1. Russia, don’t be offended! These are not sanctions but Special Financial Operations to help your economy!

    1. Andrew Davison so old and played out, I am a regular American with a different opinion, sorry I’m not brainwashed with western mainstream media propaganda

    2. Tex AJP Zelinsky is Jewish so probably not a Nazi. 😂 Nice try though (not really). How is this war “100%” the USA’s fault? 100%? Really? 🙄 So none of the blame belongs anywhere else? What a simplistic view of the world you must have. Truly pathetic.

    3. @Jay Jay All their capable people realized what’s happening to their country and thought “F*ck it, I’m out !”
      They are now fleeing Russia in droves. Finland have tripled the amount of trains coming from St. Petersburg. This is a major hit for Russia, considering they already had a massive brain drain problem.
      The ones who remain can galvanize all they want.

  2. The question we need to ask is what is our tripwire. At what point are we going to have Putin worry about what we are going to do as opposed to what he’s going to do.

    1. @Piccalilli Pit it’s a shock to me that as much as 🧒🏼👨🏻 are valued by ⚪️ ppl , they are allowing as many 🧒🏼👨🏻 in Ukraine to be slaughtered right now regardless of the how.

    2. @Andy Smitty Let’s face it, you nor I have any frigging idea what they will do. They could off him tomorrow, or all go into the bunker together to launch nukes. Alot of ifs, maybes and what we think. With about zero as to what he will or will not actually do. Better not to press to much and find out the hard way.

    3. Actions speak louder than words, the “We will defend every inch of NATO territory” and where US soldiers are stationed alongside Italian, British, Canadian, German, and French troops and others. It makes it not just “Russia attacked the US” it makes it “Russia attacked the entire alliance”. Even Sweden and Finland sent the Ukrainians weapons.

    4. That’s what should be done. Everyone saying that we will never do this or that gives Putin more power.

  3. If the Polish PM hadn’t made the announcement publicly, it could have been done quietly without all of this scrutiny.

    1. @LongandWeirdName War was declared when Poland was invaded, noone can save the Eastern European states from tyrants, and never will, they can only free you after, and we will, again. If not for the West, Poland wouldn’t exist mate, fact. Either Russia or Germany would have eaten it again. Britain held Poland up and is the reason it has it’s own sovereignty today. Poland didn’t turn back the Nazis, the Allies did.

    2. Wake up America. Your government would happily push Poland in to the war, but 🇺🇸 would sell everything and evebody for oil 🛢 and money 💷

    3. @Mr. BassMan And then you guys had fun rebuilding since 1945, when we stared sending everything we could afford to send to the Soviets. We were a satellite state, not even a soviet union member state that had rights, but a bag of goodies to pick sweets from at will, free only by name until roughly 1990. Allies twiddled their thumbs instead of helping in the beginning and let us get used without lubrication at the end. Never say you helped us in WW2. You helped yourselves. We were just a byproduct. A completely ignored one.

    4. @LongandWeirdName I do agree. Shameful but true. Still, you are a free nation today because of Churchill insisting Poland be a sovereign state in negotiations with Stalin. I mean, that’s something, can’t carry a nation forever. Today you are free and within NATO’s umbrella. I would fight for Poland.

  4. I don’t know that I’m worried as much by nuclear escalation as I am by the possibility that they figure out they could have a good old fashioned shooting match without going nuclear. I think the probability of a conflict between NATO and Russia increases if Russia manages to conquer Ukraine right up to NATO borders but there’s still a resistance in Ukraine supplied from those border countries. To my mind it’s better to give Ukraine the arms they need not just to defend at short tactical distances but to contain and push back Russian forces.

    1. @Светлана Воротынцева The USSR fell because communism doesn’t work without brutal coercion of the populace. It was much more a desire to have nice things, like blue jeans, than any BS betrayal. And the idea that Russia became an American colony is utterly laughable.


      27,957 russian soldier dead.
      14,041 chechen soldiers dead.
      9,089 belarus armed forces dead
      408 russian fighter jets downed
      9 transport planes carrying paratroopers shut down.
      11,409 russian tanks blown up.
      18,138 russian missiles downed.
      18,284 russian equipment blown up.
      3 russian ships blown up out of the water.
      24,245 russian captured troops.

