McCaskill: Get Manchin’s Bill On Floor And Watch GOP Hide Behind McConnell’s Skirts 1

McCaskill: Get Manchin’s Bill On Floor And Watch GOP Hide Behind McConnell’s Skirts


On Tuesday the For the People Act failed to get enough votes to head to the Senate floor for debate. Senate Republicans blocking the debate on voting rights, Joe Manchin’s version of the voting rights bill, and Democrats possible counterstrategy are discussed by Joy Reid and her panel of politics experts.
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    1. Yeah just keep cryingnot yet are we letting you federalize elections and ban ID to streamline cheating. Sorry. You complain about corrupt politicians then beg for them to institute things that massively further corruption. Pathetic.

  1. Oh well I guess we’ll have to us our ID’s to vote and I guess house/senate members are going to have to rely on their own money instead of tax payers to pay for their campaigns.

    1. @Max Preston people should be able to vote from their couch without proving identity or it’s voter infringement. What if I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Stfu already.

    2. @Jimmy Beans So many faked ballots, and so many lazy people. What’s to stop some scammers from submitting more fake ballots? Voter fraud is real. ID does solve that problem in many ways. But it still doesn’t eliminate it.

    1. But what if the ID you bring is deemed invalid? What if you need to drive multiple miles away to even get an ID because the GOP shut down all the DMVs in the area you live in? Yes, that’s a thing that has actually happened. What if you don’t have car, so can’t go to the DMV to get an ID? Stop pushing these problems to the side just because they don’t affect you. It isn’t easy for everyone to get ahold of an ID. Especially black and native peoples. Not because they’re lazy, as is the prevailing thought among the right, but because they can’t. Because the GOP cuts funding to the areas these folks live in, shutting down government offices that can issue IDs, making it ridiculously difficult for these people to even get an ID, cutting these folks off from voting. This is voter suppression, plain and simple.

    2. @Max Preston You need a license to drive, ID to buy alcohol or tobacco, those ID cards work when voteing, and prevent people from voting more than once, it in elections outside their home region. These days ID is needed just to get a job. It’s not unreasonable. You are apparently convinced of many fictional points. But those I have stated are genuine Facts. Prove me wrong if you can. I’ll listen if you can present something verifiable.

    3. @Doug west my grandma-in-law got disenfranchised. she was born at home (so no state birth certificate), never had a drivers license (a generational thing). we tried for two years to get her an acceptable ID to vote.
      (my fed gov issued CAC card wasn’t “good enough.” my nephew’s state university ID wasn’t good enough. but my uncle’s EXPIRED hunting license was acceptable.)

  2. Stop saying what you think Republicans are saying or thinking. Ask one. You do not know what is on someone’s heart unless they tell you.

    1. @Origami Mambo like Biden and AOC proposing a bill to steal the IRAs of millions of Americans?? I agree.

  3. Why won’t you debate that guy on crt? If its such a great thing, that should be an easy win for you.

    1. @Sudden Dilemma For your information , my wife is white and my son is half black. Example, How about people selling their house? A black woman who is married to a white guy and there was an appraiser that came in and gave her home value a lower price than the homes around her neighborhood. She was confused. They did another appraiser and this time her white husband was there and she wasn’t. The next appraisal value the house value went up. This was done again with other people. Looked that up in the mortgage industry. Look it up in the car industry about people of color getting higher interest rates than people who aren’t of color. Look at the banking industry and look at how many black CEOs there are in the banking industry. They did a study on this. I live in a very affluent area and I have black friends who have been pulled over by the police, one was a owner of a company, driving his Mercedes and the police person was irritated that he couldn’t find anything on him. Another black friend of mine living in a very affluent area was pulled over by the police with his wife in the car, who isn’t black, and the police person ignored him and asked his wife if she was okay and did she need any help. I know another person who is a realtor who is white and her children are half white and half black and she was meeting with a high level realtor that saw a professional black woman in a Mercedes and was irritated he told her that our town never used to allow people like that to be in it. And that’s just a few stories from me. You should hear the stories from my family. There are more stories out there like that if you ask the people to find out what their actual experiences is. It’s easier to look at a subject from the outside in, than asking the people who are experiencing what you’re debating. I don’t mind debate. When we can debate from being on the same page from asking people what their experiencing then we can have an educated conversation.

