Why Has No Trump Ally Faced Consequences For Trying To Overturn An Election? 1

Why Has No Trump Ally Faced Consequences For Trying To Overturn An Election?


“What penalty have they faced?" says Chris Hayes of the people who helped Trump attempt to overturn the election. “The answer is essentially zero, which is why they will not stop until someone goes to jail. Or, they find the weak point in the fence, and they get through, and they succeed.”
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    1. @C Cole Some don’t know the difference between right and wrong. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

    2. @Conrad Surak Repugs have never been for healthcare for all and Social Security. Dems probably shouldn’t accept donations from corporations, and that is the quandry. Repugs today have simply flung their mask off, showing their true face, which is one butt-ugly POS.

    3. @Paul Brinkman it’s a long con it’s good cop bad cop and the truth is ACAB
      Tune into SOULED OUT 2022 where you’ll see The Macho Man Randy Republican vs. Jim The Democrat Niceheart in a Tables Ladders and Constitution match.
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  1. If athletes can be fined for not talking to the press, why can’t politicians who won’t shut up be fined as well?

  2. Hayes say what we have thought all along: The justice system is too slow to stop an insurrection, even this “slow motion insurrection” (by the way Hitler’s overturn of democracy was also a “slowmotion” thing.)

    1. @Kathryn Elizabeth Holding account is not the same thing as stopping. The DOJ enforces the law, always. Stopping an insurrection can be done with preventive measures. Prevention is different from addressing an insurrection while it is occurring, which should be done by those trained: police or military.

    2. @Simply Amazed Voting is important. The next is to be constructively involved in creating what is needed. Find out what the problem is. If it is that American manufacturing was exported to foreign countries, how do we utilize the skills of people who were laid off or how do we make manufacturing in the US more competitive? If it is poorly educated people missing critical thinking skills, be willing to fund educational programs to increase skills. If it is the summer heat that fuels dissent, is there a cool place to go to? My sense is that solving a problem is far more difficult than criticizing. When a person recognizes the effort needed to do what is right, a couple things happen. First, there is a greater willingness to figure out how to make improvements. Practical ideas make it easier to recognize arguments about minutia, like whether it’s ok for Dr Seuss to stop printing 6 books because they want to.

  3. Why isn’t there a federal standard for all states for all elections?

    And yeah, why are all those in Congress that violated their oath by trying to overturn a presidential election still able to hold office?

    Why are they being allowed to get away with this? They lie right to your face now and don’t care because there aren’t any consequences.

    1. @GenX 4Life Oh snap! So those were Democrats on Jan 6th? I could have sworn it was the great unwashed who are against studying or learning.

    2. finally my thinking it is federal election , so ALL STATES MUST HAVE ONE RULE N VOTING SYSTEM , no confusion , time they rethink this old system so in future no one can be another DT

    1. And your friends and allies are shocked, if this happened in Europe, Canada, Japan, etc. These people would all be in the middle of corruption lawsuits.

    2. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you in the face..You have been conned..You are like a Jim Jones devotee..Bet you looked at those people and wondered how they could ever have been conned by a narcissist..Well now you know..I’m done with you lot..How far will you go for Trump..We you take the poison for him?Will you murder for him?

  4. Prosecute the ring-leader first.
    The reason Hitler was not sentenced to death at the Nuremberg Trials was that he had the courage to pull the trigger, unlike Herr Bonespurs.

  5. It’s sad and funny both hearing the Texas ‘Attorney General’ proving that Biden won Texas, while twisting it in to, ‘the mail-in ballets were supposedly illegal’.

  6. Maybe the UN should supervise American elections from now on. The US has really at this point become a Puntin controlled banana republic.

    1. @What if Conspiracies Theorys explained Mockingbird? … Oh ya I saw those movies. Great storyline.

    2. @DG youtube Omg, please. How many years are y’all gonna keep rolling out that yarn? People who want the world to end because they think it benefits them deceive themselves when they think of themselves as good people, same as domestic terrorists who call themselves patriots. No wonder evangelicals are avid Trump supporters. Delusional.

