Michael Cohen On Trump Probe: Everyone In The Company Lied For Donald

“This isn’t about flipping, folks. This is about telling the truth. And the problem is—everybody lied for Donald. It wasn’t just me. It was the entire company," says Michael Cohen discussing the pressure on Allen Weisselberg and other Trump-Org members amid criminal probe.
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  1. Of course they all lied Everybody knew about this for years and years and years I don’t know why it comes as such a big surprise to some

    1. No one is really surprised…. people have ALWAYS held agendas that allows them forfeit the truth/facts to achieve those agendas…..everyONE is aware of this human frailty….no one seems honest enough to admit it…..and it ain’t just politicians, or a particular political party…. it’s WE THE PEOPLE…. it’s like everyone treats politicians like an anomaly of sorts….they come from a pool of US!

    2. @Traci Bolen I’m in Canada and yes, we knew and were mind blown that the dirt bag could take the highest office in the US. Condolences with having to deal with this POS and his intent to make himself a dictator and destroy your country.

    3. @Rory Keegan that’s quite interesting to say the least. Funny and making a point. Scale of 0 to 10. I’ll score you a 9.5 mate.

    4. @Anne rew Since Teddy Roosevelt, ROFLMFAO. You guys will reach for anything trying to defend the POS. Wow, willful ignorance is not a good look LMAO

    1. @Boathousejoe D He doesn’t have a pass he went to jail and is now on house arrest …. plus he was officially disbarred by the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division. THat in itself is a big price to pay for his part. Lastly you are being lied to; THere is a BIG difference between saying tax fraud and Tax warrants. A tax warrant is a legal action that can be brought against you by the state or federal government if you fail to pay your taxes. Also called a lien, the warrant is a public record that allows the government to claim your personal property or assets to satisfy the unpaid taxes. Between April and June 2017 the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance filed seven tax WARRANTS against Cohen and his wife for $37,434 in unpaid taxi taxes.

  2. Wonder who is gonna be thrown under the bus first, and who is gonna make the play for qualified immunity first.

    1. @Brian E. Mary Trump said DT would not sacrifice himself for his kids. No shock there. If questioned, he would expect them to still protect HIM. Yet another example that he is the worst man on Earth.

    2. @chas jacks: Mary Trump said Ivanka is the most like Donald and the smartest. She’s not going to fall on a sword for Donald. She’ll take care of herself first.

    1. The cell door slams. A voice in the darkness “I love me some racist butter buns, get up on that!”

    2. He’s the one figure in all of this Trumpian nonsense who I can imagine staring into his daughter’s eyes when she said “Daddy, did you do this bad thing?” and then actually confronted his own soul. If that is the case, he has my respect.

    1. MSNBC should be grateful for Donald Trump. That’s all they got. Without him, they’d have no chum for their low IQ followers.

    2. @Dwayne Smith Honestly Dwayne, I don’t have a favorite. I watch or read them all. I’ve realized MSNBC is primarily stuck on Trump. Like most liberals, just sticking it to Trump is easy, therefor a lazy game. It’s obvious they’re doing everything possible to keep him from being a force in the 2024 primary/general elections. AOC says some of the stupidest things and MSNBC ignores it. I’ve noticed at MSNBC, supposition becomes fact, and their supporters love it.

    1. Everyone sees the Jewish Lawyers here in America, lying. I worked in Corporate America for 20 yrs., I am a Woman. This is the truth, Rich Men with hookers , paying out of Corporate accounts, signing NDA’s. The Men in my family still don’t speak to me, I told them how these terrible Men really behaved at work. I was harassed daily.

    2. @Raymond Tucker Jr 😂😂 pinhead??? I’d say that’s better than what you are 😜

    1. @Erika Ives and Citrus Caligula thought he was so clever with nicknames! “Lyin’’ Ted”. No! Luzzer Cruzzer! “Little Marco”. No! Just Rube! Never worried about cutting out the Trumpanoma, or how to chemo the cancer he unleashed into the body politic.

    2. @Snap Dragon Mango Mussolini, Cheeto Jesus, Donald the Diva, Agolf Twitler… there are so many to choose from.

    3. There is a lot of patriotic Americans who aren’t very happy about being devoured by a parasite. I’m not sure how much longer this situation can fester before it explodes.

  3. Stable Genius can’t even put his pants on correctly, and his much-anticipated blog lasted only 4 weeks.
    And still, HE’S the savior of the republican party? 🤷
    Stop it, GQP, please, just stop! 😅😂🤣

    1. As long as the GOP supports our legitimate president, Donald J Trump, I’ll support them.

    2. Hey!! His pants were on right!! 😂😂😂😂 It’s just the way he had them under his arm pits like an 80 year old man😂😂😂😂

    3. @Newton Peart I can’t wait to see the PEE PEE tape. I believe it exists. At least,I hope so.

    4. @Rondell Threadgate I watched Nixon walk. So it could happen. But messing with taxes, money, etc. Got Al Capone. There is hope.

