren’t met, and unreasonable profit expectations are just poor business planning.

    1. @Jacob Hinton What your talking about isn’t in the bill anymore and was only proposed because minimum wage wasn’t going to get through.

    2. @Youtube Sucks Jack said small businesses need a gradual increase for a higher minimum wage because they’re *not* billion dollar companies like Wal-Mart and McDonalds. If you think a mom and pop store can go from say 7.50 to 15 an hour overnight as easily as McDonald’s can you’re insane.

    3. @Youtube Sucks That’s a weird comment from someone who purposely added his own words and presented it as a quote by someone else.
      That aside big businesses can do it instantly as jack said, small businesses can’t and need a gradual increase over time. You’ve got to be either big business or dumb if you think small businesses can raise to 15 with no time.

    4. @Fortify it is 15 till 2025, in Seattle big biz had to lead the way (smaller biz 1 year later) and they had hikes, several phases.

  3. It would take 4 years to get to 15 and republicans still don’t want to give people a pay raise. Not to mention that many states are already moving in that direction.

    1. In Seattle they did hikes and chains and big biz had to lead the way. So – as always – the doom and gloom (small biz ! unemployment ! inflation !) did not come true. – if – IF – this increase would show negative effects, for instance because the recovery from the pandemic takes longer, it would become obvious. They would have the DATA. Then Democrats or Republicans could always amend the bill. If Manchin is so “worried” in good faith, he just has to find a Democrat that will supplort the bill. To delay it.

    2. The fact that states like California, and cities like Portland and Seattle, have already raised the minimum to $15 supports the argument, that since the cost of living varies by location, so should the minimum wage.

    3. problem with that: They cannot justify an amendment of the bill in 2022 – unless there IS DATA proving major negative effects. – It is safe to assume that it would go swimmingly, voters will love it and Democrats can take credit for it.
      So if the pearl clutching was in vain, the oligarchs have to live with it – and the bill has an INFLATION adjustment – even if they delay the implementation in a later bill to avoid negative effects, in the long term at LEAST that is a given.

      If the inflation adjustment would be in effect the minimum wage would be much higher.

      The 1968 minimum wage (when it peaked in purchasing power) adjusted ONLY for inflation would be 12.25 in 2018 dollars.

      A time travelling federal minimum wage worker of 1968 that meets his or her peers of 2018 would find that they have per year 10,000 USD LESS in purchasing power (O.K. that is before taxes, but you get the idea).
      Time traveller might wonder what had gone wrong in 50 years.

      10k gap compared to a person that has the 7.25 federal minimum wage implemented in 2009 (which means 15 % loss in purchasing power). I calculated USD 12.25 or USD 7.25 with 40 hours and 50 weeks per year. Which amounts to 24,500 or 14,500 USD.
      2 weeks unpaid sick leave, or other free unpaid time.

      Voters might remember that too – they were told it would be horrible and nothing bad happened for companies and a lot of good for workers. It also trickles up. Workers that have just above minimum wage will get more, too.

  4. Republicans , what happened to the 4 to 5 GDP promised when you gave the very rich two trillion dollars without a cry ??

    1. they fail to understand there just isnt enough rich people spending money to impact the GDP., but 300million middle income people with money to spend would be a huge impact. Unfortuenealty those 300m would not spend it on campaign donations to the GOP

    2. MANCHIN who poses as Democrat blocks it (he and 2 other “Democrats” did the same with the infrastructure bill fall 2013 ! Joe Lieberman and a few others “Democrats” killed an Obama 2008 campaign promise in 2009 in the Senate, the public option. Then Democrats had also presidency, Senate, The House.

      The Big Donors REALLY did not want Public Option , or the minimum wage now. I am pretty sure that Biden does not REALLY want it, he can’t be bothered to even invite Manchin (and Sinema) to the White House.

      Obama likely was secretly glad someone killed his campaign promise of 2008. Public option is a distant second best to single payer, but ACA would be better for it, it would have been a start, also regarding cost control. So obviously the big donors did not like it.

