Michigan Emerges As New Coronavirus Hotspot | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Way to go Michigan!! Your in the news for all the wrong reasons lately!! I dont wanna wear ah mask😭😭

    1. @Shawn Hill KARMA = luciferianism

      It’s the bedrock of their religion which is why they have to tell is what they’re going to do BEFORE they do it.

      Research is your friend. . . if you don’t use, Google. 😉

    2. Yes we do have one of the strictest mask mandate thanks to Furer Whitmer, and are one of the leading states in covid cases. Same with New York and Cali. Meanwhile Florida and Texas who are completely open are doing the best against the china virus. Masks do not work. Listen, you do what you want but don’t tell me what to do. This isn’t communist china

    1. @Nick Harger are they the ones driving cars. Now you are a racist if you say you aren’t. Everyone is racist now.

    2. wHY THE SPIKE.easy trump told supporters in michigan that the virus would go away. and then they went to florida because they were tired if being locked up in this cold winter so there now it’s spreading you came back to michigan no surprise? thanks a lot florida…

    3. “Spring break” comes to mind. I know of one person who went to Florida and got the virus…weeks ago, and she still hasn’t returned to work.

    4. @Janis Payne Janis we will have a difficult time controlling this pandemic because are kids are bored of being locked up. what can we do as parents to tell them to be patient . I don’t know the answer to that please help ?

    1. Doctors who have treated tens of thousands of COVID patients successfully say that Zine Ionophores can stop the virus in less than 30 days. Yet the Democrats want their Trillion dollar bailouts, trillion dollar vaccines and trillion dollar shutdowns. The virus is their premise for looting the US Treasury. If Michigan is having a surge then make HCQ over the counter. Problem Solved.

    2. @Joe Dementia Fingers Let’s talk about this when someone in your family died because of low oxygen

    1. You have to admit- the 15 days thing was brilliant. You have to slowly work it into the population for them to accept it. If you had said this would go on forever, nobody would have accepted the initial orders.

    2. Yeah and people still elected republicans. I still cannot believe how stupid people are. As a legal immigrant, I want Trump back.

    1. @Moon Laser The Skeptic People like Dark Day who think he’s an evil genius bent on world domination and the media who interview him as if he’s a trained expert on these subjects.

    2. @Blair Haffly
      Show me where the media has professed that Gates is a trained professional in the field of immunology.

    3. @Guided Meditation As it is the Media is nothing but a personal agenda information center. Thanks to the supreme court, it’s allowed the consolidation of all media. Which’ll only makes it worse. We the people become the biggest losers again. And no news media is reporting this, like always. Better investigate and learn as much as we can before it is to late. We may end up with only one or two people owning all Corporate Media, using them to tell their “truth.”


    1. @Jonathan Boullion For a person who thinks my opinions are self inflicted idiocy, you sure spend a lot of time refuting them.

    2. @Adam Schaeffer I’m not the one who said they didnt care. I DO care, so I’m fishing in the comments looking for the one fish dumb enough to bite.

      Stop biting Adam, I’ve already caught you. 😏

    3. @Jonathan Boullion I was wondering why your responses were so *flamboyantly* dramatic. Then I clicked on your channel and saw the profile pic. I wonder no more.

    4. @Adam Schaeffer I clicked on yours and all I see is a picture of a bird. Crane? Why? Do we ourself to BE one of these creatures, Adam? It would make sense as to why you can’t stop talking.

  2. Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be blackmailed into taking it..for a virus so deadly you have to be tested to even know you have it…

    1. Why do the states with the most draconian lockdowns have the highest infection rates… ? It doesn’t make any sense.

    1. @Roguect Garbeled yeah you’re definitely the gold standard of stable and intelligent…go back licking your doorknob.

    2. @InfinityEight I didn’t want to stress your brain, oh sorry, you have no brain your a trump supporter.

    1. @Ripvanwinkle last time I checked New York is one of the most densely populated cities in the world…… not sure if that matters to you

    2. It is about control, not about a virus. Just look at history and see how those in power crave more and more power, and the lengths that they take to grasp it. Wake up people. Look up how Communist party leaders lived in opulent palaces while the peasants they ruled over starved.

  3. i live in michigan and don’t believe our numbers are higher than florida and texas, florida is fudging their numbers.

    1. Are people dropping dead on the streets? What do the hospitals look like?
      And how about the illegal immigrants w/out ANY testing…. thanks China-biden!

    2. It could be that Florida is fudging its nymbers. Anyway, Michigan is further north, more people are inside, so with the variants, it makes sense there might be more cases. Governor Whitmer is doing things right, from what I’ve observed.

  4. Remember when the media would constantly show the daily covid death toll numbers?

    Wonder why they stopped showing that…🤔

  5. Im in Michigan. I tested positive today, I literally go to work and home, I wear my mask faithfully, no real symptoms so far. Please pray for us!!!!

    1. @Sprite Cranberry I hope and pray so my mom was crying over the phone, my sister died years ago and now shes all upset.

    2. The science should have you feeling pretty optimistic. Assuming you aren’t already dying that is…

    3. Remember the national,day of prayer in 2020, held days before the number of infected went through the roof?

  6. I’m a Michigander and people here refuse to wear masks in public, or wear them improperly. It’s totally ridiculous, no wonder our state is leading the Covid race!

    1. Janis I feel your pain Trump fooled all of us into thinking this would go away. I’m here to tell you that I understand how you feel . I have nothing against the republican party the are good people ,but trump screwed them.. I love America too But don’t fall for a salesman tricks ?

  7. I got my first dose yesterday of nano, origami, robotic recievers injected. They should be paddling their way to my brain right now, to get reception from my phone when it’s “off” & pretty soon I’ll be…sorry I feel the need to shut my phone off.

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