Mary Trump: We're Right In The Middle Of Our Nation's Trauma 1

Mary Trump: We’re Right In The Middle Of Our Nation’s Trauma


Mary Trump joins Morning Joe to discuss her book 'The Reckoning: Our Nation's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal.'

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Mary Trump: We're Right In The Middle Of Our Nation's Trauma


  1. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy finance entanglements raise more than ethics questions but yet, …waite for it …he’s still there trashing the post office.!

    1. Yes the secretary Clinton golden Regime change Ratio. 1000 Maga hat troops & 1000,000 clueless mud hut people, to save one Afghani transvestite that has kidnapped a kid and is trying to sneak upon an overloaded cargo plane. “Be still my beating heart, we shall meet again Mayor Petey pie”. The Democrats and Regime change wholesale slaughter Inc. “Abortion is over the rainbow love Heil Satan”

    2. Biden can’t just get rid of him. There are things that need to be done before he
      can ask for him to go!!

    3. @John Smith Biden has the spine to
      do anything. There are so many things that need to be done, we need to be

    1. @thom wessels Awww, did I hit the nerve of a fragile wittle man-child? The truth hurts. Deal with it. You are a Tool and I feel sorry for anybody, animal included, that has to share the same space with you.

    2. @zdwade yet they used everything from bear spray to flag pole to assault the police…who I thought they liked.
      Guess not 😬

    1. @larry fitzgerald The actual cult member is telling everyone else they are cult members. lol You’re a joke

  2. Afghanistan is a traumatic place and America will soon discover what real trauma is unless Donald Trump is held to account for treason and sedition.

    1. @Xela somar Toooo late! No wake up.
      The American already decided to make this country a new Afghanistan under an Orange Taliban. Otherwise Congress and the DOJ would have put Don the Con and his minions behind bars in January, after his coup and…treasonous act. Just like one puts All Capone behind bars, and as an emergency clause, add “for national security reasons”. No Russian money can bail him/ them out.

    2. @Xela somar l agree, if you love this country, the least we can do is (1) get vaccinated (2) vote for responsible candidates (Democrats), and (3) get the address to the Department of Justice, and ask them when they are going to arrest Trump for his seditious/ treasonous actions! I WILL WRITE AND SEND THIS LETTER, anyone else?

    3. @kawaii sadie America has spent over 2 trillion dollars in this Afghanistan War over the past two decades… Not to mention our military casualties.. I agree with you kawaii.


    1. @Judy Chandler it all comes back to the people. The Americans who vote republican GAVE THEM THEIR POWER… they out here wanting nothing to get done wanting no one on their side to be held accountable… You won’t see a Cuomo on the republican side… Matt gaetz caught going after under aged females na he stays… Gets caught assisting insurrectionist on January 6th na gets to hold his seat. Like I would love to get at Dems more but I know with facts and evidence they will roll on their own. Strong men don’t accept their accountability, they don’t get investigated and that’s what you see on the republican side.

    2. @Judy Chandler Yes Judy, I agree with you more. These enablers caused this monster to grow horns. Trump began to fire those good people who saw this to be wrong and tried to do their job. I have since watched the Impeachment Trials and Mueller give his Report and it is so obvious who those enablers were.

    3. Right!
      Only the Republicans can really put an end to him.
      Just like it was the Republicans that had to put an end to McCarthyism in the 1950’s.

    4. @Judy Chandler Absolutely. WE HAVE TO HANG ON UNTIL HIS INFLUENCE IS PURGED. I anticipate a long run effort from us will be necessary.

    1. Yes that personality thing but also by instilling lots of fear & hatred… the old divide & conquer strategy of having folks destroy each other while those dictators watched and stirred the pot!

    2. @Oga Thingo- yep. The democrats are already experiencing their negative Karma. Ousting a duly elected US President is really bad Karma.

  4. I read Mary’s first book and it was brilliant, especially the last chapter and the epilogue. I really look forward to reading this book as well. Mary is the only figure in the Trump family who has ever brought an image of sanity, credibility and reason to the otherwise totally toxic Trump name.

    1. @CynAnneHuffsPharts FrummaDedDogsAzz I’ve read in full 30 books on Trump and actually know quite a bit about him in addition to that. How many books on Trump have you read? Oh, and how much do you really know about his business and personal histories?

    2. @CynAnneHuffsPharts FrummaDedDogsAzz And your passive dishonesty, known more simply as “deflection,” provides an answer my two questions summed up in a single word: zero.

    3. @CynAnneHuffsPharts FrummaDedDogsAzz I’ll bet you yawned your way through school, too. No wonder the Trump minions question facts, logic, science, rationality, expertise, education, even reality itself. Sadly, there’s not much future in that, at least not a good one. Good luck, though.

