Michael Wolff Reveals New Details On Trump Presidency 1

Michael Wolff Reveals New Details On Trump Presidency

In his latest book “Landslide,” Michael Wolff says he is absolutely convinced that Trump believes he won the election and that it’s more than just the “big lie,” it’s the “big lunacy.”
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  1. Do you seriously think that the Apraxia Man cares about what anyone says about him. He is a narcissist extraordinaire.

    1. The best thing coming to him isn’t prison (that may never come for all I know). The best thing is him being toxic to lenders, having his debts called in, having his brand become toxic, and the money draining away from him like a leech without a host. Its already started and its glorious. Its fueling his crazy. Any Trump supporters listening on here, PLEASE send him your money so his decline can be drawn out as long as possible. Your savior needs you to Launch his Big Comeback!!

    2. @Edith Min Well, I heard that his supporters are taking up a collection to start a new bank to help Donald through his financial difficulties. It will be called DoucheBank.

    3. @Edith Min LOL, I’d think this was funny, but the crazies are dangerous. Just look at him meeting with McCarty today, case in point.

  2. He gets away with all this because his conservative base identify with what they perceive he stands for. Identity literally Trumps any lies he tells. This is half of America for you.

    1. Since Charles Manson and Jim Jones are dead their followers found the only suitable substitute …. Trump.

  3. tRump not being on the top of the world anymore turned him into a larger lunatic than he is, no wonder everyone didn’t want to be near him in the WH

    1. @Paul Well, it’s no wonder he supports *der Führer Trump* – Chris Langan is a *neo-Nazi* – not so bright after all.

    1. I don’t think Trump would have the slightest idea how to rig an election. The man went to Wharton and doesn’t know how tariffs work. Lucky for us, Donnie T’s best attributes are his complete lack of competence and his total inability to recognize that fact.

    2. Seriously. I really thought he was going to win due to how badly he was trying to handicap the post office.

  4. Well, the cult did fall in a landslide. Problem is, there are even more people who learned to despise Trump. The GOP solution is to find a way to make voting really difficult, for those ridings where the landslide didn’t happen…. How is this not unconstitutional?

    1. Why not ID everyone who votes including mail in voters. don’t see how that’s unconstitutional at all , just making sure the voting process is not a sham. Scetchy that you and other dems would think that..

    2. ​@desert sunset Because that’s not the thing people have a problem with stop parroting the right wing media. Attack on Sunday voting times ect.

    3. @JDC I’ve got a problem with it. That’s one of the main friken issues. educate yourself sweetie…

  5. He has operated that way for all his 74 years. This is the greatest chance ever to do something about it. Merrick Garland now has to stand up and do his job. If he doesn’t then he has failed most Americans and also the rest of the world. Mr Garland has to make his mark in history by his actions in the next six months.if not, remove him and elect another AG. I hope history tells a story of strength and courage.

  6. Trumps words
    “If you say it long enough people start believing it!” He is proving himself right!!

    1. I wonder if he used to throw quarters around the room for his kids to scramble for.
      Or is that something he just started? Lmao

    2. I didn’t know what mitomania was just looked up not a word I’ve heard being used so thanks for that. every days a school day… He totally fits that description

  7. It was a landslide: a 4 point electoral college vote greater margin than his “landslide” in 2016. His desperation to remain in office underscores his awareness of his malfeasance and corruption both in and out of office and losing the benefit of “presidential immunity.”

  8. Whatever happened to the first amendment having limits. This guy is almost every day doing the equivalent of yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. I don’t see anybody warning him about it

    1. um…. who are you referring to? That said, Herr Trump probably hasn’t even read ANY of the amendments, let alone understanding and/or following them.

    1. I had heard that the people who had been compiling his lies, falsehoods, mistatements, distortions had so much coming at them in the last year of Trump that they actually gave up.

  9. When asked if he’d been drinking rudy replied, ” Yes, but I’m not as think as you drunk I am.”

    1. Ruby is not a drunk!!!!
      Alcohol is for the simpel peeps.. they have cocaïne.
      The ritch men insuline.

    1. I agree Christopher. He wanted the money that he thought he would make from the governments money and, because he was President they couldn’t arrest him.

  10. He knows he Lost. The thing is he is constantly SELLING. He’s like the used car salesman who keeps talking up the car he’s trying to sell you even as the doors fall off and the engine smokes. He’s not crazy, he just will not tell you what he really feels and will always publicly deny defeat because losers can’t make the sell.

  11. He rode the presidency like it was his personal bicycle but never knew the first thing about it.

    1. Personally, I don’t believe that just anybody can run for President without having some Government knowledge? At the very least they should have to take the same tests that an Immigrant has to take before they can become a citizen.

  12. I don’t see how people actually believe that the election was stolen when people from his own party were disagreeing with him.

    1. Not you open your eyes, these trump lovers. They think he’s Jesus. Now we know how christians really feel. They are racist

  13. It is just amazing how many fools there are in the US falling for the Trump grifters sending Trump and others money.

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