Mary Trump: ‘Of Course I Did’ Hear Donald Trump Use Racial Slurs | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Juan Figueroa
      That’s the way it should be! No tokens only smart people. Only an illegal would complain about that!

  1. Covid deaths today:

    New Zealand – 0
    Iceland – 0
    Greece – 0
    Croatia – 0
    Finland – 0
    Czechia – 0
    Denmark – 0
    Thailand – 0
    Vietnam – 0
    China – 0
    Norway – 1
    Austria – 1
    Ireland – 1
    Switzerland – 1
    Netherlands – 1
    Japan – 1
    South Korea – 1
    Australia – 2
    Portugal – 3
    Spain – 3
    Belgium – 4
    Germany – 9
    Sweden – 10
    Poland – 11
    Canada – 17
    France – 18
    Italy – 20

    The USA – 963

    Donald Trump “The only reason we have so many cases is because we’ve done so much testing”

    Well how do you explain the deaths?

    1. You are a fool….the great majority of deaths attributed to COVID are NOT COVID….this is a scam through and through to destroy our economy…..just the latest war on our freedom and our culture of freedom and prosperity.

    2. @Football Nerd Obviously China blows up the population question on its own, but I don’t think people realize that China isn’t the only Asian country with a really high population density. Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea combined have a population slightly higher than the U.S. while controlling less land combined than the state of Alaska.

    3. @pinebird It’s not impossible. After getting it under control, China had a small outbreak a couple months back with (I think it was) 18 people in a cluster testing positive. They completely locked down an area with over 200,000 living it for a month because of that. They’re committed to stopping it in a way that no American, right or left, would ever go along with.

  2. Whoever is still asking if Trump is a racist or not definitely needs an Emergency Medical Attention, because he is……

    1. @ Gbenga Olanitori
      Give me one reason why I should believe ANYTHING this woman spews. Trump anti semetic? He’s been the best president Israel ever had….his daughters are married to Jews. Racist against blacks? Really? Is that why he was given a commendation by Jessie Jackson in the late 90s for all he had done for black and hispanic workers? Is that why he sued the city of Palm Beach to include Blacks and Jews into golf clubs?
      When did the left become so gullible to believe such obvious political attacks? Mary is the one who looks miserable and dysfunctional….like a typical modern liberal.

    1. @tm d hahahahah you give yourself way too much credit. you lost the moment you took it personal 🙂

    2. @tm d you were the one that started with personal insults weren’t you? and then you got smacked. and now you’re projecting. it was a pleasure burying you and your attempt at “serious conversation”. take care

    3. @Puke Rally Do you believe in bone spurs, oringes, covfefe, hamberders, endless rambling tweets, stable geniuses, Stormy Daniels, shooting Pine Sol….

  3. I love how the fake news president in the one screaming fake news at everything he doesn’t like.

    It’s like the book 1984. Whatevers true is false and whatevers false is true

    1. Puke Rally – I doubt if you have any proof it isn’t true. Trump shows his racist side everyday, by his comments. Anyone that loves the Confederate flag is RACIST.

  4. If Biden has any political sense in him, he stays at home and airs the occasional vid for the next three months. The rest will take care of itself…

  5. Beans are the new cure, “nothing says social distancing like a good proper bean fart, a goya bean fart”. This ad is approved by Ivanka

    1. Yeah, I will never watch the NFL NBA or Noosecar again, but I went out and bought a basement full of Goya foods…. LMAO 😂😂

    2. But, liptards still accusing the Best Magestic President ever in Washington DC, a racist?
      Dems people are stupid

    3. @Bueterfulbaby Anybody that supports the Democrat party is clearly out of touch with real Americans and ill educated! Learn history, the Democrat party is the party of the Confederacy, the KKK, Jim Crowe, Woodrow Wilson, LBJ, Hugo Black, Robert Byrd (a KKK kleagle eulogized by all the Dems including Obama) and of course segregationist ole Joe Biden..the list goes on with Democrat full throated racists. But the last straw for real Americans is the support for an anti-Semitic, anti-American, Marxist organization called Black Lives Matter…it will be a land slide for Trump in November… it’s been a joy to watch the self destruction of the Demorat party…

  6. I’m sure she’s heard many of her family members use it, not just Donald. Her father as well. Her grandfather was at a KKK rally for God’s sake.

    1. Black people don’t use racial slurs in the company of their families about white people?

    2. @Alex Bones Jones my point was she should be careful about opening up pandora’s box. Obviously it isn’t only Donald, it could be her as well. So before she starts telling people business she should be careful about hers being told as well.

      Every race of people says things amongst their family and friends that are stereotypical, prejudiced, and racist. Nobody is exempt.

    3. lrncephil80 I totally agree nobody is exempt, Where all human and there will always be racists in every race. It’s something we just have to get on with


  7. Well he’s property using the word for a female dog a lot lately 🤣. She is Roasting him👊

    1. @Bob Heck lol she hasn’t met him in 20 years, was in a lawsuit for her grandfather’s money because she thought she deserved it, stuttered, blinked repeatedly, and kept looking to the right when she spoke. She’s lying.

    2. @Submersed24 …which all showed she’s genuine and sincere because she’s not enjoying having to do it. Obviously, the book and she is 100% true! BIDEN’S LEAD WIDENS! BIGLY! BEAUTIFULLY! TREMENDOUSLY!

    1. @Puke Rally You really don’t know much about human character do you?
      Sociopaths aren’t weak. Look up the “Cult of Personality” if you really want to see the TYPE of person Teflon Don is.
      As far as “His Party” goes…there is only one person in HIS PARTY. He doesn’t have a Political Ideology. He says whatever it takes to get people to listen to HIM and follow HIM.

      Looks like you fell for it hook line and sinker…SUCKER!!!

    2. Well they are dragging up the family member on at prime time TV just to say she heard him say the N word lol

    3. @Aaron Homan They aren’t exactly dragging her. She wrote a book, but I get what you’re saying. We already know he is the type of person that uses the N word. He has a long history of Racist rhetoric. The people that love him don’t care, and the people that hate him already know.

      Drama, Drama, Drama…

    4. @Frances Lavorgna Everyone and Everything…Teflon Don would lie even if the truth was a better story….and often does!?

      Crazy as a loon…and ANYTHING for attention…SMH…


    2. @ALI FOROUGHI Is that the reason these enablers stick around with a corrupt president, so they can write a book when it is over? They can write it from jail

    3. @LasVegasGames CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump White House ‘Down to Kool-Aid Drinkers and Next of Kin’

    4. @ALI FOROUGHI When Trump dies and the kids have the money, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them turn on him publicly. All except Don Jr., of course, who will spend the rest of his life desperately seeking his dead father’s approval, just like his namesake.

  8. especially like rachel maddows genuinely concerned facial expressions. what a circus this all is. Mary looks very much like she is under mk ultra.


    1. “than” his own daughter – learn to spell you knuckledragging leftie imbeciles…

    1. It’s political YouTube channel dude, there’s nobody here who’s at that level of wisdom to appreciate such a quote.

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