Trump Trouble: ‘Heavy Hitter’ Trump Org Exec Testifies In Criminal Probe

While longtime Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg ducks questions about the criminal probe into the company, a longtime executive who reported directly to Weisselberg just went under oath before the New York grand jury. Feds hope the pressure will turn Weisselberg into a cooperating witness. MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by former SDNY prosecutor John Flannery and MSNBC's Juanita Tolliver to discuss the updates in the probe. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. New words to a familiar tune:

    “Jail to the Chief, don’t forget to take your pillow…”

  2. Do it like Al Capone style. They took down Alphonse “Scarface” Capone by going after his accountant.😜

    1. Didn’t you have your feet on Nancy’s desk? Just kidding!🙄🤦‍♂️😜

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Libs?😂. You still think this is “libs” …it’s much more than that at this point pal!

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr he’s good at faking. One of the very few things he’s good at

    4. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr lul Trump is a crook and he doesn’t even hide the facts… Pardons the very own people who could of held him accountable and they go on record saying he’s a crook (so they have to find new people).. u can keep denying it until it catches up to him.

    1. @Andethidial bubabibub or when all the g7 leaders got caught on a hot mic laughing and talking crap about him. he has always been a laughing stock

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr msn is more popular then ever. any time you want to stop viewing and posting, the rest of us would love that.

    3. @Bobby Kiefer i dont know what your point is, the u.s has sold treasury bonds to china for decades. the u.s owes china trillions. if china ever called in all their bonds, the u.s would go bankrupt instantly.

  3. Weisselberg almost made it…if only Donnie didn’t run for President and just stayed bumbling about with Apprentice ratings and walking in on teenage girls in the Miss Whatever pageants…
    Now Alan will be talking to save his family. Will Donnie do the same?

    1. @Michael Bray , lol it’s funny. My Nephew uses my account , to state his thoughts. So, I literally have no clue whaty you aree squawking about. That said, I am so far from tribalism, it is obvious you have no clue who I am. As to real tribalism, take a look at any US Inner City, take a look at Afghanistan, or Africa. You want to know why those places are shitholes, it is tribalism, and religion, most specifically Islam.

    2. @Donald Trump ha we know this is fake.. t***p can only talk in statements and there aren’t enough exclamation points there

    3. @Ayn Rand
      Nailed it!
      “He rubs the lotion on it’s skin, else it gets the hose again”

    4. @Mark Greiser so you pull the Ted Cruz defence? It is my daughter’s (nephew’s) fault? How’s that for accountability?

  4. Donald will try to get out of this by saying it’s a witch hunt.
    A witch hunt is when Donald goes looking for his 4th wife

    1. Dam and it will work because of the Russia Hoax …Dam why did Hillary have to Collaborate with the Russian’s to get the fake Dossier on Trump if that didn’t happen there is a good chance he would go to Jail ….

    2. @Ontja Huscarlnäherin Joe is known as Joe Chinaden all over the World and he owes China and Dr. Fauci Big Time for changing the way Americans vote not like in 2008 2012 2016 …Pay Up Sucker ….

    3. “I know so much more than most people about witches… I always buy them in Eastern Europe and nobody better than me knows how much damage they do!”

  5. Ball is finally rolling on this mafia family!! This will lead to more testimonies until they get trump and family indicted and convicted!!

  6. I like his comment ‘this is really a terrible storm that they find themselves in’. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch!

    1. Like with Hillary and Benghazi ….I Hope Trump don’t use the Hillary Defense ” At This point and Time What Difference Does it Make ” He will be as free as a bird …

    1. Just to point out how most high level gangsters, politicians go down .TAXES…. Haha 🤣…The Tax Man Cometh…

    1. But Trump never met the guy, he was just the water boy, occasionally brought him a diet coke, LOL xD

    2. Where is the bombastic trash of “it’s a witch hunt ” ” they are looking through everything to find one little mistake” apparently he listens to his attorney

    1. Covered in blood I suspect. This is a mafia family. The Don in charge and the family next in line.

    2. Donnerhea knew his many years of tax evasion, bank and insurance fraud and assorted corrupt activities would be revealed if the feds ever got serious on investigating him.
      With a crime syndicate it’s always about the greenbacks. Follow. The. Money. 💰

    3. I know.. and he was so “transparent”.. the most “transparent” administration in history. Nevermind that he took it all the way to the highest court in the land.

