1. Ships must have a “Certificate of Financial Responsibility”. United Nations and IMO must define clearly and firmly that true ownership can not be hidden behind layers of shell-companies, stand in or decoy identities!

    1. @Natural High
      UN & IMO can fix the problem with non-signatory nations quickly and easily by banning ships registered in such nations to dock or cruise in signatory nations economic zones or within their national boundaries. Problem solved, cheers. 😀

    2. @ctixbwi Yeah I guess they could do that. But then you can never complain about police extra judicially seizing property without court overview. You can’t be an American and say you believe in the constitution or innocent till proven guilty either. You said cheers, are you a Brit? I think those principles apply there too.

    3. Russia knows Biden is weak… so they made their move. If anything this will cover Hunter Biden’s strange business dealings in Ukraine.

  2. Putin hosted a party that was photographed on that yacht and did a test drive of the mini submarine, also photographed. There is another very clear photo of him with one of oligarchs against the ships rail in Port but not enough to ID boat.
    Seychelles is one of their ports.

    1. And Maldives 🇲🇻. No extradition to US or Europe. Some already made it there. Shame on Maldives for allowing them refuge.

  3. They were given many days heads up and now most of them have fled. They’re being helped by corrupt officials who accepted donations.

    1. These big plastic tubs can easily be tracked and take days to move very far.
      Unless they’re in Russian territorial water they’re fair game.

    2. @WETHEPEOPLE Freedom Good gawd , grow some brain cells …. seriously your’s are misfiring big time 🙂 Zoe

    3. @termin8d so you are saying it was the Oligarchs that told Putin to invade Ukraine? Think for yourself for Christ’s sake. Most of you people on media don’t think correctly. You believe every nonsense CNN and co televises. Why do the Oligarchs matter? They are not Putin, and they didn’t tell Putin to invade Ukraine. A lot of you guys are very dumb.

    1. I would track these yachts and their sundered blood money out to sea.
      Then put a cruise missile into the all Russian crew

    1. Seize them… *all* of them, be they Russian, American, Chinese, Saudi, and repurpose them as hospital ships and humanitarian transport.

    2. @Mr T-Pot That’s the thing… there isn’t. They’re some of the very richest people on Earth. Putin is the wealthiest man on Earth.

  4. The solution is simple. Just treat ships like cars. They need a license plate that clearly shows who owns them.

    If not the yacht is seized. You cant tell a cop that you don’t need a license plate because of a “Non-Disclosure agreement.”

    1. @Devin Aisaican you seem to have forgotten that President Biden defeated the worse president ever.

    2. @Fuzzy Please for the sake of your own dignity, cut the BS. Exploiting this situation for your own pitiful and self-serving need is embarrassing for you. Allowing yourself to “state” that this “war is happening etc..” just goes to show how malignant your are willing to behave. Like all evil trumpists, you behave ignorant, irresponsible and traitorous. My, the lenghts to which you and your ilk are willing to sink into self-degradation is just mind-boggling. President Biden never required the American people to relinquish its sense of self-dignity. He does his job, warts and all. Not perfectly, but on the whole, as the whole world seems to consider, in a competent way. So, if you have an once of dignity left in you, do get a grip on yourself. If you can.

  5. In a world where there should be no children starving, is anyone going to miss anybody who sank with their yacht?

    1. 40 million Americans go Hungry everyday. U get your news from the Cia, lol. We have our own oligarchs. They have names like bezos, the richest guy on earth who pays a 1% tax rate. Jeez. Wake up.

    2. @Nunya Bizness what’s your point? Billionaires shouldn’t exist, period. However, Russian ones are way worse due to how connected they are to a murderous regime. America obviously has its own set of problems.

  6. Your expert seemed to suggest that registering a vessel on the Isle of Wight would give immunity , Does she mean the Isle of Man? The Isle of Wight is part of the united Kingdom.

  7. Here’s a thought. Confiscate all of the mega yachts, and let the owner’s come forward for their yachts.

    1. The fascists were not destroyed in the Second World War, and they are were reborn in the person of the Russian Federation!

    2. Great idea. I really like this. Prove that your yacht/mansion/supercar/artwork wasn’t purchased with ill-gotten money and you can have it back. Otherwise, sell it and use the money to compensate Ukraine and countries helping Ukraine with refugees like Poland, Moldova, etc.

    3. @Mr Perfect i would also know what the legal justification of this seizing of private property is. . It would the same as confiscating property of millionaire american civilians just because the government of the USA decided to invade Vietnam or Iraq.

  8. Perfect example of money flowing illegally from the developing countries into the developed nations. Developed countries benefit from the money laundering therefore keep it under wraps while citizens of the developing countries starve and are forced to migrate to the developed countries . Vicious cycle that needs to end . Instead of buying expensive yachts politicians of the developing world must use that money to take their people out of poverty.

  9. “He attempted to insinuate himself into the world of President Vladimir Putin and his coterie of corrupt billionaire oligarchs. I know because I personally ran that deal and kept Trump and his children closely informed of all updates.” -Michael Cohen

  10. Why not simply giving tips to pirates about the yacht’s locations and let them know no issue whatever they do?

  11. Seems to me that any of these yachts that can’t be tracked to an owner, need to be impounded and to give the real owner 30 days to come forward before being seized and turned into floating residence for the homeless.

    1. agree. anyone with a “boat” as big as these are in all likelyhood criminals or one sort of another.

    2. Cant this be transformed into an actual petition full of signatures to be discussed at the parliament????

  12. Imagine how many schools, universities, hospitals bridges they stole from people. Meanwhile, $250 is the average monthly pension in Russia

    1. @iHi-Fi Audio How is bombing Yugoslavia, Livia, Iraq different? Do you really believe that you are better than those ones? You will see that you were wrong pretty soon.

    2. And our congressional aides just got a 12 percent cost of living raise…how much did the rest of us get?We are told we must accept the pain of these difficult times…give me a break

  13. So let me get this straight, a kid at home on his computer can EASILY track them as IS tracking their yachts along with their planes, yet the worlds governments and cyber experts can’t?
    Nice use of taxpayers funds i see.

  14. If you have a safe and comfortable life outside Ukraine, then enjoy it and be grateful because you do not know when that ends. Salute Ukrainian soldiers for their bravery. The president of Ukraine is a real life hero RESPECT .

    I am not a Ukrainian, but they are my heroes . A huge salute

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