1. Give him a break.You can’t have the GOP having several RINOs without the DNC having at least one DINO.

    1. @SPIRITUALITY & PARANORMAL this is a good recession !! Don’t you know?!? It’s all part of the plan 😂😂

    2. @bill blow lol says the person who believes people who have lied to them for years.

      Fact is, you don’t know enough about guns to have a valid idea

    3. @Elaine Burnett not joining problem, but people would complain about the fact that you can get rifle at 18 in army but not in the store. At least in army you get a better training

    4. @Fat Man well in perfect scenario you would keep rifles away from emotional teens, but they still could use a simple pistol so it wont really solve much

  1. Gun control is NEVER a “compromise.” It’s just a series of gun owners giving ground. A compromise implies that both sides are giving something up. The 2A enumerates a basic human right to self-protection, so any restriction is by definition not a compromise.

    1. @Knyght Ryder Thanks for reminding me that I’m apart of the 10% that should have rights lol, and I can’t believe how wrong you are on the last part that I’m not even going to try to argue, just look at Switzerland.

    2. @Josh H Actually there are two types of militia 1} organised militia- all of your reservists would fall inton this category; not just the national guard. 2.) individual militia- every single citizen is entitled to own a fire arm of some designed for hunting and self protection. That being said it doesn’t include military style weapons. If you can’t protect yourself with a handgun theres something wrong with you. But you need to have adequate safety training in the handling and use of such weapons.

    3. In civilized countries, it is not considered acceptable to have armed militias of any stripe roaming the countryside at will.

    4. @Josh H A militia is compromised of civilians by definition. The national guard is part of the standing army.

  2. They should stop giving this Manchin airtime. Let him vote the way he likes. He’s unreliable after all

  3. The government: “We should raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21.”

    Also the government: “Join the Marine Corps when you graduate high school.”

    1. @Mister Hat deny a 18 year old a certain class of rifle but require a male 18 year old put his name the daft , don’t make any kind of sense.

    2. They train you how to use guns in the military so i don’t see the comparison of a 18 year old buying a rifle

    1. I have multiple guns and have supported the 2nd for a long time, but cmon raising the age to 21 is extremely reasonable. It’s either that or they’re gonna push for something 10x worse.

    2. @youngnutsack17 It’s not reasonable because we all know that it wouldn’t work and would only lead to more restrictions following it’s inevitable failure but it’s also hypocritical to allow driving at 15, non semi auto long guns/voting/military service/gambling/sex at 18, handguns/tobacco/alcohol at 21, and renting a car at 25. They need to pick an age that applies across the board. Either you’re an adult or your not. People are just as irresponsible at 21 as they are at 18 and they already want to lower the voting age 🤣. I wonder why? The truth is if they actually cared and wanted to pass something, they’d offer something in return but they never do. Their definition of ‘compromise’ never involves giving up anything in return and their opposition is done conceding in the name of coexisting with them. We need to divorce and be done with it.

  4. here’s a question I’ve not heard a single lawmaker ask or bring up. how was an 18 year mentally unstable individual who had no job ,able to purchase close to $9,000 worth of guns ammunition clips and ammunition not to mention the body armor? that would be a very good first question or second question , if he himself bought these guns and the rest it would race the question with financial help from who? at that point then the question of who knew what he was planning may be closer to being answered and if someone or others knew, then why did they not try to stop him by at least notifying the authorities? someone should ask these questions.

    1. @MR.Watkins all you do is talking nonsense and zrying to compare criminals act from criminals with crazy non criminal killing mass. My god.

    2. @MR.Watkins Where i l8ve qe donr have gun violence like many other good nations. Do you care? No.

  5. Buying a weapon is different from someone that gifts the weapon to someone thats younger than 21.

    1. Very true. People who are prohibited from owning firearms get them from some “law-abiding” gun owner or dealer. They don’t make their own.

  6. It won’t happen because of the age of eligibility for service in the armed forces (18). Voting age was lowered years ag to coincide with armed service age eligibility, I don’t see age to possess/purchase firearms going up.

  7. That’s ridiculous. I grew up with guns around and never once though about using them to hurt someone else. I was using a 22 rifle at age 11. A 410 shotgun at 14 and bought my first 16 gauge shotgun at age 16.
    We had to hunt to eat where we lived.

  8. Make sure to promote banning these weapons while, sending full auto versions to the citizens of the Ukraine. You messed up Manchin.

  9. the fact is the supreme court has already said the state has no rights to change the age for gun ownership

  10. whats the point of making new laws if the FBI wouldn’t enforce the current gun laws???

  11. Raise the age to get a gun u better raise the age to be in the selective service to 21 and since women wanna get in on this when they tell us men that abortion is there thing then we want females to start signing up for the selective service as well . While called if they get pregnant that’s 9 months in jail , exclude them from govt assistance, and still recall them after they’ve recovered .

  12. I Think NO Congress or Pres, should be allowed Bodyguards with lethal weapons, & should NOT be able to own ANY GUNS THEMSELVES AS A GOOD EXAMPLE TO THE PUBLIC. OR BE LOCKED UP, PERIOD….

  13. “…you see Manchin, sorry, I mean Mitch McConnel…” it’s fine, an easy mistake to make.

  14. I would be all for licensing and training requirements, if all other 2A laws where repealed, and Americans actually had access to full auto weapons.

    anything the government has access to, to defend our politicians, should be available to ordinary citizens. Our politicians are not above us.

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