  7. Given how more laughably desperate Trump has gotten, I’m getting more confidence there’s some serious legal consequences coming his way.

    1. @Bill Rodriguez What planet do you live on? Who was it who said White supremists were good people?

    2. @SaltyCaveMan Senator Byrd was indeed a member of the klan. Later in his career it was never mentioned when it became politically unpopular and more indefensible. He was the last of the Blue Dog Democrats from the South. He served his country for 51 years in Congress. Being a part of the Klan was a requirement for many Southern politicians of that era. Many Southern politicians failed to mention their involvement or membership.

      Byrd was a member of his klavern for only a year, which he said had basically become a money-making organization, which never physically inflicted violence on anyone while he was a member. After he raised several ranks within the group, Byrd lost interest and stopped paying his dues. He would later refer to his time with the KKK as “the most egregious mistake I’ve ever made.”

      Byrd was an intelligent person who publicly admitted his grievous mistake. This doesn’t lessen or forgive his culpability but shows his ability to change and lead a productive life of service. He instructed and mentored many senators on the workings of congress and in formulating policies.

      Biden was not praising Byrd’s involvement with racism but was celebrating a Senator’s lengthy constructive hard work and involvement in democracy. Many times we do things we later regret. Historians I have read seem to feel that his regret for being a part of the KKK was real and that he was too intelligent of a person to hold onto outmoded behavior and ideas. He also needed to change for his political survival.

      Does speaking at a long term colleague’s funeral make Biden a racist by association? Given his voting record on civil rights it appears not. Senators have to work with all types and stripes of people in and out of congress. That fact that Biden is a collaborator and able to compromise and build consensus is a positive trait and good for America.

    3. @Douglas Robinson a “no, it doesn’t matter because he is a democrat” would have sufficed instead of making excuses

    4. @SaltyCaveMan aww. You couldn’t reply to me or answer any questions because you know you support the same people as the klan. How funny.

  8. The power-concentration in a president should be checked more than we do now. Generally the western democracies are vulnerable – and the new generations do not understand that is what happened during 1925-45.

    1. @gene noble
      What law do you think he has broken? It’s a simple question but one you can’t answer. Think about that for a moment. You can’t even tell me what your accusing him of. Why is that?

    2. @ronronniemeyers Not for me to say, if you are looking to me for some sort of affirmation for what you “think” I’m sorry to disappoint you. That is my answer.
      Now a question YOU cant answer list the laws you think Trump has not broken.

    3. @gene noble
      At no point do you see me seeking affirmation for anything, nice deflection though. I asked a simple question to your comment assuming you would have some knowledge about that which you are speaking but it is quite clear you do not as you can only parrot the verbal diarrhea you hear around you. My apologies for thinking otherwise.

    4. @ronronniemeyers No answer to my simple question? You assumed I had “special” knowledge. Nothing special just general knowledge. Life experience. Trump has spent a life time dancing on the the knifes edge. Fun to see if he gets cut. I’m sorry to hear of your trouble thinking. Don’t give up.

    5. @gene noble
      It’s not unreasonable to assume that someone has knowledge about that which they comment. Again, my apologies for assuming you had any knowledge of anything at all.

  9. Trumps recent sad speech shows how this is all beginning to crush him, he knows whats coming

    1. We don’t like to wish anything bad on nobody, but some people like Trump, who thinks he is some kind of God, really needs a Wake up Call.

  10. When asked for comment, Donald said “I never heard of him,” Don Jr said “snort snort,” Eric said “does this mean I’m getting adopted?” and Ivanka said “Not this sh*t again.”

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