    4. @CynAnneHuffsPharts FrummaDedDogsAzz I’m sure you’re the life of the party at your coven meetings. LOL.

  5. Trump, one of the most embarrassing fiascos in our political history!
    How did this country fall for his deception and lies?

    1. @Patrick Baer what a careless, ill-informed statement. MELANIA, now there’s a trophy wife, clearly morally bankrupt for being married to that corrupt narcissist.Hillary had her issues but was an accomplished lawyer and public servant who could have run circles around Trump when it came to being president.

    2. @Tracy Franklin “you’re” posts are giant illiterate messes. it is hard “four” anyone to follow “you’re” broken logic when you dont “now” the difference between “know” and “now”, “for” and “four”, and “you’re” and “your”.

    3. Trump only exposed what has always existed in certain segments of this country. They are using Trump to show what they really feel and have felt all along. We just never had a president be so vocal about their racism. Many presidents have been racist of course but Trump shows no shame in his racist views so the racist in this country support him. But make no mistake, they have always held these views and they now have a platform to do so on a large scale via a person who held the highest position in the land.

    4. @Chi Pham it drives me crazy when these half wits simply parrot back the same nazi rhetoric they hear used against them. as if referencing a liberal as a nazi even makes sense.

      “fake news” was right out of hitlers playbook, only back then it was “Lügenpresse” (lying press).

    1. The time for ignoring him was over before it began, because January 6th happened. Popular media pushing this under the rug is how he could win in 2024. I agree, extremely naïve question

    2. Start a letter writing campaign to the DOJ (the AG) and representatives to prosecute. They need to be pushed otherwise it will be swept under the rug.

      Not holding trump accountable dangerously legitimizes the precedence he has set. He has demonstrated how easily our government can be hijacked. How easily institutions can be subverted and corrupted.

      A precedent that a more astute, actually smart and competent “trump” can take advantage of and succeed.

      We dodged a bullet to our country and democracy, we may not get a 2nd chance.

    3. He is only one, definitely threatening man. The much more frightening picture to behold are the millions who believe every word he utters.

    1. @CynAnneHuffsPharts FrummaDedDogsAzz i hope you are using the word vampire has a metaphor…in any case i can see your a trumplican….and therefore your not gonna tell, see, or hear the truth….

    2. @CynAnneHuffsPharts FrummaDedDogsAzz

      Poor Mike Pence!

      Used for the evangelical vote!

      Sodomized by Trump on 1/6/21 and almost caused his hanging!

      He has been thrown out of the party for the one time he had a backbone, and stood for the constitution during his administration!


      We can only hope 45 gets one of those in the big house! 🥸

      You can get help to get out of this narcissistic relationship with trump!

    3. @CynAnneHuffsPharts FrummaDedDogsAzz Your opinion. She had since not to attend the Fraud non credible Trump University. Remember that he settled the Fraud Case for 26 million in 2016.

    1. @Scott Harrison Gee..Soviet? Trump tried to copy Putin’s reign. Nazi’s? trumps admired Hitler. In fact nazi Miller’s office was right next door to trumps.

    2. @M Stone Can you justify what trump did after his phone call to Turkey’s president? When he hung up the phone our troops were pulled out. Military commander’s weren’t informed of his plan. The Russians were eyeball to eyeball as our troops rolled out and they rolled in. The Kurds ans Syrians ran for their lives. Apparently Putin knew…

    1. @Your mom ! Sane minds see until his influence is gone he remains the clear and present danger he continues to be. A demagogue who is a corrupt manipulative liar willing to use Americans for personal power. A man for whom infamy is satisfying

  6. So this won’t end until the nation votes out all the republicans keeping him relavent. Maybe 2022 will be the magic bullet

    1. Not only voting out selfish elected leaders but also educate voters in civic duties, ethics and morals too, so that we never elected demagogues…

  7. Mary’s book title is spot on. I don’t agree with her dilemma about how “We Got Here”. The facts are clear. It’s easy, Republicans & their policies.

  8. I dont see anyway out of this “trauma” unless and until Republicans get past their denial of reality

    1. But there lies the problem, if they get past their denial of reality, they also have to admit that tRump lost, tRump is grifting con-man and so is his buddies, would have to hold them accountable for their illdoings, would have to start hold masks, get vaccinated etc. there are just way too many steps the Republican party members just simply can’t take.

    2. @Semirotta Yeah; “too many steps” for MAGAT Cultists to unwind their delusions. There is strong confirmation bias in play, confounded by The Dunn-Kruger Effect (i.e., they think they are equal to experts in their knowledge of any special field because they can Google).

    3. @Semirotta yea, and the election is only one of many Potato Head lies and distractions they would have to surmount, not the least of having to propose an actual platform

    1. Never take your eye off a dog that bit you, not while he’s still out running around. (Plus he’s a leg-humper and no one likes that do they.)

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