Michael Steel On GOP Leaders Push To Block Jan. 6 Commission 1

Michael Steel On GOP Leaders Push To Block Jan. 6 Commission


MSNBC’s Craig Melvin is joined by Michael Steel, former senior adviser to Jeb Bush, to discuss Republican leaders push to stop the formation of a January 6 commission.

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  1. Bring it on. Let there be a Democratic investigation akin to Bengazi by Repubs. Repubs found nothing because there was nothing to find. There is plenty to find in investigating Jan. 6.

    1. Commission? Like the fake NIST commission?
      “911 style” cover up?
      “Did you find explosive residue?” …..no
      “Did you look for any?” ……no

    2. Go for it. I am more than willing to turn the dirt up so we all can see how ROTTEN to the Code the GOP is.

    3. There must be justice! An insurrection on our country pushed by the acting president of the same country. It is the worst thing that SOB has done! They must be made accountable all of them? The list of conspirators is long! Many in Congress.

    4. @Karen Piotte “must” in an ideal world, not an Orwellian one where criminals are exulted.

  2. If this fails in the senate then that DOJ needs to open an investigation through that office!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Angel Hart I think it’s 51 to remove it, but, 60 to bypass it if it were used during a legislation.

    2. @Wolfgang Vetter
      Thank you, I appreciate your answer.
      I wasn’t completely sure.
      Have a great day!

    3. Yes. Ignore these scum who still have the gall to call themselves Republicans.
      Ignore them and just get on with it.

    1. That is the ultimate remedy that America badly needs. The Republican Party deserves to be relegated to a political wilderness.

  3. I understand how people want to look as good as possible to others but when we have the future looking at us, then doing the right thing is far more important than any denial of bad behavior.

    1. @Paul Copland ‘The right thing,’ is self serving at any expense, at any cost. Tad cruiser services himself from our fair state… our woe is the gun clutching, bible thumping, petroleum warriors…

    1. The Truth. They are afraid the whole ploy will be uncovered. Desperate people clinging to power they don’t deserve.

  4. They are refusing the investigation because they are complicit in it, simple as that. Have the DOJ or an Independent panel handle this, not a “bipartisan” panel. Nothing will be done if the arsonist is allowed to investigate the fire he started.

    1. I love victims who rush to worship the one that tried to have them killed and completely disrespect the bereaved mother of the one who died trying to defend and protect them.

    2. @A T what in the name of god’s green earth are you even on about?
      Insurrectionist tried to overthrow your government you bloody fool. But you want to attack people, even the peaceful ones, who simply have had enough with over 20 decades of being treated like they are dirt~if they even survived to be treated that way.

      Now get your head out and try to keep it out for a day maybe

    3. @A T you are a completely anti-American and mad as a hatter on top of it. Please get out of our country if you don’t like it. Just go.

    4. @Harvey Casey yes that’s another question I’d like to run by one of these Trump republicans

    5. @Frenchblue8 too bad trump didn’t succeed on his plans to those so call law makers, that vote against Jan 6th investigation.

  5. Republicans – “Nothing to see here. It was just a regular touristy day at the Capitol, with people looking to hang the VP, pipe bombs being planted, and fire extinguishers being bounced off of the heads of Capitol police.”
    It will be a long time before I vote for a Republican again, from President to dog catcher!

    1. @Insignificant360 republiCONS are unbelievably delusional. They should all pay and be held accountable for their complicit behavior in the worst way possible.

    2. You do know that cnn moved past the lie about the cop getting hit in the head, right? It never happened. Fake news. And you are a willing puppet.
      And they have no idea who planted the pipe bombs.

  6. This guy’s the “former spokesman for the speaker” Whole lotta talker’s on the payroll, gettin nothin done.

  7. They don’t want the commission because 90% of them would probably be facing criminal charges afterwards. It’s like the Mafia being asked to find out what happened to Jimmy Hoffa

    1. Hey! Jimmy slipped in the shower and fell down that elevator shaft into that fresh cement by himself!

  8. They are guilty of involvement…. traitors one and all if they don’t clean them out of the party

    1. @Lenora Aronel : And former President Bush came out just the other day and agreed with what Ryan is said to be saying. I think he used the word extinct for extinction in place of, we aren’t going anywhere.

  9. Fine….go for the Congressional investigation! Screw the Republicans who don’t want to know the truth! The families of the officers and the American People want answers!

    1. Well said cmt! Enough………time to expose the conspiritors who were ‘huddled together’ getting what they wanted.

  10. They say No for one reason: The high likely hood such a Commission would place GOP actions in an unfavorable light.
    We all remember the 6th. Only the GOP is trying to downplay and hide it. The motivation for that is not complex.

    1. Commission? Like the fake NIST commission?
      “911 style” cover up?
      “Did you find explosive residue?” …..no
      “Did you look for any?” ……no

  11. Michael Steel: “We can never forget the tragic events of January 6th.”
    Senate Republicans: “Challenge accepted.”

    1. Wait – wasn’t it the “Reagan Republicans” who got their butts kicked in 2016 by Donald Trump so thoroughly that there aren’t enough of them left standing to convince a majority OF REPUBLICANS to “go back” to that? What the MAGA Republicans truthfully see is that the “Reagan Settlement” was a fraud from the get-go. What they don’t see is that we’re all in this post-Reagan world together, we have a lot of damage to the country’s infrastructure and public assets to undo and we can’t be fooling around with fantastic notions about pedophile rings as burrowed into the government and brown people as somehow not American.

  12. Get this investigation out of the clutches of the government. The government should not be investigating itself, especially under these circumstances – end of story.

  13. When you are complicit in murder and insurrection against America’s Democracy you don’t want to have to answer to a mother of a dead Capitol Police Officer. RIP Officer Sicknick

  14. The GOP is splitting up no matter how you look at it. There is no ‘taking the party back.’

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