1. @Boomer5150 His point is that every country will always put it’s own interest in front of others, so Trumps rhetoric is BULLSHIT. Screaming America first on every roof doesnt make you a patriot.

    1. @Donna Willams then why didnt they accept mexicos offer for asylum dumbass! If you cant follow the fucking laws of a country you shouldnt be allowed in. End of story.

  1. Illegal immigrants pays taxes, the president of the u.s said not paying taxes he’s a smart businessman.

    1. Why do you hate America? Why do you stand with illegal migrants & Mexico over the safety and security of our country? Why does your party burn the flag? How come your party only waved the Palestinian and Mexican flags at your 2016 democrat presidential convention? The American flags were banned. Why is that?

      Currently, the U.S. exports about $275 billion worth of goods and services to Mexico and imports $349 billion worth of goods and services from Mexico. After the Trump tax cut, the U.S. is collecting about 17% of GDP in tax revenue…..

      NOW, Trumps new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement, exports WILL grow by $27.5 billion and imports by $35.9 billion. Those increased exports WILL bring the government $4.7 billion in NEW tax revenues, while the increased imports would ADD $2.4 billion…. MEXICANS PAYING FOR THE MAGA WALL #winning

    2. Tucker Carlson 😂 imagine being so stupid <—🤡not realize that that exporting is money made while importing is money lost America is losing money on a deficit with Mexico 😂😂😂 -70 billion loss net income. Omg no this guy exposed him self twice negative -8 billion net income from Canada I’m done 😂😂😂

    3. ElSlickVic that’s a good thing they all should be deported. Imagine if illegals kept pouring in from all countries the US would turn into a war zone

  2. This is going to heat the farming and other jobs the employers just don’t won’t to pay what we need to live in the USA.

    1. Judging by your English you don’t live in the USA, or you’re the one child left behind.

    2. @MLK’s Conservative Ghost So like our president? Seriously you can’t judge someone’s grammar when you support a president with the english of a 5 year old.

    3. They tried using american labor even prisoners. 1 black dude lasted the season. Everyone else quit. Prisoners stood around smoking.

    1. @James Peter That’s like asking someone why they don’t have their lunch after just taking away their lunchbox. The democrats have been blocking Trump forever now. He’s been building wall, and he’d complete it by now if he had cooperation. A 90% reduction in illegals is better than 0%.

    2. @James Peter dumbass this has been a major problem for years and years. Back on 09 hillary, obama, and schumer voted for a wall and better security along the mexico border and then trump got in office and they said we are bad racist people for wanting a wall just because all they care about is making trump look bad. This is 100% democrats fault we are even in this situation.

    3. And I thought I voted for an American instead of a traitor! I won’t make the same mistake. President Trump should be ashamed!

  3. If the european didn’t enslaved people. Every black and Hispanic country would be better off today. They wouldn’t be so economically behind

    1. @Demsareliars Everyday What’s your point? Slavery wasn’t ok at point in history. So suck it up buttercup. It’s part of our shitty history.

  4. Mexico is doing a hell of a lot more to slow the flow of illegal immigrants than if the President of the United States happen to be a Democrat.

  5. There are 20 million illegal aliens in America today. In 1986 the Dems in congress made a deal with Reagan to stop all illegal crossings FROM THEN ON, and they got to have 2 million illegal aliens amnesty. Dems want to make a fool of the nation again.

  6. Thank you Mexico for an activating a vetting process. True asylum seekers will stay in Mexico. They fled for their lives and made it to Mexico, safely. Phenomenon….aka…emergency.

  7. Trump sends troops to our southern border: HE’S RACIST!!!!

    Mexico sends troops to their southern border:
    THEY’RE RAC-wait

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