      Recent info:



      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9bEhTNgLVw 4:49






      Now, there’s a pause. russia is reinforcing them with more troops coming from Belarus and Crimea because the first and second wave of russian troops got destroyed.
      Information below will help you understand more what the hell is going on. This information will be updated when brand new information comes in. No russian ships have been blown up yet but the option to blow them out of the water are coming. I’m always neutral. Please stay safe on both sides. putin, you need to be JAILED FOR LIFE.

      F the peace talk. It’s BS. putin wants his dead soldiers back without giving them back to their families.
      putin wants to blame Ukraine that those dead russian soldiers are captured and not dead.


      Accurate information below, of troops, the 2014 invasion, what’s happening in the background and new objectives.

      1. Donbas Region -Russia “putin” wants to annex this one next to continue the land bridge to Crimea because they never got to do this on their first assault due to Ukrainians fighting back. After pushing them back the so called rebels “LITTLE GREEN MEN – I DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE” putin said, Ukrainians started attacking Crimea and at the same time the Donbas region. The Ukrainians directed their attack mostly in the Donbas region due to being a industrial hub of the country.. they almost got it back but russia “putin” interfered and the same went to Crimea. It’s never about the invasion, NATO, or whatever reason(s) putin uses.. it’s outside of the picture and you need to understand this monster in a way you never done before. You don’t play the chess-board even when you’re a pawn! You play the game in order for you to be part of it but this does not mean your actually there playing it. You’re dealing with putin that keeps taking because you keep giving by losing.

      2. russia wants to connect the Donbas region to Crimea “taking over all warm water ports that Ukraine has” all the way to Moldova. The thing about this is.. the main focus will be the Capital of Ukraine but the main target is The land bridge. But if russia “putin” see a window within the scopes of multi formation attack.. then Donbas will connect all the way to Poland/Baltic States to land-bridge kaliningrand “a Belarus gateway.”

      3. putin isn’t stupid to invade the entire country “he can do this” but he won’t be able to hold it together for a very long time. That’s currently the information we got from my Russian military friends in “Mother Russia” aka Belarus, Donbas region, and Crimea.

      4. U.K. Hacked and shut down. Ukraine hacked and shut down several days ago. Canada hacked and shut down earlier today. Who’s next!

      5. Two Georgian states – Information not available.





      Predicted with new INFO


      Recap History:



      Current situation now:


      Current map 3/1/2022



      1992 Barcelona Olympics: Invasion of Moldova.
      2008 Beijing Olympics: Invasion of Georgia.
      2014 Sochi Winter Olympics: Invasion of Ukraine.
      2022 Beijing Olympics: Current Actions “Pending” but imminent.

      Here’s the problem with your statement comrade. If U.S. was part of the USSR and it became like Ukraine “okay.” You have a lot of russians living in the U.S. So what you’re saying is putin thinks he cane invade it because the government think very different than his and that everyone in it or most of the people in U.S. are russian.. so putin wants to “MERGE” both country and he becomes dictator in both countries for life. Is this what you said here MF? because I think you need to fraking wake up. This is not 1945 and shi t, it’s actually 2022 in the 21st century.

      AGAIN, THE PURPOSE OF THIS SHI T IS TO PREPARE FOR WAR IN THE FUTURE/ troops readiness and equipment staging are key principle for future conflict and at the same time.. looking at opportunities and vulnerabilities and how others would respond. And at the same time… look and read below:

      After placing 198k troops on your border.. what do you expect huh? You have to learn to think magical my friend like fairies.

      So putin doesn’t want Ukraine to join NATO but it wants it to join the Russian block. What the F? Well, F putin. UKRAINE FOR NATO/EU.

      How can you give respect to the person who invaded his neighbor for his gain only? Don’t join NATO because I will put another Belarus dictator near you and you will join my alliance instead like that gas prices act in neighboring kazakhstan. MF is a made up hype to make things look real and for putin’s army to march with their chest up lol

      And the Belarus event was to test the outcome of the invasion “PEOPLE” how Poland would respond, how much military can be prepared on that area when it’s happening, what’s the focus point and how it would be overwhelmed. These are in-placed to see the reaction on multiple location points in real time after the decision has been made.