      I think Obama really wanted the infrastructure bill, but I do not think he twisted the arms of Manchin and 2 other Senators with a D to their name. (Maybe the bill had too much renewable energy projects in it or they just did Republicans a favor, because they could make Obama a lame duck that way).
      2014 midterms were not so good. With the infrastructure bill passed in fall, it would have shown effects come Nov. 2014. On the economy and on the outcome of the elections.

      FDR had also wannabe defectors, he twisted arms.

      I mean – Republicans will never pass anything that would be good for The People. And Democrats (some of them, but enough to block) are glad if they find a pretext why they have to roll over before even trying.

      Sadly that applies to the president. Obama, or now Biden. Hillary Clinton would have been the same. Good thing Sanders did not become president, he would likely rock the boat.

      I noted that the large media outlets avoid telling the viewers WHY “Dems do not have the votes'”. They call it a “ruling” of the parliamentarian (but avoid to inform that it is non-binding).

      Democrats have the majority in the Senate (with Harris as tie breaker). The impression is nurtured that Republicans stand in the way. Yes they, TOO. But that was always obvious, it is not obvious why Democrats have majorities and still do not passit.

      Some “Democrats” stand in the way. Manchin for sure. Another stunt he and Sinema pulled. They immediately robbed Dems of all negotiation power regarding filibuster. They could have kept that arcane rule but told the Republicans the should make some concessions. But no – those two defected right away and told McConnoll that they would NEVER consider doing away with the filibuster.

      Then Biden should have invited them to a “discussion” already.

  5. If Republicans were held to the same standards that they are implementing on this nominee none of them would be in office , what she said or did pales to what Republicans say and do on a daily basis , the GOP needs to change its name to the Hypocrite Party .

  6. This nations needs national referendum on all major issues: medicare for all, minmum wage, gun laws, etc.

    1. That’s how Brexit happened .. the public can be easily misled on complicated issues they cannot understand.

  7. If this raise was for the very rich Republicans would be all for it ,
    a strange case of biting off your nose to spite your face .

    1. @Liberal in Oklahoma Progressive in shutting down all small businesses and putting millions of people out of work!

    2. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell First rule of business , do not cause your customers to get infected and die . There are ways of conducting business without endangering the public and only idiots would come to any place that will get them sick .

    3. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell Progressive by definition is moving forward while Conservatism is staying the same or reverting backwards .

    4. @Liberal in Oklahoma Losing jobs is not good even if you call it progressive! DERP!

    5. @Liberal in Oklahoma They say a young Republican lacks empathy, but a old Democrat has no brain!

    1. @Tessmage Tessera absolutely the money gives politicians bad motives. It’s become a corporatocracy

    1. Not this time, Sinema(DEM AZ.) Is against it, Biden doesnt want to fight for it. Manchin is for it to some lower min wage but at least he is for it.

    2. MANCHIN who poses as Democrat blocks it (he did the same with the infrasturcture bill fall 2013 ! And Joe Lieberman and a few others “Democrats” killed an Obama campaign promise in 2009, the public option. The Big Donors REALLY did not want it, or the minimum wage now.

      FDR had also wannabe defectors, he twisted arms.

      I mean – Republicans block it, too. That is a given.

      I noted that they avoid telling the viewers WHY Dems do not have the votes.

      Democrats have the majority in the Senate (with Harris as tie breaker), remember ?

      Some “Democrats” stand in the way. Manchin for sure, he and Sinema immediately robbed Dems of all negotiation power regarding filibuster. They could have kept it and Republicans making concessions. But no – those two defected right away and told McConnoll that they would NEVER consider doing away with the filibuster.

      Then Biden should have invited them to a “discussion” already.

  8. This would be sort of like “trickle-down” economics – in reverse! They should give it a go!

    1. Exactly, however senior republican senators want their base, poor, and without even proper broadband.

  9. I think it’s pertient to take heed of historical presedence. If we kept on endulging the GOP in their views on this, we would still be fighting for a fed minimum wage of 25 cents.

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