‘Watergate Level’: Trump Chief Of Staff Pressured DOJ To Support Trump’s Election Lies 1

‘Watergate Level’: Trump Chief Of Staff Pressured DOJ To Support Trump’s Election Lies


Former Acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal joins MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the Republican effort to block a Jan. 6 commission, how GOP lies about the Capitol Hill riot affect America's future, the news Trump’s chief of staff pressed the DOJ to investigate false election fraud claims, and the criminal probe into the Trump Organization.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @victor armand the truth always outs in the end. The proof is there and abounds in volumes. Audits are now taking place. When coordinated events happen in the middle of the night and voting stations all close down and black vans appear with monitors asked to leave it is really obvious what was going on.
      Like I said the truth always comes out.

    2. @Nancy Ross Yes, and we need to move against them Fox Propaganda and all, as a unified government before we are completely done in.

    3. @E Garza it just shows how many people didn’t like Trump and that’s why Biden won. Seems there are way less racists and people that worship a False Idol in America than was previously thought

  1. A serious question: those who chanted “we want trump” while storming the capitol, what if they just show up to mar a lago, uninvited, and just want to enter( not even violently, but just lovingly chant they want to see trump), would they be allowed in? Would they be welcome to roam the halls as they please to have a taste of the life their gilded false prophet is living?


    2. I read that a lot of trumpers have been hanging out in the area of Margo Lago to the chagrin of the locals. It seems these trumper’s are a bunch of rude and uncouth boors.

    1. @free thinker ‘Mueller investigated.trump for 2 yrs’ Yes, we need that report published in full, and acted upon. Good to see you’re on board with that.

    2. @free thinker won’t accept Mueller investigation results… claims it will accept audit results after not accepting elections results for months
      Yeah right, just another troll lying to get its way like a child.

    1. D.Porter,surprisingly he didn’t stand with trump and lie about the election results..I guess even that crook had his red line he wouldn’t cross…The Mueller report was bad enough…

    2. All the comments here are ridiculous. Did you hear Barr’s reason for resigning? I could imagine his office, we all saw what happened those early morning hours of Nov , along with Hunter Biden being swept under rug.
      I see Durham’s report, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia audit findings being released and Elec. Machine company’s lawsuit with pillow guy in Supreme Court all coming out at once…….just like Wuhan Lab…can’t fake it anymore.

  2. Don’t know why Trump, his chief of staff and all his supporters haven’t been arrested yet

    1. @speedy 3776 how about asking officials to “find” enough votes to overturn a certified election?

    2. @Keith Ferris that was fake news. I’d tell you to Listen to the whole phone call but that might take effort. You like your news cut up and edited by the state propaganda

    1. @Aaron I can’t believe I’m even acknowledging this. I see no reason why that would be a problem. I’m pretty sure anyone who survived 9/11 is also against treason. All acts of terrorism against the US should be remembered . Shut up, stupid.


    1. Nixon hired 5 burglars to break into Watergate to wiretap & covered up activities. Trump invited Russian cyber burglars to break into Hillary campaign office to steal mail & fired Comey to obstruct justice.

    2. Watergate was merely a “Hold my beer” moment for the MAGA cultists . (Sorry to employ an overused cliche.)

  3. World: See’s shocking attack on the Capitol, Replications: You didn’t see what you saw…

    1. @Jack Sparrow Exactly. This Jan 6 bs is just a government cover up. So as the George Floyd bs. So as the UFO. Your government is protecting itself.

    2. @J M M I hear ya. It’s like they don’t even try any more. Blah blah, CAPS LOCK. Blah blah, sheep.

    1. @Rom Rosen I guess you don’t have a record of Trump’s lies while he was in office. He probably has the highest record of any US President. Lying to Trump seems like breathing air. On the bright side for you remember that Trump was a Democrat before he decided to run for office. So if you equate Democrats with lying, Trump picked it up real good and dialed it up a great notch

    2. @Rom Rosen he did not ban all travel from China, and Democrats did not in any way call shutting down travel racist

    1. Nixon hired 5 burglars to break into Watergate to wiretap & covered up activities. Trump invited Russian cyber burglars to break into Hillary campaign office to steal mail & fired Comey to obstruct justice.

  4. Apparently, Trump and his staff were watching the fox propaganda show and the Italian scifi channel until they broke their brain.

  5. they want no investigation into Jan 6th because they known it will cost Republicans BIG TIME during the next election.

  6. Guess what? Republicans including their allies Joe Machin and Sinema will find an excuse for this too.

  7. Both Ari and Neal explain legalities so thoroughly. I feel as though I learn everytime I watch. Thank you to you both!!!

    1. @jamesa 9lpio patton oh really. And did Democrat Senators give tours of the Capitol Building to BLM protesters in the days leading up to the insurrection?

    2. @Matt Jackson I don’t know but they did back them and told them to use violence so do think that is ok

    3. @jamesa 9lpio patton do you think that is that the same thing as inviting a gang of your supporters to D.C. on the day Congress just happened to be in session to certify the election result, getting them all riled up with lies about a stolen election and talk of “fighting for your country”, and then sending them to the Capitol to hang the VP and stop Congress from carrying out its duty?

    4. @Matt Jackson I think BLM did way worse and hurt more people and business of all races they disgraceful

  8. Any one of the GQP headlines today would have destroyed careers and the party, before 40% of the electorate became blithering morons.

    1. @Dean Foyle Yes, I’m still astounded that no one held accountable for their despicable actions and lies and getting away with it.

  9. Nothing proves election fraud like getting laughed out of every court room in the country…Johnny English

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