Mary Trump Calls Out Right Wing Fixation On Black Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt 1

Mary Trump Calls Out Right Wing Fixation On Black Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt

For months before Lt. Michael Byrd revealed his identity as the officer who fatally shot Capitol insurrectionist Ashli Babbit in an interview with NBC News, the former president and his allies had been relentlessly focused on him. Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s niece and the author of “The Reckoning: Our Nation’s Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal," and Cedric Alexander, a former member of President Obama's task force on 21st century policing, join Joy Reid with their analysis.
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    1. Law enforcement had their hand covered in a black leather glove, protecting others from criminals, like Ashli Babbitt.

    2. @pcdoctor48 Move on. Biden maybe incompetent, but that doesn’t make Trump a hero, or a god, or a savior. Trump has lie about so many things, the two biggest ones being COVID-19 and the election. He has protected white supremacists and treated them like they were protecting america, even though it’s the opposite.

      So yeah Biden,at not be the brightest, but at least he’s shown empathy and honesty. Something Donald Trump was lacking his entire life.

    3. These HEROS werent pos blm AMERICAN MARXIST looters or antifa facists. HEROS attack enemies both foreign and domestic.This was absolutely race related. WHITE LIVES MATTER.

    4. @TCO Creation Studios But they already categorized proud boys as a white supremacist group and their leader isn’t even white lol he’s like Cuban and Dominican. Shows how good the Intel in this administration is

    1. @Franklin where did you get your sources. I have seen the news about Antifa/BLM protest but it is funny that when you read the verbiage they never say it was a Antifa/BLM protester that caused the damages because they would be sued. You really should read the story and not the headlines. The reporters never state that it was damages from an actual BLM protest. Truth hurt and I am so sorry to break the real news to you.

    1. @Gloria K , Donna Brazile’s wife, DC mayor , Bowser Murill, was in charge of all DC police activity and knew police were in cahoots with agitators that hijacked Jan 6 event.

    2. @typoagain1 They didn’t get as far as they wanted to. One of there intentions was to track down Pence. They had a noose waiting outside for him.

  1. The real question is: Why weren’t more people shot? Wasn’t the former administration’s policy: when the looting starts the shooting starts? Byrd and his compatriots threaded a narrow needle between keeping congress people safe and minimizing the number of criminals who were shot. My thought is they cut it a little too close, but I’ll defer to the judgement of our capitol police heroes.

    1. because Trump wanted it this way. He was hoping that this would devolve into a pure chaos by having the line of succession shattered. Then, in a sudden turn, he would probably emerge and (with some of his puppets in the supreme court) declare a “Suspension of the constitution” until “order is settled” which mostly means shredding it to create an autocracy with him as an emperor

    2. @from Ireland That didn’t stop democrats during the Kavanaugh hearing. And you’re right. That’s why they were charged with trespassing… not an insurrection

  2. This woman was an insurrectionist and she got exactly what she deserved and he did exactly what he was supposed to do, which was to stop the threat.

    1. @BWolf every one who stormed the Capitol on 1.6. wavin’ Conferderate Flags and beatin’ up Cops is a TRAITOR…yes they all betrayed AMERICA that day that will live in infamy in the Record of the History of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

    2. @Hardo Wider what’s your real name Hardo? you talk crap on some account that doesn’t have your real name….SO SHUT UP!

  3. Tucker “I don’t think we execute unarmed protesters?”
    So, what about, unarmed black men?
    “Well, they ought to comply…!”
    So, did Ashli Babbitt comply?

  4. Should anything happens to the officer all those who have threatened him should be charged, including Trump himself.

    1. @maria schultz you are lying and you know trump and the others were trying to destroy our government!

    2. But….. it’s OK for the left to release names, address, personal info about people they didn’t agree with.

    1. You think you are on the right side, so you make comments that will get you on a watch list. Typical. Democrats seem to suffer ‘The overconfidence effect’.

      You can’t stop belief with a bullet.

    2. @Mike Morgan the penalty for treason can be execution.

      An assault on the country should be met with force, and if necessary lethal force. I think that requirement was met.

    3. @Chris Fox , You claim a treasonous action has occurred yet you can’t see that is opinion, not established fact.
      You claim a attack on the country occurred, yet you don’t realize it was a building with politicians inside that was forcefully entered by a few activists. In order to have a insurrection you have to prove it was planned and organized.

