1. Until the GOP is held accountable for their lies and sedition. There will be no unity. No bipartisan anything. They cannot be trusted with a toothe brush.

    1. Don’t you love it when the GOP have leadership like McCarthy whose I.Q.’s are smaller than their shoe size. That always works out well….

  2. when i think of McCarthy Jellyfish comes to mind , spineless and transparent with a devious side .

    1. Jellyfish aren’t devious….they only sting you if you touch them. The GOP has turned into a FRAT house that somehow hasn’t had it’s charter revoked by the University.

  3. Kevin Mccarthy : when I Say something actually I don’t Say anything which means I don’t want to Say anything because that’s how I Say something and right now I don’t know what I am Saying.

    1. Kevin McCarthy is the cowardly lion in the TRUMP OF OZ. He has no class, and his lack of fortitude and cojones are so obvious that it’s embarrassing.😑😑

  4. This is all for naught as the Ex leader is going to be charged in a number of cases before the courts, too funny as they implode over ego

    1. It’s an old Republican “get-away-with-it trick” — changing what people believed at the time. Their problem is that the dead people is concrete proof of what they really believed on Jan 6.

    2. The seeds have already been planted. Supporters will just scream harassment and witch hunt until some nut goes off and tries something…

    3. That will be the true “trickle down ” the Republicans are so famous for espousing. I’ll make some popcorn!🤣🤣

    1. In the British armed forces: ‘brown-nosers’ or ‘a**elickers’. Same repulsive, abhorrent thing!

    1. Thinking less of a split, more of a boiling down of the base. Any dissent shall be crushed by loud sychofants, and cast out by the misled Electorate.

    2. @Damien Darko247 they’re already the minority, and they want to get smaller? Never stop your enemy when they’re making a mistake…

    1. I’m sure these Jihadist Republicans will regret at the end . MAGA crackhead strike again.

    2. I wish I had your optimism. It looks like if Dems don’t pass the voters act he’s getting the gavel next year, McConnel too. Dems will lose Georgia Senate seat next year.

    3. Unbelievable lmao. If Republican voters say the election was stolen you say that they’re liars, and if Republican officials say the election wasn’t stolen then you say they’re liars too. Wow, you have such a stupid audience.

    4. @Brett Kenschaft they barreled full speed off the cliff of Truth today and they’ll be drowning like the lemmings they are in the Sea Of Trump Lies. Cheney’s just hanging onto the cliff of Truth, but she’s been a Trump Lemming for years too

    1. With such great examples of spineless greed and aversion to truth as McConnell and Lindsay Graham to follow, he is getting better at ignoring any faint twinges of conscience he might have left.

  5. “here lies the politically expedient”. that will be the epitaph on the tombstone of the ReTrumplican party

  6. The way you prevent Donald Trump from running is to amend the requirements to include release of full financial disclosure prior to running for office.

    1. Let’s just prosecute.
      I tire of waiting for their pet laws to be passed b4 the taxpayer’s concerns are even addressed.
      Notice how fast the states have changed laws lately. People in those states are WAITING.

  7. Kevin McCarthy’s Big Tent is not a tent, it’s a Big Cave. A cave where spineless people are hiding.

    1. I agree. It takes someone with balls to hold there ground unlike the men that have them in the first place.

    2. At the end of the day though she’s still a supporter of the awful Republican agenda and a outrageous warhawk. I can’t really say that I’m sorry that she’s no longer part of the Republican leadership. It can only be viewed as a good thing for the US.

    1. McCarthy has always been a doofus….but he is so hungry to be speaker, that he will choose lies over truth…..typical hypocritical bible thumper.

  8. I am still laughing at the concept of McCarthy being a speaker of the house. I would be really amazed if GQPever managed to regain the majority after all the stunts they have pulled so far.

    1. The dude is not a bright man. During a 60 Minutes interview about Trump’s first impeachment, in a response to a question about Trump’s phone call with Zelensky McCarthy shot back, “You put that word [though] in there!” The little man had not read the transcript. Un-fricking-believable.

  9. You never fly so high that you can’t come crashing down….and one day, we may see Kevin’s wings clipped. Good does eventually prevail.

  10. So….
    Cheney: “The election was not stolen. Trump lost”
    McCarthy: “We need to get rid of Cheney”
    McCarthy: “The outcome of the election is not in question”

    1. Does anyone think McCarthy might be bipolar, since he consistently makes one statement, then shortly thereafter states something that is the exact opposite?

    2. McCarthy will say anything to anyone on any given day, for three reasons. First, to confuse the issue. Second, to have plausible deniability later. Third, because he’s too dumb to remember what he said earlier.

    3. @Elaine Flink I do not want to be guilty of sticking up for him, but that is him trying to please unreasonable constituents. Former Pres. Trump lit a match and tossed in to a pit, primed and full of material to burn. This doesn’t end by getting rid of him, he already did his part. It doesn’t end by saying he lost, that just gives oxygen to the fire. This kind of fire needs to be watched closely until it burns itself out. In my opinion.

    4. @Elaine Flink Either bipolar or it’s another side effect of Covid. McCarthy should of been relieved of his duties, not Cheney.

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