Migrant Surge: Harris Will Lead On Addressing Border Crisis | MSNBC

President Biden announced that Vice President Harris will lead the administration in efforts to coordinate with Mexico and other Northern Triangle nations to address issues such as the surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Migrant Surge: Harris Will Lead On Addressing Border Crisis | MSNBC


    1. Hi…. I’m Joe Biden….👈😳….

      …and there must be
      some mistake…👈😳….

      They just delivered some new
      “Monogrammed stationery”,
      to “kammy” and it reads…

      “From the desk of
      POTUS “kammmala harris 👈😳..
      VP “anybody from california”….👈😳

      I think they misspelled
      “kammy’s” NAME…..👈😳….

    1. is it inspiring you to stop participating yet? TURN OFF THE SCREEN, stop looking to these crooks to mesmerize you into believing life is normal without air to breathe.

  1. Think about it. Who is responsible for all of these children being left at our southern border? Not Americans.

    1. Biden ended Trumps Remain in Mexico Policy and he did invite them all here. And Joe stopped construction of THE BORDER WALL. And Joe is American so you are mistaken.

    2. @Joboygbp Edwards I hope you let them kid live with you. Actually I hope you let adult men live with you, see how you deal with that.

    1. @George U.S. government has been the largest supplier of guns throughout the world not just Mexico (fast&furious). Guns use to be tracked in Mexico and central America even prior to obamas administration and it was found that most guns came from the US

    2. @George lol the cold car was in central America was from 1975 – 1991 , but today most legal weapons in Latin America come from the United States, Europe, or the small but growing regional arms industry

    3. ​@Juan Santos THE USSR sent enough weapons to support multiple guerrilla armies in Latin America. You could buy an AK for $25! Most U.S weapons went to Governments, that is vastly different than supplying guerrillas.

    4. ​@Juan Santos It is absurd to compare military weapons: belt fed RPK/PKM machineguns, RPG grenade launchers, land mines, hand grenades; to with stolen pistols and semiautomatic AR-15s. The USSR toppled entire governments (Nicaragua) with their arms. Do you see the difference between sending arms to a government and sending weapons to criminal insurgents?

    5. @George  @George  like I said

      every single law enforcement agency does it whether it’s your local PD or the atf, or the fbi, or the cia. Law enforcement agencies buy and sell drugs and yes even guns among other things to criminals in order to bring down criminal organizations. Of I remember correctly it was the ATF that did fast and furious among many many other operations including selling guns to suspected terrorists

  2. The migrant “surge started with the last administration”? Say what? Even if that were true (and its not) why did it take old groping, stumbling Joe over two months to address it? This man lies every time he opens his mouth. Either his followers don’t realize it or they do but they just don’t care. I’m not sure which is worse.

  3. Of course…..because Biden was never going to be president full term. Its all going as planned….🤫

  4. America is a land of opportunities. Since America was invented, everyone rich and poor want to enter in legally or illegally. The problem is you cannot take them all in thousands by crossing these borders. Former President Trump fence was to stop illegal crossings. How complicated could that be? I bet you live in homes that are fenced or gated.

    1. Trump replaced Obamas “fences” that were dilapidated anyway…with a WALL! Fences are temporary, which is the lefts half assed point of them. Look over here we’re doing something…but don’t look when it’s toppled down later tonight! They know exactly what they’re doing the day of his inauguration he halted the completion of the border wall. Already manufactured & paid for steel on the site…was put in a warehouse to leave it open for what is now a CRISIS!

  5. So MSNBC..it is a crisis. And why won’t you report why the Democrats will not allow the media to go to the border publish what is actually going on?

  6. Let’s make a deal with Mexico ..ALL illegal immigrants can come here if we can send them Kamilha harris and joe Biden .

  7. Joe should just call Trump and ask how to fix this.She cant fix this .California is still broken

    1. Trump would just say put my policies back in place, Then bang now Joe you will look like a HERO and not a ZERO

  8. Biden straight up lies as soon as he gets on. “Started with last administration” Biden is a walking meme

  9. Harris staring at grandpa in the dementia unit, waiting for him to screw up. Will distract with a witch-like cackle if needed.

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