    4. @Mike Morgan I don’t have to prove anything. Get a grip. Based on the evidence available to me, such as the guided reconnaissance tours the insurrectionists were taken on, the conclusion that an insurrection was intended and planned is clearly credible. The fact that everyone involved, from Trump on down, was a moron doesn’t change a thing.

      And failed insurrections are often followed by successful ones.

      I want those who attempted it to be punished harshly enough to deter that potential future one.

      And, full disclosure, I don’t like guys with guns and beards.

  5. Lt. Byrd did his job. He saved lives, and for that he is an American Hero. To the haters: hating someone that you don’t know is easy when you hate yourself. Get help

    1. don’t forget all those heroes who also did the right thing, like Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Dean Corll, Carroll Cole and Kenneth Bianchi – God bless’em all!!!

    2. He’s not a hero, he’s hiding behind the race card. There was another officer standing next to her that could’ve grabbed her and arrested her. Byrd was trained for these types of situations, yet he still murdered an unarmed civilian. He should have been brought up on charges, and instead he’s getting away with murder. Don’t protect bad actors with a badge, fight to keep our people in blue that do the job and protect others in their communities.

    3. @unitunit glue He’s free, and still employed. I guess no one cares about your expert analysis. There’s the way you think it should be and there is the way it is.

    4. @unitunit glue No, he didn’t murder anyone, no matter how much your dear leader wants it framed that way. The officer shot an insurrectionist as she attempted to get into the area where Congress members were. He was protecting those Congress members from her and other insurrectionists with her.

      You can try as hard as you want to change the story of what happened on January 6th, but there’s all kinds of video showing what happened and much of the world watched the imbecility of the homegrown Talibangelist mob committing insurrection during the attack on the Capitol.

  6. She was actively breaking into a government building with a violent mob. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Very unfortunate situation.

    1. The right loves to day this whenever a brown person runs from cops.
      But Babbitt was charging towards a cop while committinga crime, and suddenly it wasn’t okay to shoot?…

  7. Babbit supporters “But she wasn’t armed” At that time nobody knew if she was armed or not. Lt. Michael Byrd gave her ample warnings to step back but she refused to listen to his orders. He did his job to protect those people under his protection..

    1. Yurazztoucher Itchybuskoolaid or whatever, aren’t you the guys who say if she/he had just complied with the law officer’s lawful order and not been breaking laws, she/he would not have been shot?
      C’mon and try to gaslight us now.

    2. @Anthony Norton I could literally ask you the same thing why this is the first time in history you have defended a cop shooting an unarmed person. Every single thug that BLM rioted over that was killed unarmed you could argue the same thing. How could the cop KNOW in that moment they were unarmed? They dont. So I guess we’re letting cops shoot at will from now on every time they feel like someone MIGHT be armed. HAHAHAHAHA listen to these hypocrites

    3. Breonna Taylor
      Trayvon Martin
      Amad Arbory
      George Floyd
      They were all unarmed.
      Not to mention all the others. Countless people have been lost.

    4. @Cassandra Lord So I guess we should be celebrating the officers who killed all of those unarmed people, right? That seems to be the lefts new stance on police shootings.

  8. We really need to rally around Lt. Byrd. 360° Security. He did what he was trained to do. Those alleged protesters breached the capital with violent mob intent. Killing and injuring officers defending capital. So there was not a thing innocent about them.

  9. Why did they release his name? I’m afraid for him. MAGA is dangerous! All the officers need to be protected

    1. @Theresa Lennon He went on TV. He put his face on TV. Not hard for someone to be like I know him

  10. These are the people who have pushed “stand your ground” laws for years. Yet they don’t accept it when applied to the capital building. Hypocrite.

  11. I just love the fact that the Trump with all the air time these days is Mary. A Trump who actually speaks in whole, comprehensible sentences and paragraphs.

    1. Absolutely … nice to know that the gene pool contained more than diaper don and his repulsively stupid offspring.

    2. And can speak without twisting, muddling, or flat out ignoring the truth or reality with every utterance. 45 and his spawn are the shining reflection of the worst of us.

    3. @Jeremy Zimmerman when you talk like that. I assume you’re one of them . Since you are playing in the mud. That means you also must be throwing it as well.

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