      Here’s the best part of this story!

      putin INVADED Ukraine’s Crimea region because under that “OCEAN” there’s a very old and the biggest pyramid in the entire world under that ocean floor. Plus putin’s palace 2 is in Ukraine Crimea Peninsula. The so called “WARM WATER PORT” for it’s navies. Everything is starting to make sense now at least to me. This guy has specific objectives.. This is like playing chess but you have to not play it in order for you to win. So you let putin win by not letting him win. But what the “WEST” is doing.. preparing like chess, each time putin moves.. they counter that move! For me.. that’s not bad but if you look very closely.. you will understand all of these MFs objectives. Solution: Stop playing the guy’s game and actually get multiple things moving before he moves that PAWN AGAIN…



    3. @itconqueredtheworld Smith there is ALWAYS a choice, the question is, are you willing to accept the consequences of choosing something else? I suspect that eventually russia will be the new nazi germany, I do hope China will refuse to help them should this come to pass.

  5. it’s maddening and ridiculous that one man can hold the entire world In terror. the entire world condems this action and wrings its hands and waits….for ???

    1. @R Thomas
      1. The Democrats War against USA Energy Independence

      2. The Democrats War on innocent American citizens

      3. The Democrats War of Communist propaganda media lies

      4. The Democrats War on the USA Constitution, taking our Constitutional Rights away

      5. The Democrats War of total Racist Bigotry of Double Standards they lust after

      6. The Democrats Corruption War weaponizing every major Federal Government Department & Agency against Innocent USA. Citizens and lawful political candidates and sitting President

      7. The Democrats War on our Bill of Rights taking our Bill of Rights away

      8. The Democrats War on the Declaration of Independence

      9. The Democrats War of Espionage they do against the USA to harm the USA

      10. The Democrats War of Treason they do to harm the USA

      11. The endless coup War attempts against President Trump,

      12. Democrats War on the verifiable Truth in public education, replaced with their racist Communist CRT

      13. Democrats War of endless Communist Propaganda lies to divide the USA to replace our freedoms with their corrupt Communist agenda

      14. Democrats War on USA citizens privacy

      15. etc etc

  6. “He has family, he loves his country”?? He’s a sociopath. We, every living thing in the world is an expendable pawn and the ONLY thing that drives him is power. Period

    1. @Tex AJP how the hell is the USA’s fault. All Russia had to do was not invade a sovereign nation. This is entirely Putin’s fault

    2. To anyone that believes Tex AJP or treats what they say in any way seriously:


      They are a clear troll with information coming straight out of a Moscow-based propaganda farm.

      I live in a neighboring country to the Ukraine and used to visit quite often before the recent events. I am also quite a liberal, EU-positive, open-minded guy, and hang out with people like me when I visit. If what “Tex”(more like Тэкс) is saying about Nazis in power in Ukraine and Russia being the good guy helping oppressed people from a separate republic(the extremely questionable story Russia used to use to rip Ukraine apart piece by piece) was true, my friends would know about it. Being ruled by a bunch of Nationalist Socialists is not something you can easily hide.

      The simple thing is Putin was born in the USSR and is getting old. He wants to die in the USSR as well, as every good, KGB trained, operative should want to. He will stop at nothing before he reclaims every country that was under Russian control back in the day. He will make his puppet ministers say the words to make it seem like a legitimate choice of a group of people, but he will dictate every single word they say and make them get him back those countries. Which will be a bit of a problem, because, for example, Poland is part of so many alliances at the moment, that reclaiming it as a satellite state will prove, let’s just say, problematic.

    3. @Tex AJP the enemy of my enemy (Z-putin’s Russian army) is my friend. My friend today might go back to being my enemy. A-putin is nuts after self isolating to prevent person #1 catching Covid as he’s just turned 70. Probably also scared of getting novichok handshakes or polonium tea. Nice he’s decided to end his career with debacle in Ukraine.