  7. The USA is almost being destroyed by one sick man. Twump is evil. Like Hitler it shows what kind of damage one person can do

    1. @Pete Smith like I said you are dumb. Trump put America first. There is nothing wrong with that. Just like every other president in every country does except our current president. Just stop.

    2. Was brining peace to the middle east bad for you. What about North Korea. Trump would have already had a deal with Iran. He had deals with Mexico too. Not to mention the pipeline for Canada. You are dumb

    3. @Brian Martinez OOPS. I mis-interpreted your “genius” comment. You were speaking of Hitler’s genius, not insulting someone. Sorry.

  8. The Texas AG just admitted he committed election fraud. Wonder how the supreme Court’s going to handle that evidence

    1. They will do nothing. America is screwed, your democracy is going bye bye. The republicans are attacking your democracy and the FBI under the direction of a republican will do nothing to investigate if these people are interfering with up coming elections and people’s constitutional right to vote. The democrats let the republican party run rough shod over them again and it’s going to cost your democracy.

    2. easy they will refuse to hear any case about it. America is screwed unless true Americans rise up to reclaim her but Democrats in office are currently to worried about optics to do anything to save us and the country from the grips of the fascist republican party.

    3. Why these people have not been charged along with trump.??????????.where is the laws,,not working g they need to be voted on and re_done.

    4. SCOTUS will do nothing. They gutted the Voting Rights Act, they allowed dark money into politics with Citizens United. Do you really think they will step in to protect democracy? John Roberts, Kavanaugh and Phoney Barrett worked for the Bush campaign when the Florida votes debacle happened.

    1. I think that Trump just lost a high-stakes poker game, and voila! Judging from his facial expression at his inauguration, this guy DID NOT want to be there. And then there’s everybody else…

  9. They should be locked up for just the plotting. Why aren’t they being held accountable?

    1. @Pro’ se Kim Your “leader” is going to prison. And there’ll be dancing in the streets. A**hole.

    2. @V V I’m glad you “wasted your breath” — for the rest of us.

      I’m trying to take my own advice, to “Don’t feed the trolls.” They’re not here for any rational debate whatsoever.

    3. @steve jette Surprise. And, demonizing Dems. and manipulating their followers with fear and hate. It’s a cult of mindlessness. Until they ose their health insurance or something, and the fever will break–fast.

  10. Why is he free to do that he’s under investigation for exactly what he’s doing right now how many times is he going to be allowed to get away with it.

    1. Lets see you are being investigated for IRS fraud they go over your tax returns for as far back as they can and they find? Nothing! Will your association with the Soviet nation we have been trying to nail you on that one for years. And the President just moved into the White House is accusing the President of Russia Putin of manipulating the election of 2020 the most secure election ever. HA

    2. DEMOCRATS are full of lousy gutless pppl , who have no guts to bring these culprits to be prosecuted , all they doing is drag on n on , this commission that commission but no action , lousy bunch of no good these democrat lawmakers , they need some one with thunder voice not mewo mewo,s

  11. It’s time for the DOJ to step in!
    It’s an outrage that no-one has faced LEGAL consequences for this BS!

  12. Joe Mansion is an : Obstructive “SLEEPER Reblican” He makes no sense, at all on his voting stances. No matter the title. Who has activated him.? Not the majority populace in West Virginia. They want what he refuses to vote for. If it looks like a Republican. Acts like a republican. Votes or obstructs the vote like a Republican. His name is Joe Mansion.

    1. I wonder why we’re not hearing Manchin’s constituency complaining about his actions and behaviors. Are there even any Democrats in his district, or do they just throw a Republican in that seat for good measure?


    1. @Richard Christian it’s been happening for quite sometime now. Gerrymandering districts, voter suppression and now voter suppression laws. I don’t have the exact dates for you, but I am sure you can do that work yourself

  14. Agree with you Chris … the Scamily must be put in prison; and that includes Fooliani. Stop the Scampaigns and Insurrectionists NOW in 2021.

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