Memoli: The WH Sees This As A ‘Critical Week To Reestablish Biden’s Presidency’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Memoli: The WH Sees This As A ‘Critical Week To Reestablish Biden’s Presidency’ | Deadline | MSNBC


NBC News Correspondent Mike Memoli reports from Portage, Michigan, following President Biden’s visit to a Pfizer manufacturing plant. Aired on 02/19/2021.
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Memoli: The WH Sees This As A ‘Critical Week To Reestablish Biden’s Presidency’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Timmy Truth why are you h45 followers are so hateful and violent? We can disagree on things but blaming others as he allowed yall to do won’t help but you know what will help, is taking responsibility for yourself and not blame others like he do. That would be a start…

    2. @john smith and report the actual page. That’s the only way I see to attempt to get them to stop spamming hate and lies

  1. What Biden has inherited is like putting a dishwasher in charge of the Pacific fleet but much much bigger. Trump had as much qualification to run this country and foreign affairs then in aardvark would have driving a jet fighter

    1. Biden and AOC already did. While the Republicans in charge of Texas have been lying, deflecting, avoiding, and blaming while Democrats have taken action. Yep. This is exactly why it’s only common sense to NOT vote republicans into office.

  2. The inept GOP doesn’t believe in effective Government for the people, ALL the people and it shows in Texas right now! They only use it to line their own pockets….
    VOTE them out!

    1. The problem in Texas isn’t due to graft, but shortsightedness. When you buy your electricity, do you choose the source that prepares for low risk exigencies, but costs more, or the cheapest source? Do you always revise your choices when circumstances (ie. weather patterns) change?

  3. Weird how Biden was able to get to work right away without spending the first 2 weeks arguing about crowd sizes or a single golf trip!

    1. No, because he’s an intelligent, hard working, decent man with a strong character, who acts and works like a POTUS should.

    2. @Great Tobeadub It’s so good to have a president who DOES care about the American people, and to see him at the Pfizer factory in Kalmazoo was a welcome sight.

    3. @Great Tobeadub Well, yes, of course he’s all that. But just generally speaking, democrats seem like they’re much more genuine, hard working policy analysts and legislators who are more for the people than the rich elite. Of course there are exceptions and of course there is corruption. But think of where we would be now if Al Gore had been our rightful president. And even though I know Bill Clinton had his faults, he was much more fiscally conservative than republicans have been who have consistently run up national debt. And each time a democrat is elected, the new president is in a difficult position of bailing the country out of an unthinkable disaster.

  4. For those who haven’t kept up with events over the last 4 years, we almost lost our democracy. When I watched him give this speech I felt happy, and proud. I had wondered if the fight had been worth it? Yes, it was! We support you President Biden and VP Harris we believe you’ve got this. Watch.

  5. My little brother was born in Portage. We lived on the outskirts of K-Zoo for many years. I left to San Antonio to escape the cold – hah, joke’s on me today!

    1. Hang on! Donations and food/supplies are coming. Other states have been affected too but not as bad as Texas.

  6. Hey look, a President that actually works and doesn’t spend half the day on Fox and the other half tweeting.. Good times man, good times..

  7. We all know that President Biden and Vice President Harris are not perfect but I for one am sleeping much better since they’ve taken office! So nice to have the chaos gone! Now let’s get rid of all those corrupt GOPers and clean up our congress!

  8. No golfing, no safe space rallies, no whining, no tweeting just basic governance and basic leadership in face of a health and economic disaster and now an environmental disaster. Go Joe

    1. Seriously, Biden didn’t raise gas prices, do your homework. Trump is a madman and doesn’t care one iota about you or your family. He was all about himself and his family, and maybe Lindsey Graham but only if he doesn’t cross him.

  9. WTH??? Biden hasn’t been in office 2 months and you think he needs to “re-establish his presidency”? Give the man a break for Pete’s sake. BTW, why can’t I find any of Biden’s recent Town Hall speeches?

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