    4. Putin’s own family is safe in a bunker. My hope lies with Russian officials who’s families aren’t so safe, and will be less likely to follow him to the bitter end

    5. Agreed, Putin is a true American democrat, hold everyone hostage to get their agenda accomplished.

    1. @Diaz Castro how exactly are they winning?? They haven’t taken any major cities and resort to bombing and
      terrorising civilians with their medieval tactics. On top of that the whole world despises them and is united in making sure they become a 3rd world country. Not to mention that any attempt to take on other countries will mean the end of the russian army. Its embarrassing how badly they miscalculated the whole thing

  7. 6:15 As a retired English teacher, I’ve thought the same thing. We (U.S./NATO) are using the wrong language, boxing ourselves in, and weakening our strategic position with words by repeatedly taking options off the table. It comes across as though we are reassuring putin. We shouldn’t reassure putin. We should use language that keeps him up at night, worrying that his actions could result in his downfall. Simply using different words as the Admiral suggested (“at this time,” for now), we keep putin guessing. I would go further and suggest we use statements like, “We will always review and reassess all of our options and take appropriate actions as the situation unfolds.”

    1. 2 decades of emboldening him after all the atrocities he has committed still willing to deal with him and forgive its weak and ridiculous.

    2. Sun Tsu said, do not corner your enemy, else they will fight with all their might. Let them think they have an escape, until it’s too late

    3. @Vera Mae That’s where you are mistaken. You have to be aware of that possibility that he doesn’t have the full picture as well. It’s another layer deeper than where you talking about. You can’t take it for granted that no one has told him anything. That’s where asking the right questions comes into play. Mining for intelligence on what he knows and doesn’t know. And that cannot possibly be discovered except in face-to-face conversation.

    4. Biden’s a weak president and the vocabulary used by news agencies to prop up Biden’s incompetent administration is even worse.

    5. @Bruce Baxter Oh, just knock off! We are so sick and tired of radical right wing Trump psycho sycophants trying to put down anyone who doesn’t conform to the Republican CULT mindset. You are nothing more than an echo chamber with no original thoughts of your own.
      So, just knock it off and wake up!
      The GOP doesn’t know who they are, they don’t know where they’re going, and they don’t know what the hell is going on.

  8. Exactly US troops cannot fly them. Now what you can do since there’s only 26 of them, start running the pilots to Poland. They have retired pilots in the Ukraine that are familiar with the airframe utilize them to run transport and delivery this is not hard. US pilots cannot under any circumstances have any direct involvement this has to be Ukraine pilots in the mig Jets at all times especially when flying into and over top of Ukraine. Definitely should be giving them mobile SAM defense sites

    1. The thing is turkey is supplying them drones, so what is the difference between drones and planes and it is not even a large shipment of planes. It makes zero sense

    2. эти мобильные пво в будущем прилетят в ваши пассажирские самолёты!

    3. The planes can be piloted by American pilots and take off from US bases. Putin is bluffing. He knows that no proportional response by the west would ever warrant nuclear retaliation. Putin isn’t playing checkers, and he’s not even playing chess. He’s playing poker, and he’s bluffing and needs to be called.

    4. IDK what this thing is about…. How many American pilots know how to “drive” MiGs? All what Americans can do is to put those jets on flatbeds and haul them to Ukrainian border. Even flying those planes by Ukrainian pilots is questionable because it’d mean letting in non-NATO soldiers to NATO airbase…

  9. Putin said using a NATO airbase would be considered getting involved. The easy solution is using a private company from international waters with a naval aircraft carrier or something similar for the jets to fly off from into Ukraine and it’s secure airbase.

    1. My question is, why do you take Putin at face value? Everything he has said to date has been a lie. Why do you think the Russian military high command views their stuff getting blown up by javelins and stingers any differently than getting blown up by cruise missiles? There is no proportional response to aggression that would warrant nuclear retaliation, which is why Putin has to saber rattle about nukes. Because he KNOWS that large scale reprisal is completely off the table.

    2. What if the French military leaves some equipment unattended and the Foreign Legion just decides to steal it go AWOL, and help Ukraine with their naZi problem ? I mean this “special operation” is about helping Ukraine, right ?

    3. @Rich Mccarroll Like journalists, and even retired high ranking officers publicly asking why Biden doesn’t allow covert operations in Ukraine…

  10. His tripwire is that if the world loses their fear of him he has to run away. Bullies depend on fear to obtain their goal. Bloody their nose and they look for someone else other than you who trembles with fear.

    1. You clearly don’t understand geopolitics/history of that region. Putin is not interested in the world. Just his backyard. This is Cuban missile crisis in reverse. US/NATO have been provoking RU for many years and they finally crossed the red line. He is reacting just as we did in the Cuban Missile Crisis. US needs to get out !

