Marine hides in box to surprise little brothers | Militarykind


  1. Thank you for your service. It’s not only the service men n women, it’s obviously their families too 💞

  2. Precious memories forsure keep sake treasures of the ❤ Our dad was a marine serviced 20 years retired. Servered our country. Now he has passed on watching over us all in heaven. Thank you for your serices. God Bless you & yours & Psalms 91 & Acts 18 ❤

  3. According to the Mueller Report, Mr. Trump will be arrested the day he leaves office. Is there any doubt he will again commit treason or a crime to win re-election? He is insane. Don’t put anything past him.

  4. Awesome thanks for this great moment in time of need country been so. Mad lately we forget to slow down and see great moment

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