‘Mind-blowing’: CNN reporter reacts to President’s Day confusion

As the confusion behind the origins of President's Day or "Washington's Birthday" continues, CNN's Harry Enten and John Berman take a closer look at the different approaches certain states take to celebrate the federal holiday. #CNN #News


    1. Its cool the American people voted out the Bad Guys … lets go check the bad guys twitter and see how he feels about all this.

    2. Sometimes. And sometimes they full well know and embrace the fact that they are bad. Which is worse ?

      When evil believes itself righteous / good is the far far far more destructive of the two.

    3. @Minute Meditations Oh Evil thinking itself being self righteous, There is a reason why that Evil was silenced and cast out.

  1. Where I’m from government workers love this holiday it gives them the extra day to goof off and for me it’s an awesome day to go to the beach🤔

    1. @Johney Bwrumbrlyk Well apparently you care a great deal because you are not just watching you even write a comment.

    1. No it didn’t … That was added years later after they had ALREADY combined the two PRESIDENTS birthdays into one day and stopped it from being a Federally celebrated day.

    2. @Marian Lincoln thanks..I didn’t mean to strike the wrong tone..I thought sharing Lincoln with Reverend King was a good call.

    1. @Łã Føñđ Absolutely inflation is Bidens fault for shutting down our energy independence so all his oil friends start making a lot more per barrel and give him a kick back. Like he said America is open for business again. When oil price rises those here that have oil stakes make a lot more. Always follow the money. Not to mention his mandates destroying our international trade. Soon we’re going to Washington to finish this joke of a person and get him the f out.

  2. Despite its common name, the federal holiday is officially called George Washington’s Birthday. Washington was born on Feb. 11, 1731, but his birthday changed when British colonies switched to the Gregorian calendar, according to the Center for Legislative Archives.

    His new birthday, which was Feb. 22, 1732, was celebrated for many years before becoming a legal holiday in 1879.

    The Monday Holiday Law in 1968 made it always occur on Monday to create a three-day weekend and “bring substantial benefits to both the spiritual and economic life of the Nation.”
    4:45 AM

    1. We have no President. We only have an empty husk in a suit coughing up honkers in his hand then shaking hands with stupid peeps.

  3. When I was growing up in Illinois, we school kids got off on Feb. 12th, Lincoln’s birthday. Our parents who worked at the local Air Force Base all got off Feb. 22nd, Washingtons Birthday. We were all quite happy when President’s Day came along so that kids and their parents got the same day off.

  4. It’s a day where banking and government folks do nothing while the rest of us have to work. It should be eliminated.

  5. Anyone else of the mindset that this confusion is more a result of the “dumbing down of America” than anything else. Some of this is debating the grammatical meaning depending on the use of punctuation. Would this be an issue if people paid any fucking attention to proper punctuation in the first place? Probably not. But hey… at the end of the day most people don’t pay attention anymore, anyway. So thanks for this addition to the “great distraction”

  6. When I was a kid we used to get a 3 day weekend for Lincoln’s b-day, and the next week we got a 3 day weekend for Washington’s b-day. Then somewhere along the line they combined them into President’s Day. Which, if I remember right, really pissed us kids off!

  7. You posed a great question that most Americans and non-Americans would love to understand, and you did not answer your own question. Hence, many are still confused about this day.

  8. How many times is the word “postmodernism” written in the US Constitution, and how many people believe otherwise?

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