    2. @Razor Mouth what you forgot to mention was iraq because it does not fit your narrative who sanctioned it was it the UN. Thank you for showing your stupidity and hypocricy

    3. @poshko41 Chamberlain allowed Hit ler to do what he wanted because he was afraid. If Chamberlain and others had attached Hit ler before he got strong less people who have died. WW2 would not have happened. 50 million lives would have been saved. There is a time to fight and that time should never be controlled by fear only logic.

    4. Meanwhile
      Biden continues to be a coward in the face of a bully bombing maternity hospital in Ukraine. We have ALREADY triggered the tripwire for Putin, stop being a coward.

    1. Just I dont want to underestimate Russia like they seem to do. Russia trying to occupy a country that shares theif culture and speak their language maybe totally different from RUSSIA defending RUSSIA if you know what I mean. Dont think anbody knows whats really going on in the BF right now.

    2. @RobBCactive Not necessarily. Perhaps it’s easy to be patient when it’s not your family and friends being killed. When it’s not your home that’s being invaded…

    3. @Evan490BC Agreed. I think most Ukranians are wondering why Poland seems to be the only one really helping them. How difficult it must be for Ukrainians to be facing imminent threat of Putin taking over Kyiv, waiting to hear of the foot steps of military support from NATO, but to hear nothing…

    4. @Ruth Tudor Although, to be honest I don’t think Putin will invade Poland or Scandinavia. This is too much even for a butcher like him. Moldova and Georgia are more in danger, I think.

    5. @Ruth Tudor better if planes needed were discreetly in place long ago.
      NATO air cover from Poland has a problem due to Belarus air defence / radar system.
      In your compassion, do you want to attack Belarus?
      Ukraine flying from Polish bases?
      This stuff has to be about rational calculation not emotional feelings, it’s not easy at all.

  11. We aren’t scared of our own shadow where Russia is concerned. We are scared of their nuclear weapons. Putin is probably bluffing, but at what point does the buff turn real? As long as we don’t know that point, an abundance of caution is not the same as timidity.

    1. and you ‘d like to think that the ppl around hiim would understand the ramification of this catastrophic act resulting in thier own annihilation along with the rest of the world!

    2. TBH letting Ukraine fight for itself is far more important for the world than the threat of nuclear war. On a risk adjusted basis.

  12. One thing wrong with the Japan/America comparison in WW2 is that there were almost no atomic bombs or nuclear weapons then. That was a totally different situation, and that difference is now the crux of the dilemma we face now.

  13. I get it, we don’t need to get involved in every war, but in a situation like this we need to get involved, this is a guy who wants to take over Europe and bully the world not some small country dictator who is making empty threats etc

    1. Russia can barely handle Ukraine right now. I think this whole thing proves that Russia isn’t as capable as it once was.

    2. The weapons given this far is used defensively. If you give jet fighters to Ukraine what stops them using it offensively into Russian territories.

  14. When a country claims to have lost only 500 soldiers and yet 3 of them are verifiably general’s, somebody is lying and somebody is panicking.

  15. The admiral makes great points. However, every time we bring up international law, most of the world laughs.

    1. and most of the world agrees! there are no blacks and whites in international law at all – if you laugh you do not understand

    2. I did not agree with the invasion of Iraq but it was not a violation of international law ,contrary to popular opinion. The UN resolutions passed at the end of the first Gulf War set out the conditions that he would have to maintain, one being not to fire on the aircraft that control the no-fly zone, which he did daily. His failure to adhere to the conditions of the resolution allowed any country to impose the conditions and remove him from Power. It was fully within the law, although not a great idea. But on the other hand we now have a fledgling democracy in the Middle East.

  16. Biden’s remark, “That’s called World War 3” is totally regrettable in my opinion. I don’t understand why he thought that was an appropriate thing to say in light of Putin’s threats about unleashing nukes. I agree with Adm. Stavridis; everything he said made perfect sense to me.

  17. If you have a safe and comfortable life outside Ukraine, then enjoy it and be grateful because you do not know when that ends. Salute Ukrainian soldiers for their bravery. The president of Ukraine is a real life hero RESPECT .
    I am not a Ukrainian, but they are my heroes . A huge salute

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