    2. @Sudden Dilemma Again just because a few people have risen to the top that doesn’t mean that there isn’t subtle systemic racism. Again ask the people around you their experiences and you will be educated.

    3. @Sheldon Singleton ok so astronauts, President, Vice President, congressman, generals, mayor, millionaires, billionaires, attorney general, Secretary of State but that still isn’t enough for you.. There is a system of oppression because there is not enough numbers. Well again blacks are only 13% of the population and even then look at these positions they have risen to. But you still have convinced your self because of stories told by potentially biased people that it’s a system of racism and oppression you’re living in and we must teach our kids (CRT) that we must not treat all people equal because they must see the color of ones skin and know the oppressor and the victim.

    4. @Sudden Dilemma I’m going to sound like a broken record. Again if you read my post, I never said there was no advances in making us a more equitable society. This isn’t the 50’s. I move in some very affluent circles and they recognize there still needs to be more improvement in this country. I don’t have to convince myself that there isn’t systemic institutional racism. Me, my family, friends, and other successful people in my circle have experienced it and still are experiencing it with their family and friends. There’s an Sioux Indian Prayer that says “Oh great spirit! Let me not judge another man until I have spent to weeks in his moccasins.” You have not live my life experiences or those whom you say that are trying to convince themselves that is false because you have not walked in our shoes. Again ask others for perspective and you will have a learning experience if you are open to it.

    5. @Sudden Dilemma By the way, none of us who have moved up the corporate and social economic ladder consider ourselves victims. We know what we have experienced in the system and what we have to do to move up it with the least amount of friction. Also teaching everyone on the object reality of history doesn’t make people hate each unless there’s an emphasis put on it. History is history and learning the good, bad, and ugly about it makes us a better society and experience understanding is what makes us closer as human beings if we not let our learned biases get in the way.

  4. I’m glad they’re going with voter ID, 80% of Americans want it. I happen to think POC are just as capable of figuring out how to vote as white people and don’t need special help.

    1. @V N Please give and explain a couple of those “works for black and brown people” examples.

    2. @99.6% Survival Rate Here are two examples: The ID requirements have made it almost impossible for native Americans to vote, because you must have an address with a street name and number, which they don’t have in many reservations. Second: In Georgia and Texas, republican election official can now invalidate any county whose results they don’t like. Look at the details that Georgia and Texas have put in their state voting laws. Everyone made such a fuss about not giving water to people in line and missed the part about control over results.

    3. it’s not about voter ID.
      it’s about what is accepted for voter ID.
      the state I grew up in (don’t live there anymore) wouldn’t have accepted my CAC card (DoD issue ID). they refused to accept state university student ID. but … expired hunting license was fine.

    4. @efs 1066 Exactly. What documentation you bring. They know which groups are unlikely to have the documentation needed for voter ID, thereby disenfranchising specific groups from voting. This will need people to help those without the correct documentation to get it. Stacy Abrams did once and we all need to follow her example so that people aren’t turned away because thet don’t have the correct ID. So each person in each state needs to what ID is required and to get it well in advance of the vote.

  5. The Constitution wasn’t written to protect the government from the people. It was written to protect the people from the government.

