1. @BlaQ Bay17 Biden would not be in this situation if trump had not reduced the troops so far we have no foot print, particularly leaving Bagham airbase. The current Taliban leader was released by Trump!!!

    2. @Make Communists Scared Again The Kurds were very instrumental in Obama’s strategy to defeat ISL in Syria. In fact, until he abandoned our allies in the field in October 2019 Trump had not deviated one bit from Obama’s strategy and it was eventually “successful”. Trump takes credit for things he had nothing to do with (other than keeping the status quo on he fundamentals) but he never took responsibility for anything.

      The Kurds expected to be allowed an autonomous region in Syria adjacent to their existing autonomous region of Kurdistan as recognized by most civilized countries.

    3. McM loves war like both parties do…no excuse for recklessly leaving citizens and military personnel in peril. No excuse for giving billions in arms and tech to the enemy. No excuse for Joe.

    4. You people are disgusting playing politics when American soldiers are dead. Must defend my favorite political party at all cost. Does that party pay your rent. I sure hope so.

    5. @Daniel Dos Santos That’s true. The buck does stop with Biden but it’s also a fact that the U.S. surrendered to the Taliban under Trump. You can’t claim one fact and deny the other.

      Bush should never have started it. Obama should have ended it sooner. Trump should never have surrendered to the Taliban. Biden screwed up the exit. Everyone messed up. Now let’s get out of there and move on.

    1. @rd400d Trump gave Potato Joe A stable economy, a secure border, low Gas prices & energy independence, a secure Afghanistan with no American deaths in one and a half years, five new middle East peace deals signed in the last six months that the fake news never reported on, safety and security for all Americans, and a Trump vaccine operation warp speed, in record time to defeat the coronavirus.

      In just seven months, Joe has F**ked it all up

    2. Russia and China are NOT SUPERPOWERS… Russia and China are REGIONAL POWERS… A Superpower has the ability to bring military force anywhere in the world. Neither China nor Russia has that capability… USA does…

  1. Criticism coming from someone who was in government dealing with exact those same issues, who in his time didn’t solve them, but now has all the answers and knows what’s best, rings hollow… talk is cheap, when you got ur chance you didn’t do the right think, but now is all knowing…

    1. @Matt D we call these guys sofa trainers… When their team looses they have all the moves the trainer hadn’t… They live on a dream world

    2. @Menilek Mulugeta truth is US should never leave ANYWHERE they have started nation building because DEMOCRACY can only be kept alive ever so hard. Democracy is not natural, it has to be built up and maintained FOREVER! Look at where the US stayed, Germany, Japan, South Korea, etc… All were developed into good prosperous Democratic nations. They should have done that. Look at where the US gave in to opinion of pessimists, biased, racist, and outright traitors – thats where the US lost! McMasters is right now that Afghanistan is in the hands of these fanatic extremists who are dogs of communist china and pakistan terrorist bombings are going to come back. The difference between Bidens and traitor trumps mistake is that Biden always advocated for peace and was against invading Afghanistan in the first place but traitor trump deliberately threw away US victory and territory, trump made the US lose, weakened US reputation, betrayed and alienated allies and made the US a laughing stock even now and Biden is gonna have a hard time taking it all back.

    3. @Barbara Bretti he did! And thats why he resigned! He cant take dealing with these traitors who basically threw the US and Democracy to the dogs.

    1. @LW Rookie Grower 420 also, the ceiling of the number of refugees was lowered to 15k from 85k when Obama was president. Therefore, in spite of all this rhetoric from the GOP and right wingers, not evacuating civilians was not a bug but a feature.

    2. @Jack Wagner I’m assuming you’re mentioning me here, it’s Froman. So what am I missing from this amazing “Taliban Deal” that’s so great I should know about?

    3. @Seth Froman Excuse me for the ‘misnomer’. Trumps CRP deal and the CCR was terminated when Soros placed SippyCup in place… please locate and read the CPR bureau’s takeover of the Taliban (or Tolly-Bon as your leader says it) and tell me if the protocol deviates from these objectives – in militant order: Account for/aknowledge all AMERICAN citizens. Exercise extraction. Attain any U.S. equipment/vehicles ( both ground and air) and recuperate/destroy all.
      Maintain military force in infringing areas and simultaneously extract (bomb) strategic bases in the hot zones.

    4. @Brian Jennings Trump did not bad mouth the vaccine. He bragged about it, get the vaccine it’s saving the world. It was the mask he didn’t like.

    5. @Seth Froman The Taliban wouldn’t come to the table without prisoner release . I did not like the Guantanamo release either.

  2. We had a chance to stem this back in the 80’s when we helped the Mudjahidin kick out the Soviets. We didn’t. We dropped the ball. We brought everything since on ourselves!!! McMaster KNOWS this!

    1. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was no appetite in the US or NATO to continue the anti-communist containment and proxy-wars.

      The US really didn’t have the desire to keep funding the Mujahideen or establish a Afghan democracy. The amount of investment needed to have a Marshall Plan for post-war Afghanistan would be too high to consider spending during peacetime.


    3. Well never dismiss Congress & military to pass up a golden goose for their corporate sponsors and military contractors.

    4. @Carol Miller Endless wars for profit. If you have even been to the northern Virginia suburbs outside of D.C. must of the military profits are there, everywhere.

  3. Wasn’t this man the National Security Adviser to trump? Why did he *let* trump make this “deal” with the taliban in the First place?!?

