Mike Pence is defying Trump in Georgia’s primary. Here’s why

CNN's Laura Coates says Donald Trump and Mike Pence have had a falling out over the 2020 election – Pence concedes they lost to President Joe Biden while Trump keeps pushing the big lie. Now, Pence is in Georgia stumping for incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp who is running against Trump-endorsed David Perdue.

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  1. *the reason is… conspiracy and coverup…* it is a decoy… a ploy… a plot… but… that’s politics…

  2. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 3/30 1953

    1. @ABC XYZ is it evil to know my phones on 11% and not charge it even tho the charger is right over there 👉

  3. we’re trying to make it so they don’t have to count and mail in ballots there’s been some form of mailing balloting in this country for 100 years Civil War troops sent in mail in ballots

    1. Anyone verse in 1st semester statistics completely understand that higher voter turnout has no correlation with whether or not there was voter suppression. And my sincere suggestion is that both Michael Gordon and the Scott dude both know that but they’re trying to prepare chu8 a false and contorted narrative and that 5 for me is the most despicable aspect of how Republicans are engaging in commentary

    2. @ThomasFromTN How are they not correlated. Are higher prices for commodities and inflation correlated? Just asking to see if you know what you’re talking about.

    3. @ThomasFromTN You took one course in statistics, got a C grade, and now you’re an “expert.”
      Sure you are.

  4. I used to live in Indiana. I can safely say this man will never be president, because he spent his whole life robotically trying to achieve that position. He literally has no soul, he’s just talking points… and it’s hilarious.

  5. Who can solve the problems of immigration crisis, solving homeless situation in our country, and makes peace with the world, I sure will vote for him/her.

    1. Ya! That’s a problem But a expensive Fence is not the answer. We do need a chain link fence, but we need camera’s too. There digging under the fence so putting a ton of money in it isn’t working. Maybe we should be talking about be coming part of the United States. We already have alot of there people working Here.

    2. P.S. I do think we need to Stop Holding on to the people that get caught over the Boarder. Take a photo feed them give them water and send them Home! Don’t keep them and pay for them provid Housing, Help them and Bus them Back Home!

    3. @Chacorta immigration crisis and homelessness are both actual serious problems we face. Toting the party line and saying it doesn’t exist doesn’t fix domestic issues. I’m a libertarian and I see that.

  6. Wow, those glasses remind me of those crazy 60-70’s fashions my grandmother wore back in the day.

  7. Just curious how are voters being suppressed? I genuinely don’t know . Any help would be great ! Thank you !

    1. @razerfish Majority democrat areas in republican controlled states are not democrat controlled.

  8. For anybody hoping to become a fan of Brian Kemp “before it was cool,” you still have plenty of time.

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