    1. Shays Rebellion is literally why the Constitution was written – to enable fed gov to quell rebellion – bc first US gov (Articles of Confederation) couldn’t.
      (first version of US gov structure couldn’t put down a rebellion in Massachusetts)
      George Washington came out of retirement bc Shays scared the crap out of FF – including Washington. US was fragile and (bc Shays) could fail.

      ever wonder why Constitution was signed in 1789 – _*SIX YEARS AFTER REV WAR ENDED?!?”
      bc “Articles of Confederation” couldn’t put down a rebellion.

      read about Whiskey Rebellion result

    2. @Tamera Chance well, he _should_ be, anyway.
      he’s definitely not thinking about Articles of Confederation, Shays Rebellion … or WHY Constitution has six year gap to end of Rev War.

    3. @efs 1066 the powers of the constitution are granted by the consent of the citizenry, it’s a contract between the People and the Federal government.

      What is your endgame?

  6. “uses the same logic, as the Southern Senators in the 60’s” – You mean the Democrat Senators? Weird he forgot to mention that.

    1. The Civil Rights act of 1964 was passed when the Democrats had a super majority in the senate and was signed by a Democratic President:

    2. @JH Entertainment “When the bill came before the full Senate for debate on March 30, 1964, the “Southern Bloc” of 18 southern Democratic Senators and lone Republican John Tower of Texas, led by Richard Russell, launched a filibuster to prevent its passage.”

      The senate vote totals(for and against):
      Democratic Party: 46–21 (69–31%)

      Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)

      Either way its historically accurate to say it was Democrats filibustering the Civil rights act Schumer mentioned.

    3. @JH Entertainment the dishonesty in your statement is telling for anyone who actually learned history.

  7. Someone said it best this morning, “This administration making any decisions is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”…

    1. @Origami Mambo Of course I’m right! Thank You! After all who let’s murderers and thieves out of jail because of a shamdemic? Who let’s Pantyfa off the hook but jail good people? Who let millions of illegals in that bring disease and more crime. Who cuts funding of police officers that is causing horrendous increase of crime? The so called Democrates who are not! Glad you can see the truth!

    2. @Origami Mambo So there you go….I was waiting for that response. All I can say it probably smells like a hippie liberal in a Walmart store. Well I’m sure you have more important things to do like shopping with your food stamps so hasta la vista poquito amigo!

    3. @Fmcabcdog yes sweetie, a master at arguing with your made up enemies, carry on buddy. it’s funny laughing at the Trumplicans they make a great targets for ridicule.

      Oh yeah and Donald lost..

  8. It is truly a fascinating time to live through. When i was growing up I always thought it was amazing how the nazis were able to convince their country to think whatever they wanted through propaganda, misinformation, and targeting the youth and now it feels like I am seeing it in real time. It is cool to see how even smart people can be so easily manipulated by selective wording and selective reporting.

    1. @Not Worth My Thyme “Sadly, the dangers of believing whatever anyone tells you is highly apparent now..” I agree

  9. Where’s that recommendation for a criminal investigation into Mitch’s wife that was sent to DOJ?

    1. Where’s that recommendation for a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden that was sent to the DOJ?

    2. Brave, are you a communist? A Soviet? You need to Google, “show me the man, I’ll show you the crime”
      Now, you are attacking family members?

    3. The same place the investigation into why Hunter Biden received 3 million from the mayor of Moscow’s wife is.

  10. We do we never talk about sorting out a way that all Americans have Id’s. eliminate the issue at its rout cause Kamala!

    1. Im sure there are very few people who dont have an ID. If I were black, I would feel beyond angry at the democrats. They make it seem like black people arent intelligent enough to obtain an ID. Black people drive, bank, go to doctor, fly, go to college, take out loans, and just about any thing else you can thank of. Drmocrats are in panic mode, as they know its not looking good for them in 2022. Why do they want to do away with filibusters, when they hsve recently used them 200s if time. The voter reform that the dems are losing minds over and repubs wont work with them on, have only to do with making it where dems will be in office from now on. No country needs to have it where parties never change. Br careful if youre a Joy fan, she lies.

  11. Uh, Georgia voted in two democrats, and the Republicans told the truth in that they lost and the Dems won, so, learn your history.

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