Retired Admiral: Very unlikely US Would Launch Counterattack Against ISIS-K 1

Retired Admiral: Very unlikely US Would Launch Counterattack Against ISIS-K

Retired Adm. James Stavridis outlines the various options available to the U.S. following today’s complex attack outside Kabul airport, says "it is very unlikely" there will be a counterattack on ISIS-K. 
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    1. Biden did not take questions from a single woman. The CNN chick was in her red dress to which I put Cheetos on my genitalia daily, she wanted to be called on so badly, and Biden didn’t call on a single lady. Thanks.

    2. There was a black man driving a jack really big truck with Amerikkan flags, two Rottweilers in the back, and do you know what his license plate said?
      Obviously this man was a white supremacist!

    1. @Raging Monk do you have the ability to think for yourself or do you need the news media to do it for you. In your own words how is this not Bidens failure?

    1. @L F Bush started it. Obama continued it. Trump had a plan to get us out. Biden f**ked it all up.

    1. I’m glad you find this hilarious… anyway what does building up America have to do with the situation on the ground in Afghanistan? Anything to own the libs huh? You’re not a patriot, you revel in this madness don’t you?

    2. @flamingo boot you violate the first rule of comment fight club:
      1. Do not, for the love of God, feed trolls after midnight.

    3. @flamingo boot I thought the grown ups were back at the table? Remember Biden said he would win the respect of our allies back. Those same allies are wishing Trump was in the White House right now. For the record you don’t have to own libs. They are so stupid and incompetent they do it for us.

    4. @Guyinthecommentsection lol… you really think that… war is ugly my friend, ppl die… we should cut bait and run, those who ain’t out should have know better months ago…

    1. Only on an international level.
      Remember when he sexually assaulted Tara Reade and her mother called into Larry King Live for advice?
      How bout when he got Jill Biden to divorce Joe’s friend and marry him instead? Forget the first wife’s death.
      And then there’s Hunter, good lord, what a problem child LOL!
      But those are only interpersonal problems with Joe and his family. He’d never screw up like this on an international level LMFAO!!!

    1. @Emanuel A he os clearly not up to the task. He assured the American public that he had planned for every contingency and that this would not happen.

    2. @Emanuel A how can you defend this President. I’m not asking you to like Trump but how on earth can you see Biden as anything but a disaster?

  1. Yeah don’t even open that pandora box of attacks & counter s#$@t.
    To media ppl: Dont ask silly questions & speculations! Just report what’s going on on the ground.
    Just pullout on time as president Biden said. Follow orders for once! Don’t create distractions(bombings etc..) because there are plenty of bad actors within the ranks who have gotten used to the comforts of living practically as Kings & queens on taxpayers dollars for 2 long decades!!
    So shameful there’s nothing to show for it.

  2. 0 American deaths since Feb 2020 in Afghanistan until today. If only Sleepy Joe would’ve listened to his advisors and carried out President Trump’s conditions based withdrawal plan…

    1. LOL The one Rumpy signed with the Taliban without the Afghan government even able to be there? That one where we negotiated with terrorists and set 5000 of the Tali free to join back up? That condition THEY dictated to Rumpy? Yeah, sounds good huh?

    2. @Raging Monk you are arguing about a hypothetical situation that never happened. The reality is this did happen under Biden and if you had a shred of dignity you would be holding him to the same standard you hold Trump too. You are a hypocrite.

    3. @JJ Strumr there was no government, just a bunch of clowns that got out of the country and left the people to fend for themselves

  3. Republicans will obstruct any investigation into the peaceful tourists of Kabul.
    Trump’s obedience to Putin and his capitulation to the Taliban have nothing to do with any of this.

    1. *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      *China* Joe “accidentally” did it backwards.

    2. @Bay 17 actually Biden did #3 and then went on vacation forgetting to execute the rest of the plan.

    3. @Guyinthecommentsection I really do wish it was truly only incompetence and not intentional, but Biden is a traitor

  4. “Unlikely US would launch counterattack against ISIS” … OF COURSE! … B/c this is the SAME admin that was behind BENGHAZI!

    1. ​@Jozh : “Fake outrage” … How are you so damned STUPEFYINGLY-detached from reality?!?
      And so much for having any semblance of a grasp of what occurred then _(How the WHOLE US-Military was told to stand-down/back!)_
      And how it relates to what is happening now!
      Such an F’n tool … and/or .. sub/non-Human!

    2. @jbette – Yes, your “Fake outrage” … How are you so damned STUPEFYINGLY-detached from reality?!?
      And so much for having any semblance of the truth after tRump’s lies of what occurred Jan. 6th (How the Proud Boys were told to stand-down/back!)
      And how it relates to what is happening now!
      Such an F’n tool … and/or .. sub/non-Human!

    3. @Jozh Ashli Babbitt is the only person who died on January 6th. She was killed by a police officer after being pushed through a window. One officer died from a stroke not by being bashed in the head with a fire extinguisher like the fake news media reported. You are a loser and a liar. You should be holding this administration accountable not acting like a hypocrite.

  5. What would this retired due know. He WAS a small fry in the huge military and intelligence complex

  6. 12 soldiers killed, Commander in chief does nothing. MSNBC has no problem with this. That’s my state of the union.

  7. ISIS =Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. So what is it doing in Afganistan??? CiA is losing it with it’s new stupid scripts.

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