    1. @Duramax Dad I have defended this country my entire adult life from 1977 until now. What have you done?

    2. @Duramax Dad if you can not realize that trumplicans are a threat to all american lives then you are obviously a trumplican

    3. @edward cunha I’ve been saying for years the right wing gun nuts should be careful what the wish for….they’ve painted themselves into such a box…eventually the obvious vagueness baked into the stand your ground laws and legally run down protesters laws….are going to collide….and you can put whatever political mindset into either party the gun carrier or the driver of the car trying to run them down….

      This is a powder keg of legal liability mess…and only serves to sell guns once again….

    1. @Bea Conn Good luck getting a trumper to read, but thank you for the facts, much appreciated! 👍🏼

    2. @Duramax Dad Hunter Biden may be an addict, sadly, but is highly educated and was actually qualified for the position he was hired for. Diaper Don’s kids are enabled idiots whom are completely unqualified for the positions they’ve been handed. Your argument doesn’t hold water.

    3. @sha nur he, like anyone who chooses to do crimes at any point in their life, has willingly taken on the very real burden of potentially being able to be caught and punished for it. Thems the breaks.

    4. @Nancy Mencke I’m hopeful it’s because they are asking, answering and cementing facts and evidence. If there were no crimes, I would champion them all moving on with their lives.

    1. ​@Mike Sadler I’m still, I’m still Donnie from the block! Used to have a little, now I have a lot!

    2. @LOUE BLACK his father created him. Trump has been this way his whole life. He is making his kids be just like him. I wonder if any of them will create the same in their kids.

    3. Ahem – personal responsibility?
      I´m not defending Fred Trump in the least, but claiming the bad daddy is responsible for the actions of the 70yo man who his son turned out to be is a dangerous thought.
      Hitler had a bad youth, too, as did Stalin – as did most big villains in history.
      Bad parents are a backdrop for most bad people – but then, many with bad parents decide to be different than their bad examples.

    4. @joyce roberts I agree Mary’s father unfortunately was an alcoholic and when he died Donald went to the movies ..his older brother died he was going to play golf he stopped off for 5 minutes at the hospital and never again!! President Biden had arranged a rally on the day of his funeral and canceled it in respect
      Such a difference very happy we’ve got President Biden and can breath now instead of Donnies voice and videos he’s making a fool of himself

    1. You’re absolutely spot on… Historically, con men had a code. They would only con a dishonest person, for example, “I got a guaranteed deal, you’ll make 30%, no question. Now, it ain’t exactly legal, but it’s guaranteed!”

      Mind you, this wasn’t done out of sympathy for the would-be victim, but rather to reduce the likelihood that the mark would go to the authorities as they too are implicated in criminal behavior.

  4. “From buying a pen to a property … all needs to be aproved by trump…” that is the way he wanted to run the country…real fascist tyrant wannabe…

    1. @Andariego DelMundo Cohen went to jail for HIS crimes. Defrauding banks by inflating his assets to obtain loans.

    2. @Andariego DelMundo Having the contractors who rented his taxis pay him personally to avoid declaring income.

    3. @Andariego DelMundo Yea, no. Barr worked for Reagan and Bush. He was a well known attorney before Trump. No one had ever heard of Cohen before but he sure is enjoying the 5 minutes of fame you’re giving him. 😆 🤣 😂

  5. When every thing you are is a lie.Imagine living such a life. An eel slipping between truths. 0 accountability ever. Our former leader,shame on us.

  6. Everyday action is not taken against him, he’s spreading more lies. I hope things are moving with urgency to put him away

    1. They’re not…. Because they don’t have anything on him… If they did it would have already happened…

    2. @Mm I mean I guess it’s not illegal to lie, but I feel like at some level it should be? He’s flat out lying. There’s no evidence needed rather than the lack he has, even when he was the most powerful person on earth and threatened people he couldn’t find it.

  7. Micheal is great he is telling all remembers everything he’s not nervous he’s lookin right in the camera definitely telling the truth for sure!!!!!!!!🤗🤗

    1. @Timmy Johnson well see if this lie in 2019 Micheal clearly said that if Donald loses the election in 2020 he said CLEARLY THAT HE WOULD NOT GO QUIETLY!!!!!!!!!!!! BOY WAS HE RIGHT

  8. “Everybody in the company lied for Donald”….now it is half the country, that is doing the same! So, there is no difficulty believing what Michael Cohen says.

    1. What has come to light is “corroboration” of what Cohen has said. That is why he is growing in popularity. What he says seems to be true and consistent through other people involved and evidence being found.

    2. Not “half of the country” supports this corrupt man. It is far, far less…but they are loud and obnoxious so it seems like more.

    3. Go look how many people tuned in to watch him the other night then go look how many people watch biden . Your out numbered

    4. @Patsy Delonardo People slow down when they see an accident on the highway as well ! What’s your point again?

  9. Alan is getting old he does not need all this pressure he should take Cohen‘s advice. Tell them.

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