Why ISIS-K Poses A Unique Threat To Afghanistan 1

Why ISIS-K Poses A Unique Threat To Afghanistan


Michael Weiss, Senior Editor for Newlines Magazine, joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss ISIS-K, the terror organization responsible for the explosion that killed 13 U.S. service members and more than 170 Afghan civilians. Weiss says their origins as “disaffected members” of the Taliban puts them in a unique – and dangerous – position with those now in control of Afghanistan’s government.
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  1. I personally believe that the Taliban itself will splinter into opposing groups and start fighting each other. History has proven that when the Afghans aren’t fighting foreign invaders, they occupy their time with fighting each other.

    1. Once the US is gone, that’s the most likely scenario. The only reason these groups have gotten so big is because they’re unifying against a common enemy, America. Get the US out of the country, and they won’t have that giant enemy to unify them.

    1. Interesting point. Even if they were the same group (they are not). How many terrorist attacks happened under Trump? You are blinded by your hate…. And your hate is misplaced.

    2. Wait I thought we were in Afghanistan to topple the Taliban? So why are we working with them now? Can you say hypocrites)

  2. “Coulda-shoulda-woulda.” And today so, many arm-chair quarterbacks forget the landing on the carrier back in 2003 George Walker Bush saying “The job is done”….Where are those WMD’s we went there for in the first place?? This outcome was as predictable as the sunrise. A colossal waste of time, lives and resources.

    1. I trained in Chemical Weapon protective suits in Saudi Arabia while deployed in the 90’s during the Clinton Presidency. President Clinton and his Military advisors also thought Iraq has WMD’s.

    2. Apparently you forgot that the reason that banner was flying is because that particular Aircraft carrier was ending it’s deployment and returning back home. They had accomplished their mission which is the reason for the banner. You must’ve forgotten that fact or your hate and bitterness against Trump is so overwhelming that it clouds your better judgment.

    3. Wrong country. This is about Afghanistan, not Iraq which is what the banner was about. Saddam used chemical weapons against the Kurds, and may have shipped his stash to Syria. If Clinton had taken out Bin Laden with a drone strike when he had the opportunity, there may have been no 9/11 and no Afghanistan attack for harboring Bin Laden.

  3. I remember being ridiculed by democrats for supporting Ron Paul in 2012. We opposed the bank bailouts and foreign entanglements . Democrats ridiculed us as “isolationists”.

  4. Without sufficient opposition, it is uncertain whether the Taliban can keep itself together, much less keep Afghanistan together. I see perpetual chaos as the disorder of Afghan’s future.

    1. Surprisingly, a lot of people. The number of people in Colorado who toe the line of MSDNC and other MSM outlets is astounding. The people would rather bury their head in the sand than stand up for honesty and integrity.

  5. The State Department fled the embassy so fast, they left their F-4 files., which is a complete list of ever Afghans that helped us. They left the hand scanners of clearances finger prints of Afghans that helped us. The Taliban is NOW using the devices to identify their enemies. PS– The Brits did the same.

  6. I think this is an opportunity. They need recognition and this is their chance to look like a real country. I think we should embrace this window of mutuality bd build a lasting relationship. Or, at least give it a shot.

  7. That is, you were told that it was not the Taliban, but some ISIS-K, and you believed… First of all, because if it were the Taliban, those who made this mess would look even more fools, right?

  8. @2:03 WTH The morning of 8/26/2021 the pentagon confirmed ONE SUICIDE BOMBER. *ONE* , not two. However, two separate explosions.

  9. Biden has armed them with 83 billion in military equipment and ammunition. More weapons and equipment then they would have ever gotten on their own. That makes them pretty unique… Nice work Democrats…

  10. 17 Year Marine Lt Col Scheller is relieved of duty for demanding accountability from Military Brass over the failure that is the Taliban Takeover…
    His video is about 5 minutes. You should watch it in full. He said what were all thinking, but he took the fall. Nothing less than a Hero.

  11. It takes a special kind of stupid to pull out the troops first then the civilians.

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