    1. @Fox Bat IMO, the withdrawal was necessary. But the way they did it, the process was messed up from the start. Negociating with the Talibans without the presence of the Afghani gvt was a huge mistake, especially while freeing a hugeload of taliban prisoners.


    3. @Helen Smith at least he didn’t murder American military personnel and it’s not over but Biden did

  4. With all due respect to the general, this is speculative fluff. furnish the proof, then make that accusation. this is the height of irresponsibility.

  5. Monday morning quarterbacking, you should have passed more. Hopefully he will take off his suit and head to front lines, or send his kids or grandkids

    1. He’s been on the front lines. Have you? Why do you think he resigned/ fired from the Trump admistration? Mike Esprer said the same about the Trump deal. Trump also said he’d defeated Isis. And now? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    2. @Hey man I’m just some dude The taliban was not in charge of security. They are set up outside of the airport beyond our line of security. Its also not the only point of extraction. Giving the taliban information regarding who we are allowing to be extracted was necessary since they control the area those individuals have to pass through. Your entire perception of the situation is wrong.

    3. @Larry Jensen my cousin who retired from the Marines as a Major.( Vietnam) joined the Nevada Air National Guard, and found himself in the 1st gulf war. Obviously not in Combat ( too old) was in supply. I remember him at a family reunion, talking with my WW 2 veteran uncle’s, about McMasters and the admiration he had for him. My cousin had a hard time getting into the Guard. It was thought since he had been a Marine officer, he wouldn’t be able to take orders from younger officers. He had no problem. I remember him laughing when he told stories about the guys calling him Gramps, and always teasing him about needing a boost up into the Humvees. My cousin was a Marine to the bone. And as I said, he had alot of admiration and respect for McMasters.. my cousin was promoted to Major after his tour in Vietnam. That tour he didn’t talk about. My family’s military history gos back to the Revolutionary War . This ” Forever War”. Title of a Dexter Filken book, are the only ones no family members have served in. I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who serve. The worst thing we ever did was eliminate the draft. All the self proclaimd Patriots who’ve never fought for anything in their lives should be shot at a few times. I remember seeing a bumper sticker after we invaded Iraq. 1 per cent of us are doing the fighting and dying, the rest of America is going to the mall. Disgustingly true. A nation of cowards.

    1. Who else has caused all this destruction ? JOE BIDEN THATS WHOln just 8 months hes destroyed everything hes touched and hes going to start ww3 with his incompetence if somebody doesn’t figure out how to remove this entire clown show

  6. It’s what happens when certain interest groups want to trick people into thinking they have to stay so they can keep the contracts rolling.

    1. @João Nunes wrong McMasters was never given the power to eliminate the enemies. His boss told him what to do his bosses kept this going.

    2. @DeathdealersClan Gaming I wasn’t referring to be given the power or not… But that’s besides the point, after all the Taliban were Sôr of created by the USA, to get rid of the Soviets, even if then proved the only clever move USA made in Middle Eastern foreign policy, on the long run proved bad, it’s like you breed wolves to get rid of the foxes.. But in the end they end up eating the chiken…. Lol

  7. We should have a list of how many top military people and politicians have invested in the military industry and have so much to profit from war

    1. @baldog tondo Vote democrats out nationwide they have utterly failed at home and abroad. Democrats defunded police and called them racist. As a result murder and crime are up in every democrat city. Inflation is through the roof and the border crisis is getting extreme. Claims of racism are up since democrats blame white rage for everything. Democrats humiliated themselves with the Afghan withdrawal failure and they want to reward themselves with 5 trillion to spend. Hold democrats to account

    2. @parker smith you are reading the wrong news,anyway why you should be racist when all of you were immigrants in that country the natives were the indians mind you,and you don’t knew your history.ha…

    3. And how many military contractors contribute to which Congress people. This war is a prime example of what Noam Chomsky titled “Manufacturing Consent”. #1 Vietnam #2 Afghanistan. Time to Stop the Stupid.

    4. @baldog tondo aww your jealousy is showing. Calling names is a sure sign you don’t have a valid argument. Go on you’re transparent

  8. Why is he asking “what’s the mission”?
    Why isn’t he saying what can and should be done. 10 minutes of spin. Nonpartisan,, baloney..

    1. I’ve heard that no one really knew what the whole Afghan mission was about
      Made a lot of money for the defense industry though

  9. So show me the ‘detailed knowledge” that this General publicly stated more than 10 days ago that the ANG was going to bail immediately. Now, suddenly he is saying that he knew the “better idea”. I’m calling B.S. on this kinda ‘woulda coulda’ .

  10. McMaster is either dumb or getting a piece of the action. Taliban wants us to stay and spend another $100 billion but fortunately voters Know it is a horrible investment.

    1. I don’t agree. When Trump and Pompeo were negotiating with Taliban in winter 2020, we did everything they wanted, including release over 5,000 of their guys from prison. US asked for some wimpy concessions. Taliban grinned inwardly and said, “sure, we do that.” (they won’t). Mr ‘Art of the Deal’ Trump couldn’t have made a worse deal.

  11. Andrea, you should have asked him if he has any stock investments in the military industry. If so, he must be worried about his stock tanking

    1. The sound of people at the gravy train of military contractors suddenly realizing their fat bonuses are gone…

  12. He truly talks like a politician with an agenda. He also talks ‘folksy’ to appeal and attract a certain part of the audience.

    He does not talk like a true expert at all. No interest and no acknowledgement in provable facts or logical points made by her.

    He’s one of a small group of people who significantly enabled Drumpf to be very dangerous for all of us.

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