Military Chiefs Use Key Term To Characterize Trump Mob Attack | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Military Chiefs Use Key Term To Characterize Trump Mob Attack | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow points out that a letter signed by the U.S. military service chiefs condemning the Trump mob's riotous attack on the U.S. Capitol, they characterize the attack as 'violence, sedition and insurrection,' which is notable because of the focus on insurrection in the article of impeachment against Donald Trump, and other matters that the U.S. military does not typically get involved in. Aired on 1/12/2021.
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Military Chiefs Use Key Term To Characterize Trump Mob Attack | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @michaelmunchie I agree with you , I’ve always said he blinded his supporters with greed and stupidity it’s been one thing after another with trump over the last 4 years to be honest and now the Feds are saying that they have reasons to believe that they are gonna have armed protests in all the states of America that’s to extreme if it’s true that is mate

    2. @Mr Fugazi thank you for your support… but I just put an idea out there . It seems this is a twilight episode that Rod Sterling came up with. This is what happens when people believe in celebrity… If elvis ran for office he would have won. Just a thought

    3. @Trevor Russo but why allow it to happen that’s the weird thing about it if they know it’s gonna kick off big time then quash it before it gets out of hand but it’s said that trump has ordered 15,000 national guard in the capital but that’s just one state Washington. I really don’t understand it and why it’s happening within the last 4 years like it has to be totally honest with you I really hope that it doesn’t kick off I really do mate take care of yourself buddy from Stevie boy in Britain

    1. Well Done. Let’s hope for MORE of them to be arrested. I am disgusted by these un-patriotic un-American jerks.

  1. Trumpf should be removed IMMEDIATELY, so he will not use his powers as the commander in chief to wreck any harm any longer.

    1. @Thomas B Agree – the peddling during existential crisis proves the moral fiber of some and they should be removed under 14th amendment.

    2. @FactsFirst true… the other thing is that he is soo bummed out that he is unpredictable… his own lawyers can’t control him. His Administration has either checked out/ quit/ or are in hiding. No one is willing to stand up n explain his actions anymore… not even his I understand pplz hahahhahhaha

  2. I’ve always maintained some sense of calm with the fact that General Milley is in place. For as crazy as things have been, and will be, having him at the head of our Military at this time is comforting. He serves no man.

    1. @Triste Mietitore I’m not a trumpet or a nazi. I believe in democratically elected leaders. Military coup d’etat are commonplaces. Don’t forget Michael Flynn is a 4 star general encouraging martial law.

    2. Given that memo, having much of the National Guard deployed is probably a good thing, because it means the members are on duty and following orders, thus less likely to join in the mischief as private individuals.

  3. Everyone that participated, donating the busses to speaking at the events! They ALL need to be held accountable!!!

    1. @The Truth Hurts You! … I’m sure not, chucklehead, my people are in power now… you seditious nutjobs started this insurrection and now we’re going to straighten y’all out…

    2. @Brian Daclac you confuse voicing opinions with domestic terrorism. You must be one of them. They’re coming for you.

    3. @alan4sure Really? what kind of system is that you are living in now? If I say you are a moron, are you a moron?

    4. @Brian Daclac you’ve just shown what a moron you are. Go “voice your opinion” they’re waiting for trumpers like you.

  4. The gop NEEDS to tell people they have been LYING 2 months! that was what got them riled up, and will continue on if this isn’t explained to them

    1. Snyder was right. It’s time for the “gamer” wing of the Republican Party to accept that they’ve got as much as they are going to get out of embracing Trumpism. Getting behind a new Trumpist leader won’t advance the conservative agenda, it will only continue the slide towards full Fascism.

    2. @Oh Shunn can’t wait until he is gone and I stop getting stupid calls for car insurance and car warranty. Mailbox full of targeted junk mail and credit card rates at 30%

    3. McConnel actually did just before the riot occurred! It was quite good and I was stunned by it! Its on YouTube.

    1. Rich, Powerful people in influential positions rarely face the consequences of their actions. It’s a big part of why everyone wants to be rich, immunity.

    2. trump is not an ordinary guy he have much support from well armed violent people arresting him could start something very bad better put him out of politics

    3. There was a whole lot of republicans that just voted not to impeach
      The reality is this pos under any decent standards should have been impeach a dozen times

    4. @Deroxan Li the fact that you’ve had your statement published here disproves your claim that the government “always” wants us to hush up.

    1. It’s just for show. They’re secretly planning on instituting marshall law and they’re gonna take over the capitol and give the presidency to Trump/Flynn. Duh. *I am joking. But people really believe this.

    2. @Larry Clem This is the military clarifying their job – to obey orders and defend the constitution. If you think that’s military rule, well, then you are in a permanent state of military rule.

    3. @beneathpavement1 I was thinking more in fear of a military coup d’etat. What if Flynn was calling the shots, recommending martial law. Power is intoxicating and you never know who is going to take advantage. This attack on the Capitol opened a rift.

    4. The fact that Flynn had risen so far up is what alarmed me. He was a 4 star general… Whatever that means.

  5. These military chiefs must know that they have active service subordinates that rioted at the Capitol. Root them out and court martial.

    1. All service members, regardless of their dates of active service that participated deserve to meet a court martial

    2. Even those who are retired who now claim that they got caught up in a frenzy and weren’t there to commit any violence.

    1. @stockholm17 : Also very pointedly saying ”against all enemies,foreign and domestic”. They could have left it at ”defend the Constitution” but quoted the Oath further. I think that’s significant.

    2. @Philip Marsden oh it’s a very thinly veiled ~threat~ *promise* to these domestic terrorists that the military will steamroll them if they have to

    3. @Fade Music Honestly, I was waiting and hoping for the military to come out and say this, and if they have to steamroll them, then, “It is what it is.”

    1. @barry mcdougal Treason, cop killing, religious nut cases, willfully ignorant, xenophobic, filicidal, science denial, delusional, antienvironment, racism, misogyny, mean and selfish. Republicans.

    1. Ted Cruz filibustered health care by reading the cat in the hat by Dr Seuss. And Texas Republicans re-elected him to the Senate.

    2. @Larry Clem Ted Cruz was re-elected for his staunch pro-gun and anti-tax stance.
      Him knowing how to get his way in the senate is literally why he’s a power player.

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